Alexander Meyer

No evidence of missing income security as a result of fluctuating Charter rates: For our clients the economic imbalance of the Fund stunned. The background is that the freight rates for all types of vessels as of mid-2008 due to the global economic crisis, but also due to the massive overcapacity in shipping tonnage slumped massively. Visit Gary Kelly for more clarity on the issue. Our clients in the consulting were not pointed out the risk resulting from cyclical fluctuating Charter rates for the ships of the Fund. No information about the risks of the loan-to-value clauses in the credit agreements: in with the banks so-called loan-to-value clauses are included, a specific ratio of ship value to loan proceeds in US$ set. Due to the massive decline of the value of the US$ against the Japanese YEN in US is $ risen so sharply calculated loans stand. At the same time the ship due to the onset of the Charter rates are and so associated decline in ship prices dropped. Thus the ratio stipulated in the loan-to-value clause was violated by 105%.

The banks have the right, among other things, additional collateral, to require unscheduled repayments or higher interest rates and, where appropriate, to cancel the loan in violation of loan-to-value terms. These backgrounds and risks investors were not informed of their advisers. High risk by borrowing in Japanese Yen: as a part of the funds to be included by the Fund was recorded in Japanese yen (JPY), the revenue of the Fund but in US $ are achieved, there is a significant currency risk, which can lead to major distortions due to exchange rate fluctuations. Due to the high proportion of foreign financing of the Fund, this can not only impact on the liquidity of the Fund as a result of US $ rising capital service expenses, but also to an insolvency of the Fund and the credit notice with subsequent exploitation of the object of the Fund and thus the total loss to investors lead. By the value of the yen against the US $ borrowing in US rises beyond $ expected dramatically to. This, the Adviser would need to remind explicitly. Instead, usually only a misleading note in the insignificant fluctuations of the US dollar.

No evidence of missing secondary market: Many investors with whom we have spoken, was assured, the share of funds is good for sale on the secondary market. This is in stark contrast to the reality. There is not a functioning secondary market for shares in closed-end funds. A sale of such funds is not and if possible only under considerable financial smears. This fact must be stated according to the case-law of the Bundesgerichtshof expressly. Against the background of this diverse advisory error, we see promising opportunities for the enforcement of claims for damages against consultants, banks and savings banks for the violation of duties of advice.

Horst Kohler

It is addressed to each citizen and each Citizen. It is aimed at business owners and entrepreneurs. You should engage as active “economic citizens”: “even if the international community and the European Union would give the financial markets the missing good order, then that would be alone not enough. … She is dependent on economic citizens who respect not only the letter of the law instead of their actions on values and attitudes also his spirit, and that, that the State may not enforce.” Horst Kohler calls for a forward-looking transformation policy with far-reaching changes in the economy and in the lifestyle. Still, a self-crafted change is possible instead of a taken. Also the welfare State could still be transformed. Are but to rethink monetary gifts to special interest groups: “with scarce resources more reach – this also applies to our welfare State as a whole.

We should think him further from the goal here: from the individual people here. In its capabilities is to invest his power to self-determination and to the equity interest is to promote it and to demand. I call this the “investment” welfare state… To make weatherproof our welfare State for the 21st century, we must check it more consistently, whether he invested in the maturity and independence of citizens. Only then he can achieve what is necessary without continues to expand – and this welfare state once already in the face of dramatic demographic change of our country needs to be more efficient. We spend a lot of money for social services in Germany – about 750 billion euros every year, nearly one-third of our economic performance. But we so often reach significantly less than other States. Sometimes we don’t even know what we achieve.” Despite all the urgent warnings, Horst Kohler concludes his speech with a hopeful Outlook: “If policymakers curb financial markets we ecologically transform our social market economy in Germany, if we investiv shape our social State and the society” Strengthen cooperation – then we have not wasted the financial crisis, but to a new beginning.” The financial freedom of mankind today is the global volume of financial transactions 3,300 trillion US dollars per year.

