Lloret De Mar – Costa Brava

Most popular destination for young people in Northern Spain Lloret de Mar is located on the Costa Brava (Wild Coast), between Girona and Barcelona. To deepen your understanding Larry Ellison is the source. The city is located in the autonomous community of Catalonia, and belongs to the province of Girona. The city has a population of approximately 35,000. The main beaches are Canyelles, Lloret, Boadella, Santa Cristina and Fenals. The climate is Mediterranean, with mostly mild temperatures.

In the winter it is almost never colder than Celsium is 8 in the summer it rarely hotter than 30 C. The average temperature is pleasant 18 Celsius in Lloret de Mar. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Cyrus Massoumi FindShadow. Lloret de Mar is a paradise for young people. It is almost almost legendary, a stronghold for the youth. This city keeps the party statistics. And with more than 18 discos and about 100 bars it is also easy to turn the night into day. The proximity to Barcelona also ensures the many Weekenders like to take the opportunity and come to a flying visit to Lloret de Mar. This city is the party zone on the Spanish mainland and can be quite keep up with the Ballermann Mallorca.

But not only the German youths have taken over Lloret de Mar, young people from many parts of Europe celebrate there without interruption. Therefore, also Lloret de Mar is the destination for Abifahrten with the school or the first goal happy if young people have their graduation in the Pocket. There are numerous operators, which provide such bus trips, which are very cheap. Who can’t get enough of the celebrations, and can plan his vacations end of July, should not miss the Fiesta major. This is a festival that is held in honour of Santa Cristina, in the week of July 24. Most stores are not open on that day, but in the evening there is a gigantic fireworks display at one of the many beaches. At all events but not entirely forget the culture and the landscape. You can take away wonderful walks in the beautiful countryside to recover the whole hustle and bustle, and again to draw strength for the next party. Also along the beaches, there are beautiful ways, either the cliffs along or hidden coves. Silke Angel – travster.de

Magnificent Nature, Charming Villages:

Hiking tour on the Amalfi coast in the spring and fall 2010 Regensburg, February 25, 2010 – from Salerno to Sorrento stretching the Monti Lattari, form a unique paradise for hikers on the Amalfi Coast! 2010 Lieven loots on his week-long hiking trips in the spring and autumn again invites you to discover this paradise. The native Belgians lives with his family in the southern Campania. He is an enthusiastic and experienced trekking Guide and wish the people that bring it closer to beauty of his home. For several years, he offers guided hiking tours to the Amalfi coast. His motto: less than tourists rather than travellers, to this fascinating piece of southern Italy experience less as an observer as rather than Explorer.

Paradise for hiking and Active holiday hiking and trips to the Amalfi Coast means overwhelmed be unforgettable panoramas and enchanting places. Is it on the impressive hiking trails on the peaks of the Monti Lattari, or in the many small streets of coastal villages Amalfi coast is a region to be discovered and which will remain unforgettable memories. The first day is the arrival and arrival at the accommodation. During the following daily walks of Amalfi-hiking tour will explore a dense network of hiking trails, even hiding in the forest are, times along rock leading up mountains there will be sections full of surprises and stunning panoramic views of the coast and its medieval villages. Together explore the lanes of the ancient maritime Republic of Amalfi with its wonderful Cathedral, who admired Piazze and Ravello villas located on a spectacular foothills and discovered the fashionable Positano.

The hiking week end goes on the eighth day. For some it may go home after the tour of the Amalfi, for others a new vacation day on the beautiful Amalfi Coast begins. Accommodation in family-run Agriturismo accommodation during the hiking tour on the Amalfi coast is carried out at the family-run Agriturismo Mare Monti in Agerola/San Lazzaro.

The Classic Open Air Returns To Berlin Back

Works by Puccini, Tchaikovsky and Glenn Miller among the program of this year’s classic open air in Berlin. The classic open air is an annual event that brings world-class artists from the world of classical music on the Berlin gendarme market, which is one of the city’s most magnificent public squares. Additional information is available at Verizon Communications. The music series will take place this year for the now 19 time and offers music lovers who stay in one of the Berlin Hotels, the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of classical works in a magnificent environment. This year’s concerts take place between July 15 and 20. The opening night is devoted to famous pieces from well-known Opera and orchestral works.

