TRANS-soft And ALVARA Agree On Cooperation Relating To CashEDI Connection

TRANS-soft and ALVARA agree on cooperation in the area CashEDI connecting Leipzig transaction soft international (United States) today announced the cooperation with ALVARA cash management group AG. The leading product line of Transoft OptiSuite is so “TM with the information platform ALVARA Interactive Cash Control (ICC) TM networks.” The new policy on the part of the Deutsche Bundesbank and the European Central Bank are in the foreground of cooperation. “‘S are trans-soft products for cash management in the world successfully at major financial institutions in the usage. Through our partnership with ALVARA, we are now able to offer not only substantial savings with our optimization to our European customers, but provide a unique total solution for the European cash circulation in compliance with the national regulations. The combination of CashEDI and our skills in the optimization, contribute substantially to reduce costs. In addition, ALVARA offers versatile functionality to the entire process transparent to make “, said Bo H. Holmgreen, President & CEO of Transoft. Both companies capable of operating costs for their customers are even further to reduce and thus support an even stronger value proposition through better money orders through the networking of OptiSuiteTM and ALVARA ICC information platform.

The holistic optimization is based on advanced algorithms, current interest rates, holidays, special events, the cost of money and valuables, as well as the insurance premiums. The added value our customers win through the use of OptiSuite in combination with CashEDI and the transparency of the ICC platform, is just the beginning of the synergies that can generate our two companies in the future. Using the cost simulation tools decision processes can be sustainably improve.”adds Bernd Hohlfeld, CEO of ALVARA AG. “Trans-soft offices in Leipzig will settle in our ALVARA and we look forward through joint sales activities into new global markets to” expand.” Contact: ALVARA cash management group AG Street 18 04103 Leipzig Tel.: + 49 (0) 341 / 98-990-200 fax: + 49 (0) 341 / 99 25-109 E-Mail: Internet: contact person: Jana Heinrich to ALVARA ALVARA Management Group AG is a service provider in the area of cash management. Competent specialists with extensive experience in the industry founded the company with the aim to provide better security for all market participants through transparency and greater efficiency through independence. Together they use her extensive know how in the coordination and processing of cash transfers to analyze the causes of the existing security gaps and subsequently to develop an efficient and risk-free solution for all involved. Transoft Transoft international, Inc.

is the leading provider of software solutions for the entire supply of cash in the banking sector. The Transoft products OptiCashTM, OptiNetTM and Optivault have been developed by experienced cash management professionals to all aspects of the complex Cash management process to process more efficient and cost-effective. Transoft solutions worldwide be used at banks, ATM operators and value services and generate significant and recurring cost savings. These savings are a direct result of the application of demanding and statistical analysis, as well as daily comparison of all cost elements to determine the best course of action. Transoft a bank to automate the liquidity planning, ordering, tracking and monitoring, and more, to optimize the needs for payment appropriations and administrative costs, to significantly reduce the costs and to improve operational efficiency.