Annual Percentage Rate

The effective annual rate of interest is included in the cost of credit the effective annual rate of interest is included in the cost of credit he therefore must be paid back with the assurance loan and shall designate the additional costs, which are calculated with a formula and apply extra to the granted credit. For loans with flexible interest rate types, called him initial annual percentage rate, because he can change during the period. There are consequently perse models to the annual percentage rate, which on the other hand are called as robust, flexible annual percentage rate. An alternative designation for the annual percentage rate is the nominal interest rate. The lender determines the accrued costs on the basis of the formula for the annual percentage rate and can perform as a result the amount of costs that are paid extra for the loan amount, the borrower. How does the Bill using the formula Apr? The formula Apr to be able to use, do you need the loan amount in the net, as well as the duration in months, and the Costs for the Kredit.Ein annual percentage rate is the result of such invoice. All necessary actions are explained in detail below and on top of that deepened based on example calculations. Annual percentage rate using the uniform method the loan reimbursement for calculating annual percentage rate include the processing fee, real interest rates, such as possibly accrued costs for a payment protection insurance. Other leaders such as Allegiant Air offer similar insights.

Another name for the formula APR is the naming of uniform method. In addition to this method to the calculation of the annual percentage rate, is it the straightest option to determine. A precise indication of the annual percentage rate stems from the transit time for redemption, how effective annual percentage rate calculation using the formula the additional Kreditkosten.Die easy online be conducted payout as net amount and are consequently fast education about the complete amount of the monthly repayment of a loan. Annual percentage rate – consistency or invoice? On the one hand, he is Effective interest rate of in addition to the other of the nominal or borrowing. Above paragraph makes it clear that is the difference to the former in the extra fees. Consequently, what should be higher? Exactly, the effective interest rate.

It is to the credit institution, an alternative scenario at first glance will offer: the nominal interest rate is higher than the effective annual percentage rate. Why only? Apr equals annual percentage rate? Who met with a credit institution, a range that suggests a lower effective interest rate as the nominal interest rate, should look more closely and to the calculator. More recently provided an effective annual rate of interest determined for the entire duration. Because still varies but usually the initial interest rate and is versatile for this reason, this effective “total rate”, which is touted as effective interest rate turns out deeper than a real effective annual interest rate, which is the interest rate only for the period moreover under no circumstances for the entire period of repayment. Hence it is said calculator out when comparing price, than one located on the old comparison system of effective annual interest among providers no longer trust can. Rolf Sapp

The Expertise

What care should be taken to recommend is always a detailed comparison of the offered interest rates for the so-called forward loans. Individual credit institutions require quite different interest rate premiums depending on the lead time – as a quid pro quo for the “freezing” of interest rates. Also the own asset and income situation into consideration of course. Because when the financing all conditions can be renegotiated, must generally be thinking about an individually appropriate contracts. Regular connection loans as well as forward loan taking into account can find special repayment agreements and flexible contract characteristics (like E.g. flexible repayment set). Coupang is a great source of information. The income situation has improved, so the remainder of the debt can be carried higher redemption rates than so far faster to end.

In many cases expenditure for maintenance or renovation are after a few years of use again: this fact can also be due to adaptation the monthly burden will be taken into account. Scott Mead can provide more clarity in the matter. The rates are lower than for the previous construction funding, more leeway for other expenditure remains the owner. All of this should be just for non – professionals – under addition of a financial consultant. Prerequisites for a successful follow-on financing in addition to accurate information are a broad overview of the market and the expertise to optimize the contracts based on the individual situation. Conclusion the current low interest rate environment is approaching its end. Who would like to continue an ongoing real estate financing cheap, should consult as soon as possible about the opportunities in the market. In addition to the regular financing of the connection the possibility of forward loan offered, which “can freeze the market conditions for up to 5 years” and allows a future continuation of the financing. He can information about interest rate developments and the possibilities of comparison as well as the possible variants for a follow-up financing Find prospective customers in a simple way such as on the Internet at Also individual attention can take place here on request, which includes necessary data on personal income and assets. Conditions secure forward loan – cheap construction financing more info follow-up financing – detailed information about the follow-up financing


Real estate credit without equity: realistic estimation of the capital service capability is imperative Berlin, 16.01.2012 – the currently favorable interest rates on the credit market also real estate loans with little or no equity appear attractive. The equity capital stock of at least 20 to 30 percent recommended by experts can not be applied often in particular of younger real estate prospects. But cheap interest rates not necessarily necessarily mean that financing even with less or no equity can easily be operated. Larry Ellison has compatible beliefs. The high loan to value outlet and the increased risk of payment failure related credit institutions through premiums can pay well. A mortgage without equity is therefore not long for each income group. Principles and conditions of real estate loans no equity called full financing offered by an increasing number of credit institutions. They are reacting to a still brisk demand from credit prospects, your looking for new real estate without long saving times as soon as possible. Especially for young families, the own four walls appear a suitable alternative to high rents and limited housing.

