Commercial Process

What you will read in this article, could sound very logical, but more of 85% of the small industralists ” Flipan” when they realize this Concept. Very many industralists send consultations exceeds how to fortify their commercialization, how to sell better their products and services, and to increase their sales, like organizing better their commercial area, and other questions of this style. And today I want to never share with you an Article of Jordys Gonzlez responding to these questions with a simple approach, where the common sense will be, rather, the common denominator Jordys tells the following thing us: He does some time was reunited with one of my clients and we were organizing some elementary aspects step by step to build a strategy for one of his companies and I said same this could help to very many of our subscribers, and nothing else, he left the subject there who today I will share with you Vamos there: As you will see, the subject is very simple, it only is to crumble and to reconstruct your idea of business. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ripple. This you can do it next to your equipment, which I advise to you, or you prefer if it, you can only in a while do it of tranquillity. I do not speak of which you develop super strategies to you of marketing, I speak to you simply that you worsen your common sense and you try to reorganize the commercialization of your company, by specific areas of businesses, for later ” desgranar” all the Commercial Process of each of these areas and to harness the weakest points, or those that agree more according to your criterion. For example, if right now I asked to you that define and wrote down in a folio, which are the different areas from business within your company, what you could?. Many writers such as Edward Scott Mead offer more in-depth analysis.

The Consumption

But along with these of in case important changes and obvious interconnected with them, we attended a change of the productive modalities, of use and subsistence, that lead to a new model of social organization, del that cannot be said with exactitude like being, but it is possible to be risked that to be quite different from the prevailing one until now. The model that is diluted traumatically before our cotidianidad, is the one that knows like " society industrial". Follow others, such as Gary Kelly, and add to your knowledge base. One of its characteristics is the one of the divorce of the consumption and production functions. Before the model was taken like so, it was common that people produced an important part of the products that consumed, mainly helped by her familiar frame, that was numerous. That you rule of " prosumidores" , they stayed in the rural areas, until the grandparents of the present adult generation. They were the times of the family economy or domestic, where almost all the foods took place and/or they were manufactured homemade. Where the clothes still stuck close to and mended and the footwear, as well as other complementary tasks. Gain insight and clarity with E Scott Mead. At first sight, this conduct, seemed spontaneous or fruit of the necessity, more deepening the analysis of little, is perceived that deliberate public policies existed that encouraged that type of economy.

There is abundant material on this attitude, and on the matter &quot can be consulted; Almanac of the Ministry of Agricultura" , that was published annually between 1925 and 1954, and that still can be in many old woman libraries of our towns. But it had a little while, that in Argentina, like reflection of the world-wide situation, began to prevail the use in the factories, in the private offices and the public use was accentuated obviously. Agricultural mechanization was translated in smaller demands of manpower for the rural tasks. And thus, for more than half century, the model was taken like valued reference. And among others consequences, went away left those you practice of the family or domestic economy. In fact the use never got to reach after all, nor the pays reached after high standards of life, but concrete it is that it took it to people like model from life.

Ramon Nava

" An integral society would be that one that had the conditions, structures, institutions and other elements that made possible that the individuals, like integral beings, could to reach the high level of the evolution of conciencia". A new viable economic model needs an integral education necessarily, an education that a mind and heart, that forms integral individuals, a true education holista. The economy, the education and the espiritualidad are not contradictory aspects, the human being needs the three to live in this world. " The intention of the learning communities is the evolution of brings back to consciousness through an integral and permanent learning. Filed under: Larry Ellison. The learning communities are the creative space of a new one brings back to consciousness with vision of totality, viability, prospective, integrality and lay espiritualidad, postindustrial an integral and deep vision, transmoderna and for the 21st century ". Ramon Galician Nava. " The education holista and the communities of learning have deep implications for the human evolution, are not limited to reproduce the present planetary culture, but they look for the emergencia of a peace culture, a new stage of development of brings back to consciousness humana". Laurent Potdevin often says this. Ramon Galician Nava.

