Anton Mesmer

Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815) disclosed to the world> science of the Animal Magnetism. This science still is practically unknown in the half academic of the medicine. Unhappyly, the study of the magnetism still it is little common also in the half esprita, being still restricted the inherent benefits to its application to an amount sufficiently reduced of Espritas Houses. Many writers such as Verizon Communications offer more in-depth analysis. Kardec studied the Magnetism 35 years for more than and affirmed that two sciences (espiritismo and magnetism) form one alone body. A curious fact to detach was that Kardec almost was blind, one victim ' ' Amaurose' '. Discredited for the doctors, Kardec was cured by a magnetizer. Hippolyte Leon Denizard Rivail to the 50 years was a name respected in France.

Great studious of the psychic phenomena, being interested itself in special way for the study of the magnetism. It hears to speak of the girantes tables and attributed to these phenomena to the magnetism impregnating the tables. Taking knowledge on the intelligent existence of something for detrs of these phenomena, it admits the hypothesis of the performance of the world spiritual. It decides then to verify origin of the facts. E, thus, Rivail (Allan Kardec is the name that it adopted as Coder of the Esprita Doctrine) works methodically in the elaboration of the Esprita Doctrine. In the Introduction of the Book of the Espritos, Kardec makes mention to the gradual series of phenomena that despertaram interest in it and that they had finished for giving origin to this doctrine, saying: ' ' The first observed fact was the object movement; they had vulgarly assigned it with the name of girantes tables or dance of the tables. This phenomenon, that seems to have first been observed in America, or better, that if would have repeated in this country, because History test that it retraces the highest Antiquity, was produced folloied of strange circumstances, as uncommon noises and blows brandished without an ostensive cause, known.

Basic Unit

Depending on the complexity of the case, he sends a Basic Unit oude an Advanced Unit. From the moment where the ambulance arrives at the dochamado place, the responsibility for the support, the contact with the doctor to pass osdados of the situation and to receive orientaes from as to proceed is of the socorrista. Emediante the so great responsibility still is necessary to be prepared to paraenfrentar any type of situation. Helosa emphasized that, unhappyly muitosdos socorristas approved in competition to act in this service not possuemnenhuma of the characteristics of the profile of this professional. It told that Jhouve in case that where the person made the competition only for finding the uniform pretty, oque were a great mistake. In accordance with the story of Helosa, some professional svezes do not excuse the due care to the helped one, it leaves what it insane.

According to it, when the service is set in motion is because it has necessity, except emlamentveis situations of ' ' trotes' '. 4,2 Situations of work of the SAMU Ocorreu in certain occasion, in a public school, that umaaluna simulated a collapse and the direction of the school called the SAMU. In the boarding, umacolega of Helosa said for the girl: ' ' it can raise from there that I seique am not happening nothing of errado' '. Helosa intervined in faltade sensitivity of the fellow worker it explained and it in particular that the correct, independent procedure did not eraesse to be or not passing badly. Paracontornar the situation, Helosa directed it the girl and proceeded as it seacreditasse that it was really passing badly, therefore according to it, dependendoda boarding, the girl could not have none ' ' cara' ' to come back naescola. It is perceived, with this, that the taken attitudes pelaprofissional do not only have relation with the prescribed one for the protocol, but tambmcom its history of life and with the time of professional performance.

The Gift Ours Of Each Day

The gift ours of each day You live the life as if each day was better present its? I have made this question to many people, and almost always the reply it is: not. But, it would like to face each day as if it was a gift. But, what to make to move and to be happy? A reply nor always it is simple, as to follow a cake prescription. However, an important step for who desires days better is to live abundantly. If reading you will be to search the meaning of the word abundance in the dictionary, you will among others discover definitions that are ' ' the opposite of escassez' '. From there, to live itself abundantly, it must not have scarcity in no point of the life. As the majority of the inhabitants of the Land it lives in a materialistic world, we hold in them as if everything was material conquests or status that in the light a they. From there, not rare, we abandon basic concepts for a better life, and we concentrate in them in having many goods, as if they were the sufficient one to live ambundantemente.

Therefore, we do not have to forget that abundance, in ample direction does not have to be measured only by what we possuimos, but over all, for the good that we provide the next one. It is undeniable that we live in a society that judges the person on the basis of what it possesss, when the correct one would be, also, to lead in account what it contributes for the sprouting of a better community. We are in becoming the directed people excessively the corporeal properties, as if the happiness depended exclusively on wealth. To the times, when we are very well of life, we estrapolamos, finding that the money in the ones of the domain even on our proper life.