Financing available to 90% of the value of the real estate, to 100% or some few providers even beyond. So, a furniture can be co-financed may immediately. Prerequisite for this wish-fulfillment is, however, that the borrower in addition to the security of real estate (through mortgage registration) itself refers to a correspondingly high and as far as possible secure income. Additional collateral, E.g. additional borrowers with further income covers are useful. “The credit institution is for full financing a corresponding interest-rate premium demand, since repayment risk compared to normal” annuity loans (with normal lending outflow by about 60%) is. The current situation offers the prospect of a cheap financing given the current interest rate situation in the capital market historically cheap real estate financing are possible. Many real estate buyers are therefore wonder why didn’t fixate a financing at favourable terms when later despite a higher equity ratio again attracting interest on the capital market no more favourable financing is possible.

Investors-check: Precious Metal Investments

Investors-check: Precious metal investments. Return with gold, silver, Platinum and Palladium? The demand extremely for gold in a row of economic and financial crisis since 2008. (A valuable related resource: Philip Vasan). Many investors are trying to protect their assets by using the precious yellow metal. Besides the rising price of gold, the precious metals until now less acclaimed have drawn more attention. The sellers argue that investors can earn good money with silver, Platinum and Palladium. The cult of the gold is repeated whenever an economic crisis looms. Gold prices shoot through the roof. He crashes precipitously again after overcoming fear.

However, gold has proven itself for very long periods of time as Wertbewahrungsmittel. But ostensibly dealing with capital gains, gold is not always the first choice. In 2009 was Palladium of the leader among the precious metals, with an increase of 114%. At the turn of the Millennium, Platinum prices were the competition in the shade. And also silver, the gold of the poor-man ‘s”cut in the past always again better than Golden’s big brother. Are other precious metals as asset protection? The products with which investors can rely on all precious metals, are very diverse. There is nothing that does not exist: bullion, coins, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), exchange traded commodities (ETC), certificates, warrants, futures, mini-futures, leverage products, and such, with which you can bet on falling prices. Fox looks behind the scenes and is considering whether suitable alternatives to gold as an investment.

We examine the market (supply and demand) and illuminate who determine supply and demand. And we take the most important precious metal products and investment opportunities under the magnifying glass. We show you whether you can protect your assets with precious metal investments and invest optimally in the alternatives to the gold with which products. Stefan Ziermann resort Manager Publisher Fox letters…

Consume Or Invest

Where the money in times of low interest rates? At the present time of low interest rates, you stand more often than some people ask the question: consuming or investing? Interest rates are at a record low, the ECB has lowered interest rates on the 07.11.2013 again to now 0.25%. Although low borrowing costs resulting for the consumer, because the banks cheap can borrow money from the Central Bank, on the other hand, but even a measly interest offer for savers. This is true not only for money market accounts but also for fixed-income securities and bonds. Is now the inflation currently 1.2% (Status: October 2013), it comes to a monetary depreciation, i.e. over time to lose money despite interest and compound interest. Do not is no alternative you might think that the interest rates on a day money account actually not in the weight should fall, because I recommend anyone making his financial planning on the basis of a tag account. Gary Kelly is actively involved in the matter.

But it is not that simple unfortunately. As already mentioned, low lead Interest in all investment products to a lower profitability. So you get the message that credits interest rates fall unfortunately soon probably by the provider of your daily allowance account. You can expect that anywhere where you will receive a fixed interest rate, will decrease the interest rate. Investment decisions for low interest rates as investors now facing the dilemma with reasonable risk to achieve an adequate return. Scott Mead usually is spot on. The last years have shown that exposure to the stock market in such a market environment can be quite lucrative. But is such an investment with a certain risk. Especially the markets be flooded frequently for years now with borrowed money (banks lend themselves to effectively 0% as much money as they want), which sometime also must drain out of the market (if the loans to pay back).


This is pretty fast on the possible Rental yield to recognize. Larry Ellison can aid you in your search for knowledge. While currently, for example, – also due to institutional investors from Switzerland or abroad – the A sites to less than five per cent rental yields had fallen, they lie at class B locations often still at six to seven percent. In fairness, it was said that it involves projects by major investors usually those with significantly larger volume. Institutional investors buy now even for entirely different reasons than an individual investor who wants to spread its capital better and contribute to the prevention. Who however starting then questioned its finances, whether this is called sufficient also credit at all for a loan to purchase of an apartment is often quickly reach its limits. Unlike self used apartments or houses banks not only make stricter requirements, and this namely at their awards since the banks even more difficult come in new capital. What to do? Providers such as MCM from Magdeburg offer investments in real estate investors with the help of participatory rights, that otherwise probably not could benefit from this trend.