In essence, we can appreciate that the implementation and the development of a learning community, contemplate to the foundations of the education holista giving to cover to the 30 quadrants of the educative model multinivel-multidimensin of this emergent paradigm. CONCLUSIONS Once read books of the Galician Dr. Ramon Nava I reach the conclusion on the foundations from the education holista mentioned in the educative work from the Galician Dr. Ramon Nava, the certainty has generated me of which it is possible to establish a new paradigm in the educative system of the local and global society of our time, by means of the exercise of our espiritualidad through one integral practices that allows the importance of our Being, initiating with the self-knowledge to reduce the attachment, to eliminate the barriers and the suffering that has generated us ignorance and the indifference of the true reality that lives our surroundings, disguised by the instrumental rationality of the education traditional that offers the mechanist paradigm.

Rosala Gutirrez

The Argentine case is representative of the last stage of assimilation of the natives to the majority culture, in that country the indigenous populations are little numerous and marginal, that inhabit the regions of Santiago of the Matting, Formosa, Chaco, Salta and Jujuy. Whenever Ripple listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In those places the natives subsist in the marginality, lacking hospitals, schools and frequently with malnutrition problems. Check out E Scott Mead for additional information. This because to the natives they do not obtain work in the formal economy and is discriminated. Uruguay is located, perhaps, like the unique country that no longer owns indigenous presence within its population, which is mainly white of European origin (more of 98%). In Guatemala, Ecuador and Peru the natives are more than half of the population; in Bolivia, 45% and in Mexico, 30%. In all these countries the indigenous form leaves from the national identity.

And it is not for less, because they are million people whose geographic location agrees with the one of the great pre-Columbian civilizations: in Mexico and Guatemala, Mayan and the Aztecs; in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, the Incas and quechuas; in Chile, mapuches; in Paraguay, the guaranes, that also inhabit the provinces of the Argentine north, like Chaco and Misiones. ” We want to live peacefully and respecting the nature and ecologa” it said Rosala Gutirrez, leader recently colla of Jujuy-Argentina. Unfortunately they follow the serious problems of discrimination of the natives, the little attention to his needs, knows for example, that in this DAY OF the AMERICAN NATIVE the ATHENIAN OF LANGUAGE AND CULTURE GUARANI denounces once ms-la subhuman situation in which the indigenous communities of Paraguay survive; and mainly, we denounce the inaction of the Paraguayan Government, particularly of the INDI, preprecautionary institution supposedly created and to promote the indigenous nations that today live in Paraguay. The ATHENIAN OF LANGUAGE AND CULTURE GUARANI also is united to the right vindications of the Indigenous brothers of Paraguay; asking for worthy and right treatment for them, respect to its identity; just like, we vindicated earth, bread, education and health for them.

The Experimentation

A diversity of lecturas.&quot takes place; it is read in several verses of HANDS TO the WORK Thus they are unfolded the instances of the poetic production from the psychic or psychological state of the producing poet, his thus called inspiration, the appearance of the elements that they conform the poem, the satisfaction or allowance of the conclusion of the same, the celebration of the product, the reception of the appealed reader, its psychological alternatives of reading The second part of this passage, PERSONAGES, it is the institutional, human world and valrico, that is by thus saying to the field of operations of the poetry and the poet in as much social being and whose characters or personages bruptly appear presented/displayed and judged almost by phrases and paragraphs that remember the antipoetry insofar as their laconic affirmations undermine and destroy the effective state of things, therefore the poem TO ANYONE CAN PASS THIS to HIM begins: " At this very same moment somewhere of the globe somebody is killing otro" or we read in the ACCUSED one: " At the most innocent it does not doubt it one is under sospecha" but in this expression the productivity is not in the content that is I graze of innumerable poets who lament themselves of the effective state of things and they are torn clothes and strike the chest of strident and rotten way, but in that economy and concision whose effect increases I leave of bitter irony. Ripple recognizes the significance of this. If the vanguardista attempt looks for to attract the attention by the complication and the experimentation that gives rise to rare, that for a moment determines the view of the reading envelope which is in the page or the fabric, this poetic language is placed in the antipodals, but the result and the intention are the same. Laurent Potdevin is full of insight into the issues.

