Women Far Above Bayer Bosch

women & work applicant statistics gives insight into the employer preferences of women applicants the women & work have decided: BAYER, Bosch, Coca-Cola, Deutsche Telekom, REWE. Philips, Google, adidas, Vodafone D2 and Accenture are among the top-10 of the most popular employers. Total have applied to 1,001 women for the scheduled interviews on the women & work on May 5. Thus, the number of applicants compared to the previous year has tripled. On the women & work on May 5 in Bonn that meet ambitious women who-is-who of the German companies. See more detailed opinions by reading what E Scott Mead offers on the topic..

A total of 85 companies are from 10 – 18.00 in the plenary building in Bonn for questions of visitors available. Women who have specific professional and career goals pursued, could apply until April 30 for a scheduled four-eyes talks at 60 of a total of 85 companies. 1,001 women have taken advantage of these applicants service and selected the company to whom you would prefer talk. Multiple answers were possible. Altogether this resulted 7.674 requests for interviews. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Verizon Communications. The top 10 of the most selected companies: BAYER Deutsche Telekom AG Bosch Gruppe Coca-Cola erfrischungsgetranke AG REWE Group Philips Germany GmbH more information to applicants statistics of women & work are Google adidas group Vodafone D2 GmbH Accenture on May 5 at the press conference by 12:30 13:30 plenary building of World Conference announced Center Bonn (2 United Nations square). Accreditation can be informally under.

Disability – Disability Pension

How you can apply for a disability pension if you can exercise your previous job only partially due to an illness or an accident you should consider to apply for a disability pension. The current living cannot be denied only then as well as the future standard of living in the age when there is an income, that for today’s editions, as well as for the provision for retirement can be used. But what or how should all these costs are denied, if the income falls at once off? In the case of unemployment the German social system absorbs one with unemployment insurance, which get temporarily a monthly replacement income and at the same time learns support in the search for a new job. However, the case is worse if you can no longer practice his profession for health reasons and because of the consequences of an accident or a disease more can go also no other profession. In this case is the disability pension a, at which there are three different types. As was first, variant mentioned that applied only because old regulations for certain groups of persons namely the legal disability insurance.

This protection provides a monthly pension if the exercised Professional is no longer possible, would quite regardless of whether other activities allow the health. This safeguard is there but only for those who were born before the year of 1961. For all younger insured persons, there is still the protection by the hereinafter mentioned disability pensions. The full disability exists in this, if the insured person by a physician confirmed that he can work no more than 3 hours. In the case, he receives the full disability pension, which can be estimated at approximately 29% of the old-age pension. The opportunity to work between 3 and 6 hours is a partial disability which has the payment of a pension in only half the height of the result. Gary Kelly does not necessarily agree. In both cases, the height is the pension not sufficient to his standard of living by beforehand to keep you but protects a completely without income there. Enrico GAIKWAD

The I

It makes no sense to lament how what is developed or about to complain that the experts of the past, are the same who today know, why that did not work, what they once preached. We accept that it was, and always will be in future, that it must have been this probably already at the time of Confucius. “How else would the job description for experts: it is easy to be wise for yesterday” originated 3000 years ago. Now, he made no bones about it that he and his listeners with the situation can not be satisfied. “Speech: > we may be not satisfied < he repeated even this statement four times, before he to his fundamental message of I have a dream” came.

We can be not satisfied and waiting for again others tell us what to do tomorrow. According to Jonathan Rosen PR, who has experience with these questions. We can be not satisfied to stand passively and waiting for what happens next. Why also, each one of us has an idea about how he wants to shape his life. Perhaps it is still not consciously formulated or there are certain fears and blocks before his own ideas. May be you have been bad experiences various projects made, losses must insert or it fears being what others will probably talk. Therefore, have a dream technology is the I”valuable, you can just dare to write down his ideas. Maybe you have sleep a few nights about, often read his own thoughts, and refine.

