Chinese Goods Consumer

What happened to Japan in mid-1980 when the main partner of the U.S. in Asia, suddenly become a threat to U.S. Great Power. But on the other hand, it is this competitive environment has allowed America continually updated to maintain its leadership status. In those ten years under the auspices of the United States was finally formed global economic space and a unified financial and credit system. The dollar has become a world currency, and by the way the chairman of the Federal Reserve holds its breath, the whole world listened. Ripple may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Those countries that we now call developing, were established by globalization.

Overwhelming TNCs brought into the country-receptor capital, technology and knowledge, providing a huge impetus to the development. A country which is the maximum effective use of these advantages, it was China. And history repeated itself with Japan. United States again contributed to the establishment of a new dangerous rival. However, this competition is more like a symbiosis.

China – principal creditor U.S United States – the main consumer of Chinese goods. And anyone interested in the welfare of its debtor and a VIP-client more than the lender and the seller? In the tightly integrated global economy warring powers turned into interdependent partners. A rematch in a foreign field Another amazing feature of the emerging world order – and that clearly demonstrate the measures taken to combat Global Crisis – is that none of the heir does not challenge the very essence of global economic and financial relations. Today, it is not a radical change, but of moderate reform.


During yesterday's trading price of "black gold" has played a big part proshlonedelnogo fall. Difficulties at the refinery, as well as serious flooding in Mississippi pushed futures Oil up. Were higher than projected April employment data in the U.S., which were published on Friday, encouraging that the economy can sustain higher prices. Thus, the prospects for demand for "Black gold", according to analysts, despite a fall last week, remain very favorable. Gold prices broke the mark of $ 1500. In a question-answer forum cloud computing was the first to reply. Now precious metal traded at $ 1510. Agency Standard & Poor's downgraded the credit Greece's rating by two points – to 'B / C' c 'BB-/ B', and it is up to five positions below investment grade. Additional information is available at Southwest Airlines.

Moody's has added a rating of Greece to the list for possible downgrade in the future. This weekend the finance ministers several evrostran in closed session discussing the situation in Greece. Have been refuted by reports of possible withdrawal of Greece from the eurozone, but the head of the Eurogroup Jean-Claude Juncker, declared that Greece was in need of adjustment economic recovery program, which starts next year. Greece, additional funding is required in addition to already-agreed by some 110 billion euros. According to analysts' RoyalMaksBrokers, market participants may be called into question the success of aid programs and Portugal. Proliferation risks of debt problems in Spain could become more likely. Anxiety about the problems of peripheral EU countries will have pressure on the policies of the ECB. Can calm down the talk about increasing the value of the Central Bank key rate in July.

In light of recent developments investors are actively getting rid of the euro, preferring to hedge risks purchase of assets of refuge. Analytical department of "RoyalMaksBrokers recommends traders do not miss the following events of the day: Today at 17:30 (MSK), a member of the FOMC statement will be Elizabeth Duke. At 18:00 (MSK), Census Bureau U.S. population published by the March data on the volume of wholesale orders. At the same time, the agency IBD publishes index of economic optimism.

IPO Companies

That year in a row talking about Ipo. Let's look at what it is. Ipo (from the English language ah-pee-oh Initial Public Offering) means the mass withdrawal of domestic companies on international stock exchanges. Or another statement, ipo – the first public sale of shares company includes a form sale of depositary receipts for shares. If you go back to history, but in 2006 the world was conducted in 1729 ipo on the amount of 247 billion U.S. dollars. What is the main goal of ipo? The main goal is profit, which is called the "promoter>>. Profits derived by the founders of joint stock companies, which is represented as the difference between the sum from the sale of shares and the capital actually invested by them in Joint venture.

Why is the profit opportunity? It depends on what the stock price is a dividend, the capital invested more profitable than the rate of%. I would also like to note that the emergence of public companies in certain areas of production, may lead to the fact that capital will not bring high profit, but only a percentage. Another goal is ipo – increasing the company's liquidity. Shareholders after the ipo can freely sell the shares quickly and at market price. Due to the conclusion of the ipo you will be able to protect against absorption of unfriendly companies.

