Berlin Estrel Convention Center

The first and only service provider er fair in the German capital Berlin. ‘Capital fair’ – powered by broker pool Fund financial Berlin, Berlin, we’re going to Berlin! This motto is for once not to a football summer fairy tale, but the first and only financial services provider er fair in the German capital Berlin. Capital trade fair”- so called our new trade fair in Berlin, which will be held on October 1, 2010, and to which we invite all financial service providers. Around 150 exhibitors and 2,500 visitors are expected at the first capital trade fair in the Berlin Estrel Convention Center. Both representatives from insurance and corporations as well as issuing houses and media companies belong to the first capital trade fair exhibitors district in 2010. You also have the opportunity, at various workshops with topics of interest and top speakers, such as Jorg Laubrinus, Hans D. Schittly, Marcel Schlee and Thorulf to Muller. As a counterpart to the Munich brokers and multiple agents fair, the we annually in the Bavarian Align the city, you can look forward even in the capital city exhibition in Berlin about a personal atmosphere.

In a clear frame can make important contacts, in one day and meet personal financial all Agency managers, regional directors and the team of the Fund. You expect the following lectures rolling from 09 h 17 h: title speaker new customer contacts with social media m. SCHLEE prospecting Hans D. Schittly even more new customers Jorg Laubrinus new dates at a PKV is existing customers of Jorg Laubrinus of each customer customer Thorulf Muller PKV, quo vadis? Thorulf Muller in the grip of the acquisition until concludes with venta C1 FinCon Fund introducing financial Fund financial we are pleased us on coming! Registration see: press contact: Fund financial broker GmbH, Ferial Abu Riesstrasse 25 80992 Munich Tel.: 089 158815-380 fax: 089 1588-350 E-Mail: Web: