HWCV Revolutionized

The HWCV offers solvent investors thousand euros per consultation, if the promised conditions are not achievable. That has never been there in the private sector. The Munich-based technology transfer company HWCV, brings together worldwide the first funds on the market, which pays out yield investors from the beginning, so in advance, and even without that investors must invest their own money. The contractor and owner Hans Weidenbusch explained on the question how this can be possible: this is possible only on the basis of the currently marketed technology, and this Fund is offered only until a certain amount of investment is achieved “.” On the question, the creditworthiness of this offer for what is, the entrepreneur said: As you know, my brother is a member of the Bavarian Landtag, weidenbusch/index.html. It will therefore each activity of the HWCV alone strictly from opposition parties and case of irregularities, an appropriate intervention would be immediately. The new technology also has the HWCV Stiftung Warentest for testing is presented. That would make guaranteed no one, which in its approach is not beyond all doubt.” And more references about Hans Weidenbusch said: we have the most environmentally friendly energy concept of all time and among even the world-famous environmental organization GREENPEACE,, has followed this issue.

That alone speaks for itself. “Not to mention such renowned institutions such as the University of Berkeley, berkeley-universitat-weidenbusch-perpetuum-mobile crack a law of thermodynamics /, and all leading German physical faculties”, index.php? raum_und_zeit_16614. So, so there is an indisputable and undisputed fact. While insurance and other investment companies often only the first lean returns after years of deposits of investors, this occurs for the system described in the HWCV,, with the date of closing. Also, the investor from the start must muster no own capital until the end of the investment term. Investors who are solvent according to customary banking criteria, get writing by us guaranteed one thousand euros for a consultation if we do not offer the facility under the described conditions that investors can.”said a spokesman for the HWCV.