Another argument in favor of the ipo, after you spend the ipo, your company becomes public, and that means – reports will be clear and transparent. What are the stages of the IPO: a) The first – a preliminary stage. Analysis of the organizational structure and assets financial and economic situation, transparency of information. b) Second stage – preparatory. Chosen for the ipo team, with whom and agreed an action plan. Prepared documents. Create an investment memorandum. After that, run an advertising campaign. c) The most basic step. At this stage the collection of all bids for the purchase of securities is determined by the price. Summarizing all the results. d) And finally – the final stage. Treatment securities. Assessment of success.

Savings Bank

All became clear as soon as I changed Dollars for yen for a trip to Japan. I think I have invented a formula to convert that currency to the ruble, given the current exchange rate. Upon graduation, I found a prestigious but very low-paid work, so I had to constantly find new ways to multiply my capital. In those days, commercial banks are just beginning his scandalous career. Interest payments on deposits dizzy, and the rate of the dollar has grown every day. Would be foolish not to use the opportunity to earn a little money, only to exchange a couple of thousand dollars.

Income was not huge, but pleasant. The next idea about the proper investment of money has been put money in Sberbank (yes, the Savings Bank), the contribution for retirees. At that time it had the highest percentage. At the bank I worked classmate, she helped me to make a deposit for a pensioner, using documents of her mother. Income exceeded all my expectations.

My mom could not understand why I have never had cash. I am confused to explain that to me more profitable to keep the money in the bank, and only many years later, my mother followed my advice and put all their spare cash in the bank. Even as an accountant, she could not understand it every day it loses money, but keeping them at home. A similar thing happened to me when I first arrived in Ireland. Here, as elsewhere, a huge number of banks with very different interest rates for deposit accounts.

Economic Development

In the medium term will continue the trend of advance wage growth compared with growth of the economy as a whole. During the period 2007-2010, the wage salaries in comparison with 2006 will increase by 1.9 times, while the nominal gdp – 1,7 times. Average monthly wages for 2007-2010 in nominal terms, will increase 1.94 times, from 10,728 rubles in 2006 to 20,815 rubles in 2010, and in real terms – to 1.47 times, respectively. In 2007-2010, provides for relatively rapid increase in the average retirement pension that will provide an increase in its size relative to the subsistence level. At the same time social pension to the end of 2009 to reach the subsistence minimum for pensioners will be maintained in future years at a specified level. The average social pension in relation to the subsistence minimum pensioner will be in 2007 – 79,6% in 2008 – 89,3%, in 2009 – 103.5% in 2010 – 101,3%.

In 2009, provided the basic part of a retirement pension from 1 April to 6.8% and from 1 October to 18,2% in 2010 – from April 1 to 6,5%. As a result, the average size of the retirement pension (Average) by 2010 compared with 2006 will increase by 1.84 times. In real terms the growth of the retirement pension for the years 2007-2010 will amount to 39,7%, but the gap between average wages and a retirement pension will not succeed. Expected to increase the subsistence level, the subsistence minimum had increased in 2006 to 13,1% in 2007, its growth could reach 9.4% in 2008 – 9,3% in 2009 – 8,7% in 2010 – 8,5%. Relatively high rate of growth of monetary incomes of citizens in the planning period will maintain the momentum to further reduce the number and proportion of the poor. In 2010, the second option specified number of $ 15 million or 10.7% of the total population, compared to 16% in 2006. The number of rural poor will be reduced from 8.3 million in 2006 to 6,2 million in 2010, or by 25,3%. At the same time, given the national priority project in support of motherhood and childhood, almost halve the poverty rate in large families.

Today Tools

Can effective tools to make you rich? Now offered the greatest number of possible super-tools, super-programs, super-courses that promise to make you rich quickly. Entire Web screams Today – Buy my it and it you load with money! Let's us see whether the tool is to make a man rich? So I answer you – can! But only if the person is a professional and he is able to competently use this tool in order to distribute the benefits that it produces. By itself, an instrument generally is of no value, because in the hands of an amateur, he will be like a microscope in the hands of the keeper. Therefore, all who wrote me questions like: "Max, tell me how I earn with such and such a tool?" "Max, I want to make money! Should I enter something there? "" Max, but whether I use this? "They do not understand (in fact, case) that is money! Because the question does not lie in the fact that any system or instrument is working. The question is – 'Can you produce demanded favor of (his output stream into the community) and implement it through these systems and tools? " On such issues, there is only one answer – "Please understand what you are and who can be helpful, do these benefits and begin using the tools to offer and exchange this benefit for money! ". # 5. What and how you can be useful to others? The answer to this important question lies in two directions.

