Private Pension Provision

Thoughts 60 years who has heard to an acute problem of private pensions and investment worst crisis in the last twelve months not nearly every day of it, ourselves around the world into the worst financial and economic crisis for many decades? Several times a week run on television talk shows on the subject. Only the burst Immoblienblase in the United States, consequently the financial crisis and in the wake of the economic crisis, which still has long has peaked does not. And again the experts yesterday emerge there, who register now back to Word and surprised do, because it is clear so long that had to burst the bubble in financial markets. In the points, they’re even right. You could at least know it since 2006.

The good old Norbert Blum, does private (old age) pension plan emergency and all progress on all channels inexperience as eh and per. Remember how vehemently he at the time argued that the pension is safe\”. Is true! First of all his own. And the general pension of Is also secure claimant the reason after. Only nobody ever tells us how much. In 20 or 30 years of almost 1,500 euros a month live who wants to and can in particular? As long as there is then even the euro.

Because it is by no means certain. Anyway. Who not in time himself privately provides above, i.e. right after the teaching or training that begins the will find it increasingly difficulty, to fill up the so-called gap. Average costs 15,000 euros a hesitation by only five years at the private care extra personal effort. Who will have to pay 15,000 euros more who so instead of 25 years with 30 years begins to prepare himself for his age, at the end, to achieve the same goal, such as with 25 years. Na wonderful start I then so is equal to me, so no more time to lose.