Today Tools

Can effective tools to make you rich? Now offered the greatest number of possible super-tools, super-programs, super-courses that promise to make you rich quickly. Entire Web screams Today – Buy my it and it you load with money! Let's us see whether the tool is to make a man rich? So I answer you – can! But only if the person is a professional and he is able to competently use this tool in order to distribute the benefits that it produces. By itself, an instrument generally is of no value, because in the hands of an amateur, he will be like a microscope in the hands of the keeper. Therefore, all who wrote me questions like: "Max, tell me how I earn with such and such a tool?" "Max, I want to make money! Should I enter something there? "" Max, but whether I use this? "They do not understand (in fact, case) that is money! Because the question does not lie in the fact that any system or instrument is working. The question is – 'Can you produce demanded favor of (his output stream into the community) and implement it through these systems and tools? " On such issues, there is only one answer – "Please understand what you are and who can be helpful, do these benefits and begin using the tools to offer and exchange this benefit for money! ". # 5. What and how you can be useful to others? The answer to this important question lies in two directions.