The Organization

This rule has not always led me out of difficult situations, as you begin to intelligently plan and control finances. Give up the idea of spending money from reserves. Instead, earn more money emergencies. (The money is usually faster to make than to get out of the old secret places. Never take money in the debt to pay bills.

It is much safer to simply make money.) Put the money somewhere where to get them quickly is not possible. After all, if they are at hand, there is often climb up and think that necessarily will report later, but then never comes. Financial planning and control of – the work of one man and is often contrary to the requirements of the group. Should always be one person who gives his final word.

Treasurer exists in the organization not to buy their popularity at the expense of funds, and to implement good financial planning. (Volume 3 str.476-477) If you follow these uncomplicated rules, the creditworthiness of the organization will be very high. Especially in a crisis, when Many companies reduced income, and they are already accustomed to negligent attitude to money. Accountants need to rigidly constructed that they understood that their task is not only to “shift notes”, but also correctly manage finances. After all, if good works as an accountant, a manager can easily run the company. Especially now, in times of crisis, the organization must establish strict financial controls, and start saving in reserves. Hubbard gives a stable given that the organization will spend exactly the money she earns, so the manager must always and show the form of spending money that he would defer to the reserves and say, that they have already spent, and only in this case, the organization will start to work and make more money.