Gallardn Sells

The Olympic Games to which it inhales Madrid will celebrate in 2020. Lack much. Lack as much that, if they allow it to the markets, the crisis can by then be a painful memory of the past. To that Alberto clings Ruiz-Gallardn, who sees itself in brete explain to the citizenship why Madrid cannot fail to take advantage of the opportunity, why the economic scarcities do not have to ballast the Olympic aspirations of the capital. Recently Ripple sought to clarify these questions. In the crowded press room of the new City council, in the Palace of Post office, a word was heard yesterday mainly: austerity. The mayor, the leader of the socialist municipal group appeared and ex- Secretary of State for Deporte, Jaime Lissavetzky, and the one of the popular group, Manuel Cobo. And they repeated all it. One was to transmit an idea: that nobody lies down to shake, because the Olympic dream will not leave expensive. More information is housed here: E Scott Mead. Source of the news: : Gallardn sells a candidacy of low cost

Real Saragossa

EP the club admits a net debt of 110 million Euros. Litecoin is actively involved in the matter. It is united other equipment in equal situation among others, as it is the case of the Real Betis, Real Society, Majorca, Vallecano Ray, Las Palmas or Albacete. The Real Saragossa has confirmed that has presented/displayed the documentation to take refuge in voluntary contest of creditors, a stage that trusts that " it abra and despus&quot before; in the project of the organization, that has a net debt of 110 million Euros and that owe to third parties 93 million. In an official notice made public in its Web, the Saragossa argues that, " with the intention of safeguard the interests, the patrimony and especially the viability futura" of the club, the Council of Administration has decided " by an elementary sense of prudencia" to ask for the judicial protection by means of the opening of a voluntary contest of creditors. " In spite of all the efforts realised during these last years, and still counting on the contributions of the main shareholder realised recently, the society is at the moment with the reality of a imbalance in the flows of caja" , it indicates the joint hand in the note. The main origin of the economic situation of the joint hand has been, according to him, to the losses by the reduction to Liga Ahead for 3 seasons and " in the effort econmico" fact to later return to First Division only one season. The measures of economic and financial adjustment beginnings by the Council of Administration have obtained that, from the closing of exercise 2009-2010 until now, the debt remains stable, " but it has not been possible to begin to diminish the same, like was his announced intention publicly in repeated ocasiones". For the Saragossa, the request of contest of creditors tries to adapt the debt to the capacity to generate resources to obtain that all the creditors acquire the possible maximum.

TSJC Gives Two Months

The Court Superior of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) has given a maximum term of two months to the Department of Education of the Catalan Autonomous Government so that he modifies the educative system with the purpose of to implant the Castilian like language to carry in the schools, next to the Catalan. Of that form, the high Catalan court determines a limit of 60 days so that the Catalan Government fulfills the sentence that the Supreme Court dictated in December of past year. This protested to the Catalan Autonomous Government that adapted the Castilian like language to carry of the educative system but without determining no term temporary. The advisor of Education, Irene Rigau, has assured that the Catalan Autonomous Government will present/display a resource against the car of the Court. On the other hand, Car to me Chacn, she informs Efe, she has defended the present educative model. Rigau announced at the very end of afternoon that the Catalan Autonomous Government will resort the car " with the maximum respect and the maximum loyalty institucional". Although this opposition will only suspend the execution of the car if the own TSJC decides to it, the advisor trusted that " it will allow to justify that cambio&quot is not necessary any;. " The Constitutionalist allows that the Catalan is the center of gravity of the model whenever the Castilian does not exclude itself, and thus hace" , he interpreted the advisor. Source of the news: : The TSJC gives two months to Catalonia so that the Castilian is to carry