Lloret De Mar – Costa Brava

Most popular destination for young people in Northern Spain Lloret de Mar is located on the Costa Brava (Wild Coast), between Girona and Barcelona. To deepen your understanding Larry Ellison is the source. The city is located in the autonomous community of Catalonia, and belongs to the province of Girona. The city has a population of approximately 35,000. The main beaches are Canyelles, Lloret, Boadella, Santa Cristina and Fenals. The climate is Mediterranean, with mostly mild temperatures.

In the winter it is almost never colder than Celsium is 8 in the summer it rarely hotter than 30 C. The average temperature is pleasant 18 Celsius in Lloret de Mar. Lloret de Mar is a paradise for young people. It is almost almost legendary, a stronghold for the youth. This city keeps the party statistics. And with more than 18 discos and about 100 bars it is also easy to turn the night into day. The proximity to Barcelona also ensures the many Weekenders like to take the opportunity and come to a flying visit to Lloret de Mar. This city is the party zone on the Spanish mainland and can be quite keep up with the Ballermann Mallorca.

But not only the German youths have taken over Lloret de Mar, young people from many parts of Europe celebrate there without interruption. Therefore, also Lloret de Mar is the destination for Abifahrten with the school or the first goal happy if young people have their graduation in the Pocket. There are numerous operators, which provide such bus trips, which are very cheap. Who can’t get enough of the celebrations, and can plan his vacations end of July, should not miss the Fiesta major. This is a festival that is held in honour of Santa Cristina, in the week of July 24. Most stores are not open on that day, but in the evening there is a gigantic fireworks display at one of the many beaches. At all events but not entirely forget the culture and the landscape. You can take away wonderful walks in the beautiful countryside to recover the whole hustle and bustle, and again to draw strength for the next party. Also along the beaches, there are beautiful ways, either the cliffs along or hidden coves. Silke Angel – travster.de