Canada Gold Trust II: Payment Shall Be Made As Planned

Who would like to sprinkle his investment as wide, is well advised to buy gold. It comes as a painful side effect of the financial crisis to soaring inflation, the gold plant is a financial lifeline to get own wealth without dramatic losses due to the crisis. This is also the main reason why 2012 demand in gold in the second quarter according to World Gold Council proud 51 percent. The Emissionshaus Canada gold trust GmbH was founded in early 2011 with the aim to place closed-end funds in the area of raw materials. With the two funds Canada gold trust I and Canada gold trust II could shortly after sales started out successfully the first two investments, and the third edition of Canada designed gold trust III with a comparable structure. Since the 17.01.2013, interested investors can draw the Canada gold trust III.

Investment object of all three funds is the reduction of gold Placer mining method in the Cariboo gold district of the Canadian province of British Columbia. The Fund Canada gold trust II GmbH & Co. KG is its business activity on the economic exploitation of the degradation of natural resources in Canada. For this purpose the fund company awarded standing capital through a loan you for the investment to provide the Canadian gold mining company Beaver pass gold mines Inc.. The capital was used to further explore the gold deposits in the claims, so that the existing gold can be mined and sold. Already early February 2013 the payments from the early artist bonus of up to five percent were done.

For the first quarter were the first distributions of three percent. Thus, the forecasts in the prospectus were complied. In economically uncertain times proves the investors that funds from the House of Canada gold trust the transparency, reliability and security aspects have priority. The early artist bonus of up to three percent for a stake in the current fund the Canada gold trust III – is there only until the end of March 2013. The placement rate for this Gold funds is increasing it further. Due to the rapid flow of drawing only a volume of EUR is 7 million available. The third Fund, which offered less than two years, makes his capital as subordinated loan of Canadian investment company Stanley gold mines Inc., which was commissioned with the mining of the gold treasures, available. There is also the possibility to have paid out distributions not in cash but in physical gold. Investors profit therefore twice: first on the yield of gold mining, the evidently lucrative area in the gold business, and also to the payout in physical gold not predictable financial developments in World Affairs an interesting option. For more information,