Understanding the Market

Suppose, for 5-15 items the dealer collects the desired volume, stop buy and the game is over, all calm, and for all other market participants, this is a false alarm, the market returned to baseline levels and silence. Familiar? Who among You can tell that he was aware of a client in any bank of the world will give an order to buy or sell a specific amount of currency? Who owns the insider? In general, the concept of forex, who refines it? Come on, local bank instructed to buy a large amount of currency, its actions: if he starts to fly, then immediately raise the rate very highly as he does? He starts to shake the market and starts selling like tracking volume, the market begins to move, prices are coming down and as soon as counterparties, exposing bid, start taking minimum lot (who wants to buy expensive, if prices go down?), it stops selling, why not? Because, connect the other, they begin to push the market, hoping to cash in on speculation and the use of movement in the market for profit, offers a lot of margin positions, and those who wanted to sell, start to fuss, the price of the same leaves, and returns it or not, nobody knows. The dealer is in the market, he sees the volume, it is his advantage, and this is important. Artificially created a situation to increase the supply by decreasing demand. At this point, our dealer starts 'Slow down the market', showing orders to buy, but naturally with a minimum lots, in order not to stand out.

How To Choose A Cash Loan

Credit (from Lat. Creditum – loan), providing money and goods on credit. Cash loan, consumer loan, cash loan – for the moment these are different names for essentially the same banking product. Banks are vying with each other offer new loan products and offers credit crisis, but how to find a cash loan with favorable conditions, many do not know. We examine this question in detail. Before the analysis of credit rates need to pay attention to two important details: banks' claims on the borrower. Since the onset of the crisis have tightened requirements for borrowers in almost all banks with a few exceptions.

First, the increased age at which credit is extended in cash. In general, the average age at which you can draw cash loan is 23 years, but there are few cases of lending in 1921. Secondly, increased the necessary experience to last job: currently the most liberal requirements 3 months makes only a few banks, while most loans to individuals with experience of 6 months and above. Thirdly, many banks have introduced restriction on the receipt of cash loan for people with certain income. In such a situation a person is difficult to pick up the bank, where you can get a loan, given his income, seniority and age, as well as many other parameters, which are discussed below. Requirements for the documents for the loan in cash. As a rule, for credit in cash without sureties, in addition to the standard passport and the second document, the banks have require a certificate confirming the borrower's income, and a copy of the work book. If previously it was sufficient to provide a certificate in the form of the bank, now need to formally 2-PIT.

These stricter requirements to the documents made it opportunity to turn all sorts of fraudsters who specializes in the production of documents for the loan. However, despite the complexity of the situation with the necessary proof of income, there is still a possibility get cash loans without reference to income. What to look for when choosing a credit program to start to analyze the rates on the loan. The interest rate you should pay attention, but only part. Returns the time when banks are laying the bulk of the interest burden in the various monthly fees (commission for the csc, the Commission for maintaining accounts, etc.), so this point should be noted separately. By some banks monthly commission on the loan in cash of more than half of all paid by the customer interest on the loan. Also pay attention to the method of charging commission on the loan, ie determine how it is calculated. Second to that is worth paying attention to when choosing the loan in cash – a one-time fee for receiving it. Wide range of commissions – it varies from 2 to 10 percent. Penalties for early repay the loan in cash at the moment are rare, but it is worth to clarify how early redemption is carried out. Often when you make the sum greater than the monthly payment, the difference is simply hanging out on the bill and neither is a principal repayment of the loan and the interest continues to accrue on a large balance. Thus, to choose for themselves a cash loan you need to assess banks' claims on borrower, document requirements, fees for the loan. I wish you good luck with the credit.