The Weekend Australian

Robert Zoellick, its president, insists to the European leaders to confront its problems of sovereign debt with greater urgency. " The majority of developed countries has exhausted the margin fiscal" , it assures. The president of the World Bank, Robert Zoellick, said that the world confronts a new storm different from the one from 2008 and that he is " more peligrosa" by the crisis of debt in eurozona, in one he interviews exclusive right to Australian means published east weekend. " We are at the first moments of a new storm and different, she is not the same that in 2008" , he affirmed Zoellick to the metropolitan newspaper The Weekend Australian. " In last the two weeks, the world has passed of a difficult recovery to several speeds () to a new phase and more peligrosa" , it added. " The majority of developed countries has exhausted the fiscal margin and their monetary policies cannot more be flexibles" , the expert declared.

Zoellick recognized that it does not know a formula to solve the problem, but aimed that " the 2008 lesson is that at the most behind schedule it acts more is necessary to do despus". The holder of the World Bank insisted to the European leaders to confront the problems of the sovereign debt with a felt major emergency because, in its opinion, this one is a subject " much more grave" that the one that has taken to the reduction of the credit qualification of the United States. Another preoccupation of the American is the disturbances in the United Kingdom and expressed their hope of which the austerity policies do not derail that the Government has adopted. Zoellick arrived at the beginning of week at Australia to participate in a series of acts, among them the annual meeting who celebrate the governments of Washington and Canberra. Source of the news: The World Bank: " The crisis of debt in the EU is one more a storm more dangerous than the one of 2008"

TSJC Gives Two Months

The Court Superior of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) has given a maximum term of two months to the Department of Education of the Catalan Autonomous Government so that he modifies the educative system with the purpose of to implant the Castilian like language to carry in the schools, next to the Catalan. Of that form, the high Catalan court determines a limit of 60 days so that the Catalan Government fulfills the sentence that the Supreme Court dictated in December of past year. This protested to the Catalan Autonomous Government that adapted the Castilian like language to carry of the educative system but without determining no term temporary. The advisor of Education, Irene Rigau, has assured that the Catalan Autonomous Government will present/display a resource against the car of the Court. On the other hand, Car to me Chacn, she informs Efe, she has defended the present educative model. Rigau announced at the very end of afternoon that the Catalan Autonomous Government will resort the car " with the maximum respect and the maximum loyalty institucional". Although this opposition will only suspend the execution of the car if the own TSJC decides to it, the advisor trusted that " it will allow to justify that cambio&quot is not necessary any;. " The Constitutionalist allows that the Catalan is the center of gravity of the model whenever the Castilian does not exclude itself, and thus hace" , he interpreted the advisor. Source of the news: : The TSJC gives two months to Catalonia so that the Castilian is to carry