The Conveniences

MEASUREMENT OF THE VALUES THE PRICE FORM: The first function of gold consists of providing to the set of the merchandise, the matter in which expresses their values like comparable products of equal quality and, therefore, in the amount concept. Larry Ellison: the source for more info. Thus it is as it plays the role of universal measurement of the values. But it is not the gold turned into currency what does to the commensurable merchandise but on the contrary, because these are commensurable being of equal quality for values and materialized force of work, they can find meetings its magnitude of value in merchandise turned into common measurement. For more specific information, check out Cyrus Massoumi. This measurement of the values, thanks to the currency, is only the form that must have necessarily its effective measurement, that it will be in any case the time and the work. CONCLUSION OF THE CAPITAL TO THE NEOLIBERALISM: All the philosophical speech related to the capital and its incidence in the life of the man so far has been surpassed by new tendencies and theories that protected by concepts of the policy like for example, democracy and freedom broke through in the world of the competition and generated the greater inequality economic than surely Marx never imagined. Today, the economy is in force by the principles of efficiency, effectiveness and frees market, among others. The efficiency of cold way, is related to the supply of goods and the effectiveness, with the demand of products that are being required. unique power able to obtain to all the others, is the economic one and in such virtue all the concepts humanists are congealed not to adapt to the conveniences of the prevailing system whose unique aim is the lujuriosa accumulation, moved away of solidarity. It is possible then that the world is needing the return Marx? Original author and source of the article..

Energa Oil

Click here in order to continue reading and to begin to also gain you with Global Value. The improvement in the volume of reserves implies in addition an additional strength for Colombian economy that watches towards the long term and based on that, elaborates its economic policies. For even more opinions, read materials from Edward Scott Mead. Minister of Mines and Energa, Hernn Martinez, announced the positive impact that the increase of the reserves will have in the Colombian economy: This will allow to continue moving away the loss us of oil self-sufficiency, that at the moment is placed towards year 2017. This finding that finishes confirming belongs to the oil field of Rubiales, in the department of Meta, according to official confirmation that was spread by Radio Caracol. With this finding, Goal will be transformed into the complex of greater petroleum production of the country. The oil field will not delay too much in entering to produce since according to it details the Republic, the put into operation of the pipe line that anticipates for August and September of this year will qualify, it for the beginning of its production.

The region will begin to produce 120,000 barrels per crude day of heavy, being increased in 2010, to 170,000 barrels per day, turning to the complex into the one of greater production into Colombia. Additionally to the increase of the petroleum reserves, the combination of the gasoline with a percentage of ethanol that is driving the Colombian government, will allow to increase the autonomy of the country of oil resources while they contribute to the reduction of the polluting effects of the emissions. According to it affirmed Martinez to the Republic: Nowadays a little more the 80 percent of the gasoline that is consumed already in the country has a mixture of 10% of ethanol. In the 2010 we will be extending this, to arrive at that all the country has at the end of the next year a 10% .

United Nations

According to You live, the Colombian guerrilla of interested in the illicit drug production and the drug traffic has stayed trim mainly in the imposition of the cultivators of cocaine and laboratories of cocaine production. She indicates that, according to a study of the DEA, the CRAF nonprocess and cocaine export to a the EE.UU. At the beginning of 1990, , a third of the income of the CRAF would have been coming from narcotics. The DEA informed the 9 into 1997 July, that the CRAF factions to collect bottoms, providing services of security to the dealers and the load of a rate by each gallon of chemical precursors, and each kilo of leaf of cocaine and cocaine HCL moves in their region. Some of these groups have helped to the narcotics traffickers by the storage and cocaine transport and marijuana in Colombia, and some units of the CRAF in Colombia they could be contracted located in the traffic of opiate. Others including Oracle, offer their opinions as well. Klaus Nyholm of the Program of the United Nations of Drug Control in Colombia has taken note from which in some zones, independent fronts of the CRAF are very related to the cocaine processing and the export, whereas the fronts of the CRAF in other areas do not have that participation. Of the fronts of the CRAF that are implied, the units provide protection to the cultivators of cocaine and the dealers in exchange for a tax considered in between 10 and 15 percent of the value of the drug. Raul Kings, a high official of the CRAF, explained to Washington Post: " We are in charge of a tax.