Clarified Assent

3): A questionnaire is extremely useful when an investigator intends to collect information on one definitive subject, in which it aims at to collect information being based, generally, in the inquisition of a representative group of the population in study. Being thus, questionnaire used with the professors was assured by the Term of Free and Clarified Assent in which the pertinent information to the research had received all. 3. Results and Quarrels Ahead of the carried through research of field and the data collected in the questionnaires, noticed that the questioned ones (, B and D) had presented answers in common how much the vision of the indisciplinado pupil. Coupang has similar goals. All the interviewed ones had agreed to relation the contribution of the occured changes in the period of the adolescence to unchain the indiscipline, what it enters in contact with the thought of Netto (1976, p.95), which discourse on the subject, saying that the adolescent is in an emotional period where the behavior suffers alterations being able to enter in conflicts, problem and misalignments ahead of new situations becoming them citizens the frustrations.

Moreover, ambient factors also are enclosed in the possible cause of the indiscipline, a time that these young ones if find in a ticket of infancy for the adult life. Although the claims to proceed more on the part from the school, as professors and coordinators, Klotz (2005) says that the parents also find difficulties in dealing with this imposed situation its children. Thus, it is distinguished important presence of the parents in set to the pertaining to school environment, therefore knowing of its easinesses and difficulties, they will be able to help them in such cases. The questioned professors (, B and D) inside enter in agreement when answering some questions related to the pertaining to school psychologist, evaluating as important its presence of the institution and performance on the pertaining to school indiscipline, jointly, with the motivation of the pupils..

The Way

So why are they trying? Or to make money you must be very clever, I'm not so smart. Or to make money – you need to deceive people. Or if I make money, I will not have time to spend with my family. If I have a lot of money – people will judge me. Or if I have a lot of money – I have to pay more taxes, and it will be an additional attraction for me when it happens. It's funny, yes, people invent problems for yourself even before they begin to do something. And they knock themselves out of the game does not even start playing. Or if I have a lot of money, I'll be unspiritual.

Most people simply live in the experiment, when no money. Financial wound number 2. The second reason why people are not successful in the financial sector not only in the negative associations to money, but even if they have a good association. For them, the wealth is not necessary. For them, the need is financial survival.

Interesting distinction. I did not say love money and make them a god, because that's exactly the way to lose a lot in life. It will ruin all that is valuable to you. But I said to reprioritize – not to think about how to buy something, and changing priorities, to really get the financial wealth. In my head, many people have that figure to which they aspire and they start getting her to relax.

Prospect Foundry Exhibition

In St. Petersburg, finished work of the exhibition "Psychiatry. An Industry of Death. " The exhibition worked 4 weeks in the city center in a building on Prospect Foundry, 57 exhibitors, doctors, lawyers, lawyers, and psychiatrists and psychologists. After the exhibition has been more than 5,000 people who left more than 1,000 thank-you notes and reviews about the exhibition.

Several psychiatrists have come to argue with the exhibition organizers, considering that the exhibition is "lopsided" highlights the negative aspects of psychiatry. However, the challenge is that the psychiatric industry workers, as a rule, do not inform patients about the dangers associated with the treatment of mental health care, they could not. They could not challenge and the strange situation of psychiatric doctors normal practice – the "doctors" who do not seek and do not cure the causes of diseases, and in the best case, jammed with symptoms of psychiatric drugs, leaving one on one patient with undiagnosed causes of their suffering. June 8 opening ceremony of the exhibition, in which ribbon was cut by the Human Rights Council executive secretary of the St. Petersburg Natalia Evdokimova and economist Yuri Dorofeev. The exhibition was held hearings on the role of psychiatry in the history of fascism, about violations of rights under the legal age of orphans in orphanages neuropsychiatric St.

