Almost any kind of business or business activity involves the solution of the two global issues. In – First, you need to find a niche in which to compete by offering goods or providing some services. The second point is to stimulate the potential client and get him to become a buyer. It would seem that methods to address these issues a great many. A huge number of venerable authors briefly and very clearly set out the key recommendations of how to make your business profitable and make people pay attention to the specific proposal. However, if you look at the process of contracting out the provision of advertising services, in most cases, all these details remain virtually unused. That is, we take the price – there is selected any position, which describes, say, manufacturing or rental commercials in prime time. Where is declare themselves as not at this time – when the probability of finding a maximum number of screens of viewers will be most predictable.

As a result, the movie (by default, secondary or poor quality – because of money on normal production yet) produced five – seven times and the owner of ads sadly realizes – impact is minimal and can not even recoup the costs of the campaign. In this case, the same finance could be spread much more efficiently. Using the same ticker, animated banners or video ads. Even an ordinary film about their own business, which could replicate in network, using the original story, or some useful information for the average person and what could be more useful. Thus, it is necessary to consider a few rules of successful creation and placement of advertising on television. – The minimum running time (using, text, graphics and video simultaneously) – Maximum output – (the timing of rent differs in value many times, if the "shift" on medaplan a couple of hours) and the audience of this sometimes varies in a qualitatively better. – Advertising company should be recognizable (color, flow, original story – you need to create a certain image).

– Advertising on television definition can not be cheap and superefficient. This is a long-term costs – one, even the most vivid and memorable movie, is not able to make all buyers go straight to your office or store. Advertising costs must be calculated exactly as drawn up estimates for construction. Regional advertising agencies for the current time are also different too uneven performance and the complete absence of any standards production. You can with equal success to get products that are not ashamed to show on federal channels and frank crafts that are perfect for headings – "And you weak?"

Competitive Sustainability

Brand distinctiveness: a combination of weight indices, indicating differentiation / uniqueness and superiority of the brand. Quality Brand: Assessing the brand in general and its variations in overall image quality of the goods or services. Value of the brand: a combination of weight indices, indicating the extent to which brand offers customers something for which they pay, often known as "Value, expressed by price." Brand Personality: The degree to which brand image coincides with what the buyer is or wants to be. The potential of the brand: consumers' willingness to pay more for originality and try this brand new, previously unidentified products or varieties of the previous ones. Competitive Sustainability: the extent to which the consumer remains true to the brand during a hostile or competitive pressure. The dynamics of brand: the extent to which consumers prefer to purchase and use the brand and new versions of its product lines. (Note: P. K.

Clancy and Krieg argued that this factor is not used in calculating the value of brand equity as well as overlaps with a market share. But he used to weigh the importance of each of the other factors. Meet with the following explanation, which they propose to calculate value of brand equity.). To measure the equity of your brand, according to these marketers, you should develop a profile of Internet based, personal, or mail options, which will be from 3 to 5 questions on each factor. You ask respondents your brand on the issues analyzed by comparing it with the brands of your competitors. Clancy and Krieg explains that when you get the results of your survey, capital value of your brand and your brand competitors can be calculated as follows: "Each component and each factor is evaluated based on their contribution to the overall dynamics of the brand and the vector of preference, which allows us to obtain, through a single techniques, an overall assessment of brand equity for each brand analyzed. In other words, each brand can be defined as a single number – the value of brand equity. These values, in theory, ranging from zero to infinity,