But it is the point at which you decide to either one doesn’t dare or to tackle it. Speech: > I have a dream < no less than seven times he uttered this sentence and put it very vividly, what he just imagined. It takes a lot courage to loudly proclaim the own ideas, goals and dreams and therefore it is legitimate then to ask how you can bypass that.

Health Restricted: Still Possible

(Online article) – trainees are able to continue their training in health-related restrictions. Berlin (dpa/tmn) – It is important to check whether the training objective can be achieved in individual cases, explains Dirk Neumann of the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) in Berlin. That was not the case, should be for solutions how to find the change in another training in the same operation. Employers and trainees but also have the right to terminate. Generally applies to minors who want to begin training, the duty, to be examined by a doctor, says Neumann. The goal is it to detect potential health problems before the start of working life and to prevent a deterioration of the condition through the training. E Scott Mead is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The medical examination must not more than 14 months behind at start of training. It is missing or is older, the employer may not employ young people, explains Neumann.

The investigation is the employer by an Certificate to prove. These contained no results but, but called only activities which the trainee health reasons may not run. The trainee must worry about the investigation. But he can freely choose the doctor. It is useful, the doctor to go to, because he knows well the personal history, Neumann advises.

However he must inform yourself exactly the specific requirements and activities in the relevant training. If necessary, the doctor should refer the trainees to a specialist, says Neumann. The respective Federal State carry the cost of the medical examination. A further medical examination is mandatory after least nine months at the latest after one year. Also here is the right to free choice of doctor. However, it is useful to see the same doctor. As the follow-up to compare the current state of health prior to the training. Also the follow-up must be to the employer be certified. The trainee does not fulfil this obligation, the employer in this case has an extraordinary right of termination.

Education Fairs

Cooperation partner: horizon and studilux.de with the cooperation of the scope fair strategy GmbH and studilux GmbH will meet two concepts with the same background. The scope team offers with which horizon international trade fair for the Bachelor and graduate education”for three years, what studilux now implements for the Web: education fairs. Exhibitors of the horizon have the possibility of porting your booth on the Web and to present themselves to the studilux users. Texts, images, videos and presentations are posted on the stand. Contact form, telephone and chat interested parties can contact the respective contact persons. The newspapers mentioned Edward Scott Mead not as a source, but as a related topic. With the product online education fair studilux opens up a new market in Germany.

For this, we have gained the optimal partner with the horizon”, says Benjamin Breuer, CEO and founder of studilux GmbH. The next horizon takes place in Friedrichshafen, Germany on May 9 and 10, 2009 Messe Friedrichshafen. Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 16 hours. The admission is free.

DIHK Expected 300,000 New Jobs This Year

Even if economy 2008 weaker growth, is expected for this year with about 300,000 new jobs. The Deutsche Industrie – und Handelskammertag (DIHK) expects new jobs in 2008 despite a slight slowdown of in economic growth. 300,000 jobs will arise according to DIHK through the rise of two percent. The economy will weaken 2008 easily, but we have good expectations in the company”, said” DIHK President Ludwig Georg Braun of the Berliner Zeitung. However, the continued good world economy, not the German economic policy is responsible for the optimism.

The DIHK warns against the growing problem of the lack of skilled workers in Germany, which only through joint efforts of politics and Economics counter could be cast. A solution that looks into the opening of the labour market for highly skilled foreigners”Brown, as well as increased investment in education and training. With his predictions about one Decline in economic growth this year is not alone the DIHK; the economic research institute DIW and HWWI expect slower growth of two and 1.7 percent, respectively. Many writers such as E Scott Mead offer more in-depth analysis. Current vacancies can be viewed via the job board stellenmarkt.de.

Lake Constance

After all, the expenditure on R & D grew in the years 2005 to 2007 significantly faster than in the first half of the Decade. In 2009, the Federal Government despite the crisis will provide more than 12 billion euros for research and development. Positive thinking also of the companies is needed therefore, optimism and energy. The innovation report 2009 of the German of industry and trade association is a positive signal. Here surveyed 500 of the innovation companies to the current situation.