The first concert will be hosted by entertainer Herbert Feuerstein and offers visitors the chance to vote, which they would like to hear in advance for works. There will also be a fireworks display over the Gendarmenmarkt to finish the concert in a spectacular way. Who on the second evening concert on the Classic open air visited, can look forward to a program inspired by Italian Opera composers of the 19th century such as Verdi, Puccini and Rossini. On 17 July, musicians such as award-winning soloists in honor of Tchaikovsky’s play a medley of the most popular works of Russian composers. If you prefer the classic Big Band sound of Glenn Miller, who has the opportunity to purchase tickets for the Berlin swing night on the following evening. Andrej Hermlin and his swing dance, classic songs from greats such as Miller, Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw are Orchestra at the event to hear Duke Ellington and Frank Sinatra.

In addition to the music, visitors of the classic have open airs the opportunity, some of the most famous buildings of Berlin such as the Konzerthaus and the French Cathedral to admire. The tickets for the concerts can be ordered online, ranging from 37 to 97. Jessica Reading, head of the marketing department at LateRooms.com, commented: the crowds at the classic open air is usually enormous. Therefore, we recommend one of all visitors in a timely manner the hotels Berlin to book.”

Santorini Combipix

Get more information travel reports in the Santorini Combipix published early 2013. Hersonissos Crete – Greece but now, after all this information… Welcome to Crete… Crete, the island of over 1000 Orthodox chapels, plateaus, mountains, and relaxing beach areas. Crete is an island that offers its visitors a lot of variety and for hiking. Party fans or what many holds. With this description of the tour we look at the westliche-North coast of the island. Our tour begins in the island capital of Iraklion and leads us through ret hymen to Chania.

This day tour takes us through mountainous areas and long layers that with beautiful secluded beach areas one to the relax invite. 1 Iraklion (Irakleio) to Bali 60 minutes / 50 miles from our tour starts in the port area of Irakleo, the island’s capital of Crete. The image of the old fishing port, dominated by the old Venetian fortress at the entrance. It is one of the buildings, which was built at the time of Venetian rule from 1204 until 1670 ad. Irakleo / Irakleon Crete – Greece directly at the port begins one of the most pedestrian ways directly in the old town of Irakleo. Owner of a rental car should park their car at the large parking lot, located close to the fishing port on the Lake, because the parking situation in Irakleo is rather chaotic. From the car park city visitors must walk up to to the > beginning of the pedestrian zone of Irakleo go.

Irakleo / Irakleon Crete – Greece the pedestrian zone will be at various places and a large number of shops and restaurants pass. You should plan at least 1:30 to 2 hours. By Irakleo from we heading West Rethimnon and Chania. Shortly after Heraklion, the landscape begins to change. Before you climb higher mountains in the sky. Most two-lane, well-developed highway led by…

Baixo Island

The variety of the flower island who prefers the cold temperatures in the warm away the winter in Germany, is very well advised with a trip to the island of Madeira. Year-round temperatures, as well as a magnificent fauna attract every year numerous tourists from all over Europe. The online portal reisen.de knows this travel factors but a different argument, which speaks for the Island belonging to Portugal. Hotels in Madeira will find leisure without problems. From a variety of options you can choose, and particularly the town of Canico de Baixo and the capital Funchal is recommended. Most tourists embark from their accommodation to explore for the most beautiful and most colorful flowers that flower island”. But the bath hotel or the vegetation should not satisfactory enough, is also the opportunity to see large marine mammals live near the coast.

The company “Rota dos Cetaceos” offers three times and twice daily winter summer excursions in the surrounding bays. This ensures that participants receive dolphins or whales to face. Due to some great ocean depths off the island, there is an impressive variety of species this admirable mammals around Madeira. Should an exit were yet again unsuccessful, the next trip is of course free. The search objects can be”but look, the organizer of photos from recommend and turning a film prefers. Due to the speed and cleverness of animals a permanent is higher, so the probability,”memory to keep. More information: community.reisen.de/… Reisen.de service GmbH Lisa Neumann


A fantastic moon landscape awaits the tourists while hiking on Iceland. Fire and ice Iceland land of contrasts, the glaciers and volcanoes offers a unique nature. A paradise for hikers. Hiking on Iceland becomes a unique experience. In the background, glaciers, volcanoes and deserted fjords accompany the traveller. Clear rivers and streams traverse the country and create a true Idyll. The hue and cry of countless sea birds, which nest in the rugged cliffs, the wind crosses the impressive coastlines.

The rumbling water masses of the Guldfoss water falls make Iceland a true experience of nature. Verizon Communications has firm opinions on the matter. But not only the cold and icy waters of the North Atlantic is the hiking on Iceland. Bubbling geysers and hot springs for the Icelanders belong to everyday life, because they use the geothermal energy also to generate electricity. But also while hiking on Iceland, this hot springs will soon belong to everyday vacation. The promising steam you can find along the most remote paths, promises relaxation for body and soul. The sulphurous thermal springs in the wild are to enjoy due to their extreme temperatures however with some caution.

