100 Visitors At The Vernissage Of Painter Ivan Contactor In The Rooms Of LeaseForce AG

Interest in the works of the painter Kurt Iwanschutz and thanks for the contribution of the artist for the Tabaluga Kids Foundation. The LeaseForce AG is showing a retrospective of the Munich painter Kurt Iwanschutz in your year’s exhibition. \”Under the title paths in the abstraction\” opened up the viewers the transformation in style and expression over the last 10 years. The colors as an essential basic element in his works have remained. The painter of the Tabaluga Kids Foundation to finance the riding therapy donates a portion of the proceeds. Munich – has not only successfully established the LeaseForce AG itself since its founding in the leasing market.

So, sees also a social responsibility the Board of Directors and made here to the task the promotion of artists. It provides the bright walls of modern office space in the riem arcaden shopping centre at the new Munich trade fair centre painters, which can show your works to the public. The last exhibition of the young artist Loz Verney was a great success. Verney is now in some galleries present and has more exhibitions can perform. \”This year the offices belong to the Munich painter Kurt Iwanschutz, under the heading way into abstraction\” shows works from the years 1999-2009 in a retrospective.

On the occasion of the Vernissage last night over 100 guests have sought the way in the riem Arcaden, showed great interest in the paintings and not astonished about the development, which the artist has taken over the 10 years. The eulogist and art historian Maya Heckelmann expressing this in your speech clearly and particularly the lasting element of all works of art turned out, namely the colors that the artist numerous uses of crude until tender and across the spectrum of the Rainbow,. Dr. Haerlin, President of the Tabaluga Kids Foundation, thanked the painter in his short speech for the donation of a portion of the proceeds and explained using the riding therapy, a central component of the care of abused children in the Tabaluga Children’s homes.