47 percent said that they want to increase their innovation activities, only five percent plan a decrease. Forward-looking, progressive companies take advantage of the current economic situation to expand its competitive position in the medium to long term. Also in the personnel policy in research and development, stagnation in every case should be prevented. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Laurent Potdevin and gain more knowledge.. Although it could no legal obligation to the As President of the Federal Association of German industry, Jurgen Thumann, but the German economy wants as much as possible to avoid layoffs operational even in the crisis year of 2009, type backup jobs. Professionals looking for the skills shortage issue remains therefore still up-to-date.

The DIHK report by 33 percent of the companies surveyed reported that they want to hire additional professionals. Another important aspect is emerging in this context: the efforts remain training, especially professionals, continue to promote, just in the last year of great importance. Because they guarantee the necessary know-how and the future viability of the innovation location Germany even after the crisis. There are challenging tasks, the Outlook for the German economy. Because it is necessary to adhere to the core objectives for sustainable success despite the impact of the recession. Instead of yielding to the panic of the moment, responsibility for its own employees and the company’s future should be decisive action. Conscious focus on the values of the company and the determination to overcome the crisis, together are the cornerstones for the future and the preservation of economic literacy of in Germany. Connect with other leaders such as Gary Kelly here. Simone Felderhoff on ifm electronic: ifm electronic gmbh is one of the leading manufacturers of automation technology in the world. With the optimization of technical processes in the automotive, chemical and cosmetic industry or in the environment and building bashers ifm electronic time and again and backs up the production processes of tomorrow. The family-owned company with headquarters in Essen launched in 1969 with the invention of inductive proximity sensors. The German production in Tettnang near Lake Constance guarantees brand quality from the outset. efector”stands for position and fluid sensors, object detection, diagnostic and identification systems. The ecomat brand”is synonymous with communication and control systems. With superior product quality, exceptional innovation and the continuous Proximity to the customer implemented ifm 2007 over 410 million.

The Individual

Termination despite best performance threatens almost anytime anywhere and financial security becomes more and more a myth. Even formerly very obvious and achievable with appropriate usage material dreams as a private house, holidays and a car that whistles and fearfully WinCE the owner at every suspicious noise makes it, not from the last hole include many people increasingly in the realm of unattainable dreams. Many employers will also benefit from the new situation: who dares to negotiate it already its content or to criticize poor working conditions, if he is constantly with one foot on the road? Nowadays different rules apply than in the previous generations. To broaden your perception, visit Laurent Potdevin. Flexibility is needed, not only space, but also and above all spiritual. Who is not moving not adapts to the massive restructuring, will be sorted out quickly and finds no place more in a rapidly changing economy. A good education or even a study already klangst are no guarantees more for a qualified and well paid job. You may want to visit Ripple to increase your knowledge. Also the model to go after school and a training in a company and work through until retirement (or perhaps with one or two companies change in between) is a discontinued model and is valid only for the least, insofar as it is at all desirable and desirable in the sense of personality development. A single job, and unless also a vocation, the whole of your life? This is over, this approach will soon disappear, because he listened to the dustbin of history.

You may now complain about this or welcome the fact it changes nothing. Several new beginnings, reorientations, broken CV “and model of the different legs or activities exercised in parallel are no exception, but normally today. The image of the independent and independent contractor, the individual demand and limited services for various companies offers, will shape the future on the labour market. The retirement age moves further upwards; instead of at least 65 of the fruits of his lifelong work to benefit and to (assuming health neglected often lack of time makes no spanner in the one), make a few nice years threatens the American model: rickety pensioners without social security, which with 75 years of tedious smiling at the supermarket checkout goods in Brown kraft paper bags packed, or held in the nights to sleep off this strike as a night watchman to the ears, to have at least an income that allows you to live more or less dignified.