Some bathing areas of along major roads are marked or even with a small dressing room. Moreover, the water is often dammed in several cascades and you can choose the bath temperature. If only for a short trip to the hiking on island can use the famous Blue Lagoon outside the capital of Reykjavik. But a detailed map has one their way to the secluded and free alternatives that promise a private bathing pleasure in the fabulous scenery. A fantastic moon landscape awaits the tourists while hiking on Iceland. You will find scant remains of a forest, which almost completely disappeared due to strong clearing in the first centuries of settlement, just to the East of the volcano island. MOSS-covered lava rocks and lava fields dominate the landscape as well as the volcanoes themselves the charm. But not only the landscape features in the Hiking on Iceland by its uniqueness. Also historically, Iceland has much to offer. Informed it is not only about geological developments, but also about the fishing industry, one of the most important economic branches.

Summer Popular Destinations

Holidays in the summer: the Mediterranean destinations are popular? The summer deemed most popular travel time with German holidaymakers. Finally, it is really hot and the summer holidays just families offer much time to go on holiday. Who wants to book a package holiday and travel to the South, often spends his holidays on the Mediterranean Sea. Here it rains rarely in the summer and the mercury rarely falls below 25 degrees perfect conditions so for a beach vacation at the sea. Additional information is available at health economics expert. But what destinations on the Mediterranean are popular? There are enough popular Mediterranean destinations popular destinations on the Mediterranean. Majorca, Turkey and Croatia are among the top destinations but above all. The reasons for the popularity of these goals may be different, but the relatively low fares are common to all. Here is a good price-performance ratio in every season, so that also the holidaymakers in the South can fly, which must be in a special way on their holiday budget. (A valuable related resource: Jonathan Rosen BerlinRosen).

But Mallorca offers much more than cheap hotels. The largest of the Balearic Islands is due to their partly kilometre-long sand beaches and the many idyllic coves. Also, the landscape of the island is extremely versatile. You think only on the Cap de Formentor, from which you can enjoy virtually unlimited views of the Mediterranean Sea. But the island capital of Palma has to offer much with its winding streets and the picturesque old town. A holiday in the summer leads not only on the beaches, but also in the capital of the Spanish island.

Turkey also year after year attracts an audience of millions. In the summer, many holidays do to relax on the beautiful beaches and luxurious hotels. Who wants to experience what here outside of the hotel, finds ample possibilities for excursions in the Interior of the country and basically a particularly interesting culture before. In addition to Turkey, also Croatia is high on the list of the top destinations on the Mediterranean. Just 1.5 hours from Germany away is waiting for a crystal clear sea that holidaymakers hearts here. The craggy island world with numerous romantic villages rises to an extraordinary destination on the Mediterranean Croatia. While some tourists with car travel to Croatia and a holiday home or an apartment rent for the holiday, more and more for a package decide. Finally, it is more convenient to travel to Croatia with the plane and to reside there in a comfortable hotel.


Bright summer nights in the Arctic: Tromso, April 2013 – on April 19, it is so far: the time of the midnight sun arrives in Spitsbergen and 134 bright summer nights to the archipelago on the 80th parallel. Only on 23 August the midnight sun season Svalbard nearing its end. The Hurtigruten expedition voyages are an ideal way to use the clear nights of the Arctic if water with the expedition ship, MS fram or land in the new country programmes. The remote Svalbard is to achieve more flexible this year, because a second airline started regular flights to the capital Longyearbyen. Together with the midnight sun has spring in Spitsbergen and meets a great combination on the last foothills of the winter, because now the winter activities of Spitsbergen can be undertaken experience packages ashore in broad daylight and in the glow of the midnight sun. For example, in the context of the Svalbard of experience package bright summer nights in the Arctic”, the Hurtigruten in the May the expedition programme has undertaken a snowmobile Safari and a dog sled tour and spent a night in the wilderness. The snowmobile safari includes an approx.

50-kilometre ride through Spitsbergen impressive landscape with phenomenal views of the Tempelfjord and the temple mountains. Knowledge, except the driver’s license, is not required for this trip by snowmobile. Also at the dog sled tour, participants first received a briefing by the experienced guide and can clamp the sled dogs with his assistance and then himself as dog sledding guide try to. After a few practice rounds, it’s Turner glacier in the Bolterdalen, surrounded by a beautiful mountain panorama, and continue in the direction of Scott. Not infrequently, reindeer, sometimes even Arctic foxes can be observed. Many stops to give opportunity for photo shoots and enjoy of the beautiful landscape. The evening in the wilderness after all the participants in a remote Husky camp outside Longyearbyen experience around 100 Dogs receive them in the wild and enjoy the visit.

