Car Tires

Any car owner on the threshold of the hot season in a certain way is preparing his car. Some change winter tires for the summer, someone brings sparkle body, someone enough to wipe the glass and clean the interior. The basic rule of preparing a car for summer – clean, not only outside but inside. Knowledge of the specific summer and winter tires these days, probably no one will be surprised. If you have a car is not '' and studded tires, then it should necessarily be changed, otherwise the dry summer pavement you potreyaete all spikes. State of the brake system is the main thing to pay attention. Any uncharacteristic for them to sound – a direct allusion to that should make a diagnosis.

Now the main thing – the engine of your car. Considerable in temperature in winter lead to the fact that rubber and plastic engine components wear out quickly, because of what is observed leakage of fluids engineering. In the future, do not waste money on expensive repairs, see if the motor drips, and if you find them, then immediately look for the cause. Should wash the motor, but be sure to keep because of year of your car. Experts believe that washing engines of old cars is undesirable because of old wiring and oxidized contacts. More than enough to make dry cleaning, electrical sensors and covers timer. When preparing your car for the summer season be sure to make check nodes suspension. Due to travel over snow and puddles, as well as changes in temperature anthers chassis out of order, and hardpoints, losing grease, fast break.