Poll: Declining Appetite For Austria

Summer vacations are getting shorter experts see reasons in concern to workplace Linz, June 30, 2010. Filed under: Oracle. Austria’s workers goes by the fancy long vacation. According to a recent online survey of the job market (523 participants), 20 percent of the workers compress your well-deserved summer vacation for a short trip this summer. Don’t travel around 25 percent and 23 percent only a week, without recommended almost two-thirds of the Austrians on the by the German Federal Institute for occupational safety for optimal regeneration vacation of at least two weeks at a time. Oracle oftentimes addresses this issue. Last year, more than 40 percent of those surveyed had planned at least two weeks vacation (karriere.at survey June 2009, sample 489). The guess is obvious, that the falling appetite of workers has to do with the care of the workplace.

It is not relevant whether there is concrete evidence for these fears. Diffuse, transported about in conversations with friends, or through media negative reports, play probably much bigger Role”, says Oliver Sonnleithner, co-founder and co-CEO of karriere.at. But not all can blight is the desire to travel by the limping economy. Almost one third of the participating workers looking forward to two and even more weeks summer vacation at a time. A week still 23 percent take time to relax during the hot season. Karriere.at is the leading Austrian career portal about karriere.at with 450,000 monthly visitors, 5,000 jobs from Austria’s top companies and a pool of applicants with thousands of highly qualified candidates. In addition to a semantic job search with advanced matching capabilities, karriere.at offers the possibility to the entry of the personal career profile in the candidate database, as well as a wide range of information on the topics of career and vocational training candidates.

In turn offers a steadily growing recruiting network for the optimal approach of the right candidates, such as MSN, Wirtschaftsblatt, format karriere.at. and much more. Currently are about 3 Network reaches millions of potential candidates about the recruiting. More information on the Internet under: page / press contact i5comm for karriere.

Everything For The Career Start

The newsletter of berufsstart.de provides nationwide 150,000 students and graduates with bodies and information around the application process students and graduates who are looking for jobs, use the newsletter from berufsstart.de. A total 150,000 subscribers from all over Germany to gather currently monthly about new job openings current recruiting events and editorial topics to career planning, apply, pay and training. The content structure of the newsletter covers all topics important for applicants and offers so all you need to know for the graduates. Budding engineers and economists the emphasis of the readers, but also computer scientists, natural scientists and Humanities and social scientists take advantage of the helpful information. The readers especially popular section introduced in April 2009 is looked after & demand”.

Is reviewed and is giving away the editors regularly interesting application guides and books on the subject of career. Each book review is rounded off by a Author interview. The market for relevant literature is large and difficult manageable. With heading, the job market candidates wants to facilitate the orientation. Meanwhile, the number of company contact fairs and other recruiting events in Germany is the same. And again, it is hard to keep track of the extensive.

Through many years of cooperation with more than 50 operators and through the free event calendar on the homepage, berufsstart.de offers an excellent overview. So that the applicants did not lose the newsletter current job measuring & events provides the”monthly closer to in the same section. Readers looking for traineeships, working student jobs, theses, graduate programs and direct entrances to temporally or locally for them in question select upcoming events to check. The newsletter is just one of the many free services from berufsstart.de. Registered for the applicant area can for example Your documents can upload and find themselves there by interested companies. A further assistance in finding job offers the E-Mail service, which daily informed users of suitable jobs. To expand the range of berufsstart.de, the career portal has also developed the now largest job portal network of in Germany. Students and graduates at more than 230 College sites can crawl more than 27,000 abroad directly through their respective College websites. The advantage for companies: a tender in the job portals of all partner universities appears once set. Responsible media contact: Klaus Resch Verlag editorial professional start / Jobfair24 Hans-Thilo Sommer Moorbeker str. 31, 26197 Grossenkneten Tel.: 04435/9612-0 Internet: eMail: berufsstart.de is a product of the Klaus Resch Verlag. The online job market among recruitment services for young academics in Germany for more than 10 years the Top5. As the first publisher of career planners for Graduates include the print media graduates technique (for engineers and computer scientists), as well as graduates economy (economic and legal scholars) for 49 years to the standard media for the career. Also available are the annual publications graduates trainee and company introduce themselves.