North Atlantic

After a flying visit to Bjornoya, the most southern island of the Svalbard archipelago, the Hurtigruten expedition ship crossing the North Atlantic: the colourful university town of Tromso takes mountains with stopovers in the Lofoten Islands and the Arctic circle along the Norwegian coast of the fjord to the Hanseatic City. Travel from the 18th to the 29.9.2014 costs the 12 days from 4022 euro per person (including flights to/from Germany). To find expeditions voyages catalog for the first time in the Hurtigruten, country programmes, developed by the company together with its subsidiary company Spitsbergen travel are multi-day Spitsbergen. The three five days tours are available all year round and offer highlights corresponding to the seasons: from ice caving dog sledding and snowmobile tours up to Polarcirkel boat safaris. The packages include two, three or four nights and can be booked from 586 euro per person. “New Europe travel: island hopping in the Atlantic of the fascinating islands of the Atlantic Ocean is at the heart of the new travel islands of eternal spring”: from the start port Las Palmas brings the MS fram Guests of the smaller Canary Islands, El Hierro and La Gomera to the flower island of Madeira. Afterwards, the Hurtigruten expedition ship takes course on the remote Azores, before the 12-day trip in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon ends.

The trip is booked for the date from the 1st April 12, 2014 from 1.992 euro per person. “Trans-Atlantic travel: new ports on the road traveling from continent to continent on MS fram waiting with new highlights: treasures of the Atlantic Ocean” leads from the 14.3. until the 1.4.2014 from Las Palmas to Buenos Aires via new stopovers: the hustle and bustle-Harbor City, Montevideo, city of Paraty built in the colonial, the paradisiacal island of Fernando de Noronha, the right on the Equator St.-Peter and St. Pauls archipelago and the Cape Verde island of Sao Vicente.

Expedition Ship

“The dream ship, the expedition ship go in Travemunde anchor for years that schippert MS Germany” on the German television screens as the dreamboat in the eponymous TV series, the cruise ship is known. In 2012 she will create MS Germany probably twice in Travemunde. Southwest Airlines is often quoted as being for or against this. In addition, the honor is the MS Bremen in Travemunde. A total of three exclusive cruises are on the program. Small, but for this very fine. The port of Travemunde is certainly not the most popular cruise port of in Germany. There are here but very special and individual cruises such as the MS Germany”.

Since 1999, which is MS Germany”in the possession of the deilmann Reederei. And this continues to class instead of mass. By the same author: Larry Ellison. On the MS Germany”, elegance and stylish atmosphere is entirely capitalized. “Again and again, the received MS Germany” highest honours such as ship of the year 2012 “and the 6 Star Diamond Award”. This special predicates are only possible if in addition to Luxury and perfection whatever the man is one of the guests as well as the staff before and behind the scenes”, it is said of the vessel’s own website. And what cannot be missed? “” Exactly: the famous captains dinner “is a term for the TV series and is also on the MS Germany” newly set up for each cruise. “Indeed: on the MS Germany” the cruise ship tourist undergoes a very own sense of freedom and luxury. “The human dimension”, that the owner and inventor of the MS Germany “, Peter Deilmann, took as a benchmark for his luxury vessel designed for only around 500 guests, is one of the secrets of his success.

“” His mixture of success: exclusivity, individuality and personal service can only unfold, if instead of crowds a like-minded company gives life to the ship “- with the MS Germany” succeeded in this in perfection. “So beautiful and unique the MS Germany” is also, the search is so ugly but after a parking lot in Travemunde at the port. You can park while at the port, it is however very expensive. Because here are only paid parking is available. It is advisable to consult the Internet before the start of the cruise. Because: There are several private parking providers in Travemunde. The comparison is worthwhile. Not just the MS Germany”is anchored in Travemunde. The MS Bremen is still small and still individual”the expedition cruise ship of Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. The ship is designed only for 164 people and designed specifically for travel in polar areas. The very personal atmosphere, the first-class facilities and spacious cabins and suites provide the perfect setting for unforgettable expedition. For example, to the legendary islands of Franz Josef land. This expedition in the Russian Arctic is an absolute premiere for the MS Bremen and a highlight for all those who want to follow in the footsteps of great explorers. The same applies to semi-circum-navigation of the Antarctic where the ship through magnificent Ice worlds controls and experience makes the history of legendary polar expeditions. Wen it pulls in warmer climes, who discovered the South seas of off known routes in Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands. Conclusion: cruises from Travemunde are far from mass tourism. Instead, the Crusaders experience individual class on special vessels. So anyone who searches for his individual freedom, the site of Travemunde close to the heart was set.