Petersburg, also on non-residential machinations with psychiatry. Among the visitors were people who suffered from mental tyranny, and those who have never to this area do not come across. Here are a few reviews sotavlennyh visitors: "No I did not have help, I tagged as" psychopathy "…

Art Faith

Our desire is also often caused by jealousy, which in a capitalist society is presented as a natural feeling. It must be said in general – not just a desire to buy something, but also a desire to take a stand question, more profitable for you to view (often dictated by purely psychological motives or attachment to komu-to/chemu-to). Able to recognize and control their desire to remain independent, including including internally (from 'Passion' and 'corruption' as antonyms of discipline). Finally, the third skill that determines the degree of personal sovereignty is the ability to believe. All the above is known to some extent, each smart person, but many, unfortunately, forget that little form an objective view of the world, and we need more and save it, not giving further 'point' impact on specific attitudes. And here is more than helps the faith, but faith is not unfounded, based on hunches and intuition unreliable, and not the feeling that it would be appropriate to call the hope and belief rational, sensible, seeing. Such a belief is an indication of Independence from someone else, ie from any external and derived from her inner strength. Accordingly, it is based not on authority or the majority opinion, but on their own mental and sensory experience, to own opinions and observations. In the words of Erich Fromm ('The Art of love', 'Man for Himself'), good faith – is the certainty and stability inherent in our beliefs (not to be confused with the inability to changes), and it is based on the power of thought, that is, the individual's ability to think.

The Family

This is an important event, a crisis in the family life cycle. The care and attention tasks increase, so that there is an added stress that is generated by the mere birth of a child. In the example above, and as family educators, we should address the needs that may arise such as: – age-appropriate information on the situation of children and treatment process. – Communication with the family of the implications for all of them have the new situation. – Recognition by the parents of the child's progress. – Time for himself and shared with parents.

– Equipped with strategies for dealing with the reactions of others and the new burdens and family responsibilities. Intervention with problem families or multiproblema For some authors is the most common intervention for family educators and mainly characterized by many deficiencies in both its internal and external processes. Generally families are distant in their relations with the social systems of their environment and those who are left with the support of a professional or expert in the family. In these cases, it needs a strong intervention at both individual and group, which, given the complexity of family life, often require coordination of several professionals from different institutions or centers, so that intervention can be structured as follows: a) Request for help from the family: This is done by a need to consider urgent. The family educator is to undertake a comprehensive study of the family without neglecting the explicit demand. This evolution to articulate carefully what is the response to a lawsuit with the use of this response as a means of approaching the family, a much more complex.


The desumanidade socially ece of fish is so social how much everything more than the men constructs. E, therefore, with Marx, for the first time, the proper men had been able to think itself as a history of which they are the only demiurges. (Lessa, 1998) we pass so of simple spectators to be principal actors in the social construction and in the development of the society, he is born through the ideas of Marx, a possibility of change, one to advance social, a search for the social equality. However, according to Lessa (1998): Dived in this stingy, needy, modorrento, mentally ill and strange world where we live; collated with history with a feeling of only comparable impotence to the frustration to see history to pass for our fingers; isolated of this when we are not reduced to the animalesco platform of the search for the next meal is at this empty moment of the existence that the Manifesto clama to all horizontes: the men make history, and our life only is thus because we make thus. The worker possesss more than what an entity of transformation of substance or force of work, responsible it and also for the search of a social modification, it who through its function modifies and charges of the great proprietors of the capital and the State a change, a life improvement, after all the profit only exists because the work exists, if them companies would not be intimidated in a simple strike. As Codo (1994), says in them that if it was not the social organization that produced> chair, I would not be seated, or the penxs and I would not write, or the paper, or the walls everything that composes the way, since simplest to the most complex material came of a work relation, relation is that it determines my behavior, my expectations, my projects for the future, my language, my affection.

Virtues and More

This is for me, one of the pleasures of life that many people need to discover. That love that you can make, that encouragement you can give eternal that company you have to maintain them. Is not that right? With whom else are we over our lives is with ourselves, so it is advisable to get along with yourself, treat and take care of yourself. To make a friendly company, because if your own company is pleasant, when you have more company will be twice as nice. I appreciated all throughout my life that many people do not know how to enjoy themselves. In my opinion is to be carried hither and thither by the wind and imposed with little reason.

That is if the wind takes you is because you're not sure where you are heading. The first step is to know you, know what you want and projecting it to be a piece of this society and what is more important, learn to love. It seems a terrible disregard for oneself not knowing how to be alone with, ie now I have to stay with this person and if it takes me begin to put the nerves. Another example: I have gone through something terrible, I need to call someone to comfort me. Just a sample of inner weakness that we could learn with practice. We agree that the person is by nature sociable, that is, by nature and is something we relate to basic personal level, and even more in these times.