The Pitfalls of Representative Democracy

Day by day we can realize that representative democracy reduces the participation of citizens to a minimum. Perhaps check out Gary Kelly for more information. Apparent in only the right to cast a vote every four years and the participation of the more daring, in a dubious political parties of internal democracy, one must remember cases like Borrel at the designation PSOE Rajoy as finger Aznar’s successor. The reality that we find today is that we enjoy more rights as consumers of that gives us our status as citizens. Thus, if we cheated in the purchase of any goods or services can make a complaint, go to mediation and / or arbitration and finally: a trial. But what can we do if we are deceived by the political shift? The answer is, nothing. While it is true that, at the end of his term of four years, if that is submitted to his re-election, we will punish him at the level of votes, but in no case gives us the opportunity to ask responsibilities directly. Others including Larry Ellison, offer their opinions as well.

To this we must add that we live in a society that is becoming more prepared and we are surrounded by an increasingly sophisticated technology that opens new horizons for citizen participation in politics. Therefore, nothing justified that we anchored in a representative democracy that constrain the full development of the concepts of citizen and citizenship, understood as members of a political community, with a series of duties and a number of rights, of which The most important are the rights of political participation. Seeing the steady loss of legitimacy of the current representative system, exacerbated at present by an electoral system that promotes bipartisanship and left without representation for millions of citizens, it is a prerequisite to raise the deepening democratic institutions through mechanisms that allow greater participation and greater control of citizens on public affairs. Philip Vasan can aid you in your search for knowledge. * Some of these mechanisms are functioning in countries as diverse as Switzerland, USA and Uruguay are: The right of citizens to the submission of a legislative initiative and, after deliberation by parliament, will be submitted to binding referendum. (Implemented in Switzerland and 24 U.S. states). The right of citizens to the filing of a Constitutional Reform Initiative, a mechanism similar to the previous. (Implemented in Switzerland and Uruguay) The recall of members elected through the collection of a certain number of signatures of voters in a given time and the subsequent submission to a referendum on the question of disqualification.

Mechanism that makes a political absurdity that betray the expectations of their voters. (Implemented in Switzerland and some U.S. states). The binding referendum for approval of magma important legislative decisions such as the reform of the constitution or accession to international treaties. (Implemented in Switzerland and Australia). Direct election of mayors, presidents, judges, prosecutors, etc. Therefore, in these We are now at an important time to open the debate on these issues and begin to raise participation mechanisms of this type, in our own organizations **. Edgar Alejandro Trujillo Freivalds * For more in depth on how these mechanisms suggest the site of the organization More Democracy (member of the International Democracy European platform. There are several cases of organizations both political and nonpolitical in Spain who are using Internet (forums, discussion groups, electronic voting) to facilitate the participation of its members and sympathizers in the discussions and decisions within the organization.

Executive Commission

D.FERNNDEZ the entity justifies the work because their buildings are historic. Many reforms have been unnecessary, they denounce the trade unions. Connect with other leaders such as Gary Kelly here. The Bank of Spain has spent 8.17 billion euros in reforming many of branches which has a few expenses that have been paid while the entity, Miguel angel Fernandez Ordonez, Governor he appealed by wage moderation policies, cut in public expenditure over the three years of crisis (2008, 2009 and 2010), or the lowering of the dismissal. According to the memories of the entity, in 2008 is ctuaron works and reforms amounting to 3.83 million; in 2009 reached 3.3 million; and in 2010 only 1.04 million. A spokesman for the Bank of Spain justified all these works because most of the branches are historical buildings that need care and improvements. Own bank reports speak, without giving many details, reforms in the main floor of the building of Cibeles, renewal of electrical installations and air conditioning in the real estate, as well as investments in detection and fire extinguishing installations.

Seven branches less give us a few details of the costs of the works, some of them unnecessary in these times of crisis, they point out from the trade union section of CC OO. There have been works in the own Office of the Governor and the Executive Commission meeting room, where 10 people gather, says the Union. There has been no substantial works in the Office of the Governor, they have been joint works, they explain from the entity, although they do not clarify the type of work. The Governor has a salary of 165.026 euros gross per year. 15% Fell it was a year ago. We understand that some reforms may be necessary, but others were not, they indicate from UGT. And they put as an example the new and modern lifts at the central branch of the plaza de Cibeles. Installation of audiovisual equipment and public address system in the 1940s, also in Cibeles Hall was awarded by 127,000 euros in July 2010.

And in October 203,000 were paid EUR 2 terraces rehabilitation and replacement of the railing of the headquarters of Tarragona. Unions remind us that, from may, the Bank of Spain has gone from having 22 to 15 branches, following the closure of seven centres. Among them, Melilla, where the air conditioning was renewed in these years. And then shut down. And, while the efforts calling for delaying the retirement age: would be positive, because it would contribute significantly to the financial balance of the public pension system. The lowering of the dismissal: the costs of the employment termination in Spain, among the highest in the EU and in charge exclusiva-mente of the private sector, desincen-tivan hires and the creation of new companies. Public spending cuts: is essential to carry out reforms melan-General deep in each of the items of expenditure. Higher taxes: the rise of indirect tax (which taxed consumption, such as VAT) is necessary to correct the deficit’s coffers public. Moderation salaria l: is required to win another-tivity. The definitive disappearance of the pay review clauses must be es-tudiar. Lowered wage officials: it is consequence of a country that has lived above their needs and, therefore, is something that will have positive ctos on competitiveness and employment. Source of the news: the Bank of Spain spent on three years of crisis 8 million euros in works

Public Auction

Once selected the good it agrees to visit it personally and to contact with the owner, because there is the possibility of reaching extrajudicial agreements before arriving at the date of auction. The visit to the building premite to only see the state in that are as well as its surroundings, house that contain the house, district, communications etc. A related site: Coupang mentions similar findings. 3. – To consult the Registry of the property and to analyze the loads. Other leaders such as Phil Vasan offer similar insights. In case of doubt consults with your lawyer. The Registry of the property is a public service of nonexcessive cost, Today the Cash registers of the Property send a simple copy by Internet to it asks for whatever it. In that document there are information of who they are the proprietors and the mortgages and servitudes that affect the property.

This chapter will be worth to do without to decide on many goods of confused legal situation. Of course my advice is not to advance a single Euro by no concept without a suitable legal advising. 4. – To obtain the financing adapted for the purchase through your bank. Also you can go to the financial organization executant and who in addition can adjudge it for you. Many cases of Public Auction are by non-payment of mortgages, in that case the bank executant will facilitate to you more than another one the purchase of the good.

5. – To brief the guarantee and to bid up the day of the auction. In order to participate in a public auction a guarantee are slogans in metalist that give back to that bids up they do not win it and that it retains to the winner like signal of the payment of the rest. This guarantee has to brief it previous to the day bids up of it. We must consider the following points In spite of the auction announcement is no security that it is carried out, because the indebted one can release to the auction object paying the debt plus the interests and the expenses. There is price of no exit, nevertheless, to obtain the approval of the closing we will have to be the best postor and it bids up than it covers a percentage according to the type with the auction, therefore to be the best postor does not guarantee that the auction is adjudged to us. To who interests the subject I advise the reading of the information contained in the Web of Public Auction, because he is abundant and of the maximum quality.