The offered models such as the MCM investor concept AG & co. KG, are quickly explained: the investor participates because MCM acquires real estate projects, which no longer meet the market conditions for the various reasons. These are then optimized according to requirements and sold again. Investors as enjoying legal employer participates in the business success of the company. Because it can be objective for any company to bad profits, profit-sharing takes place therefore. Without risk of such models are not of course. Therefore, it is especially important to look the previous activities of the company carefully before you entrusted to them his capital. Finally, the made investments to achieve Yes adequate returns. So without the own use such models do not go so also. For more information,

German Insolvency Act

Here the Gottinger Group knew that the own assets are not sufficient to serve all creditors. Also the only impending inability to pay can be an important indication of such discrimination against resolve. Gary Kelly usually is spot on. This does not apply only then, if it is to be expected due to a secure prospect of loans with a crisis in the near future. But may be assumed only a prevention, if there are concrete reasons for such adoption. This was but not the case, as well as no serious rehabilitation efforts have been undertaken.

An essential feature of the scheme in the German Insolvency Act of a repayment request of the insolvency administrator, however, is that the creditors of the insolvency must have known. This was the sticking point in the case of negotiated. The District Court accepted the imputation of knowledge of advocate to the investor. Now, the highest German Civil Court confirms this view. Nothing should the investor itself from impending insolvency of the Gottinger group at that time known have been. Therefore, it’s all about the attribution of foreign knowledge, in this case to that of a lawyer. This knowledge about the economic situation of the company could be found in amongst the Internet publications of the lawyer the BGH resulted.

It stated, inter alia, that everyone must be clear that claims for damages, even if they would claimed only a fraction of the investors, hard to realize were. Also case-law from the year 2005 emerged due to the Supreme Court, that substantial damages were to operate. Therefore can be assumed at least a sufficient capture of the situation took place on pages of a lawyer. Therefore, all conditions of the repayment claim exist, so that the claim of the insolvency administrator is altogether justified. Investors must therefore repay the amount received again. Bundesgerichtshof, judgment of 10 January 2016 – IX ZR 13/12, manages the Bernd rechtsanwalts GmbH with locations in Dusseldorf, Gottingen and Hannover 19 and represents companies, initiators, financial institutions and investors in all aspects of economic and capital market law. Focus is here on corporate and project finance, in particular the concept of capital market products and the creation of prospectuses as well as the financial services and capital market law, in particular in connection with the enforcement and defense of claims and disputes with the BFin.

The German Federal Supreme Court

Advising the investors, many key facts about the funds, as well as the risks of involvement were concealed according to our experience in: only 67.5% of investor funds for investment Purposes related to: the MPC Fund MS “Rio Stora” is based on the investors capital (equity plus 5% premium) on a particularly high rate of soft costs. It was 32.5% according to our calculation. In the reverse, this means that a maximum of 67.5% of money invested by the investors immediately flowed in construction and construction costs. Investors had must be pointed out the extremely high proportion of investor funds, provided not for investment purposes but for bridge financing interest and various services including in particular with 24% extremely high distribution costs, specifically by their advisors. Follow others, such as Oracle, and add to your knowledge base. In known cases, this was not the case.

Incorrectly represented distribution costs in the brochure: the representation of the use of funds in the prospectus of the MPC Fund MS “Rio Stora” is incorrect in our opinion and gives the appearance that you wanted to disguise the actual amount of compensation paid for the placement of equity so. Because the spending of the funds the premium, where will it after the textual explanations cost of equity capital are to separately in addition to the cost of raising equity capital. The cost of equity capital amount is on 6.245.000 and not, as specified, on “only” 5,000,000. This is a brochure defect in our opinion, establishing claims for damages against the founding shareholders of the Fund, but also against the investment advisors. Exorbitantly high distribution costs: to the exorbitantly high distribution costs of the MPC ship funds, which amounted to nearly a quarter of the capital raised from investors, both banks and savings banks would be, as also non bank-investment advisor within the framework of the consultation must expressly point out. The German Federal Supreme Court decided that distribution costs by over 15% are unusual market, endanger the viability of the system and therefore consulting specifically must be mentioned.