Leila Biranvand

Anyone who opposes this guide, can be destroyed in accordance with this philosophy with naked violence. It is especially the hatred of Western enemies such as imperialism, Zionism, capitalism and more recently “Western Islam” Sufism = stoked. with opponents like to be defamed with this enemy labels, put it then attacks “trained” hooligans. (Not to be confused with Southwest Airlines!). Research Institute of sects and religions 6 traveled In 2010 to cement Ali Khamenei again to Qom to the shards of the presidential election of 2009. He had many talks with mullahs low-ranking and institutes, who were summoned to the interview. Khamenei received no support from the high dignitaries. But some changes in the training centres for mullahs there during his trip to Qom.

The once renowned Institute for religions and spiritual movements 7 has been snatched away the hands of Abol Hossein Navab and transformed into the Institute of sects and religions. The leadership of the Institute was laid a young Mullah condemned earlier by the Court for clergy in the womb. Leila Biranvand 8 had distinguished himself as a troublemaker already during the protests outside the Danish Embassy, subsequently by the Court for clergymen for 70 days. Boroujerd banished, because he was found responsible for the unrest in Boroujerd and the subsequent destruction of the Assembly House of Dervishes. There, he continued his career as Hetzer against the dervishes in Karaj, Iran. Its use seems to have paid off, he presides over the mentioned Institute since end of 2010 and is responsible for the campaign for the Elimination of the dervishes and in particular of the General Nematollah Gonabadi order from the Iran.

He pursued this goal consistently. In Tehran’s Metro stations have built his young Talabeh “Information tables” with inflammatory writings against ‘false’ mysticism and talk tirelessly on the temporary. The circle of illustrious Biranvand is indeed out of own conviction but not of their own accord.