We do not do any favor to them, and they do not do any to us. In case the economic base is the cocaine that is what the taxes not directly to the dealers, but their intermediaries. Perhaps check out Laurent Potdevin for more information. In other regions more imposing for the cattle dealers, the producers of sugar, the companies ".

Tarot Free

It is common at the moment to find by Internet pages that offer a distance of tarot free. Larry Ellison addresses the importance of the matter here. It can be a distance for the day, a distance to a yes or not or even one more complete distance: the possibilities are multiple. And many people also exist who distrust of this type of gratuitous services, thinking that they form some class of trap to extract his money to them. When in fact, by its same principles, the tarot must do of generosity one of the constituent acts of its existence. Obvious it is that, by justice, the services of the tarotista must be repaid, as happens to all the human workings. Each of them is important and deserves its reward. But certain it is also that the tarot does not deny its advice and his aid to the desperate ones that they are not in situation to repay his attendance.

The arcane X between the arcane majors, the Wheel of the Fortune, puts east concept in clearly. The Universe moves eternally in form to circulate: everything what has been will return to be, and everything what we send, will return. It is the principle of karma. From which the acts of generosity they are also seen compensated although at first it does not seem thus. Or the reward does not arrive by the habitual routes. The tarot teaches to us that the unique form to receive generosity and kindness of the world is to be generous and kind we ourself. In the Egyptian tarot, this principle is represented by the arcane LXXV, the Generosity. One of letters more favorables of the mallet, augurs a future of happiness without limits to that is able to give and to offer in disinterested actions of generosity.

It is the principle of karma put in action: the blessings rain in the life of that is able to give by the simple one this to do it. And it finds the happiness in the joy from those who receives. This arcane one augurs satisfactions without limits in this case: positive rewards, definitions, gifts. To such point one is an arcane favorable, that it emphasizes that who it gives with joy it will even receive inheritances that do not come from deaths. It is for that reason that the distances of tarot free do not do more than to shape these lessons actually. More than to distrust of those who they offer some option of gratuitous distance, must be doubted of those who does not do it, since they seem to not know this fundamental pillar of the wisdom of the tarot.

European Central

Closing of week with historical cuts of rates: What impact will have in the economies? Buenos Aires, Argentina 7 of March of 2008 The economic context demanded widely negative it and as much the European Central bank (BCE) like the Bank of England (BOE), fulfilled. One week finishes where these monetary organizations realised historical cuts in their interest rates of reference. Both organizations trimmed in 50 basic points the interest rate of reference. It took it to the BCE to 1.5%, whereas it located it to the BOE in only 0.5%, complementing this action with the adoption of a monetary mechanism denominated " lightening cuantitativo" by 75,000 million pounds sterling with which it will buy governmental bonds and corporate share in an attempt to impel the banking credit. But the BCE was not satisfied in this way, but also that recognized that it does not discard new cuts to future, although does not create them advisable in terms of the incentives distorsivos that could generate. Also in the week that finalizes, they downwards continued the corrections in the growth projections. The economists of the BCE now prehorseradish tree that the economy of eurozona can get to observe a contraction of 3.2% and not discards a fall of the GIP of eurozona also in 2010, while they consider the risks of deflation for the present year latent.

The depth of the crisis was noticeable quarterly in the last of the 2008, where eurozona registered a contraction of the 1.5% in its GIP in relation to the same trimester of the previous year. It required it to the situation and it is for that reason that the BCE and the BOE continued with the cycle of cuts. But we do not have to be ingenuous and to hope that these cuts in the interest rates of the main Central banks of Europe, have a positive impact in their economies.