German Capital

WOLFF crane with three cranes for hotel new Berlin represented for the construction site at the Otto-Braun-Strasse in Berlin bought PORR a WOLFF crane of type 6015.6 clear, a second crane of the same type was already present in the PORR Germany GmbH. The third crane, a 6015.8 clear, was rented from the WOLFF crane fleet. The three Centerless tower cranes were already assembled in November 2010. Two are mounted cranes on an anchor in the building and a third is set up outside of the building. On the construction site cranes used inter alia for transportation of precast concrete elements for ceilings and walls. The work is progressing so well, that the first trolley crane in August can be mined again”, says Bernd Soost, dispatchers from WOLFF CRANES in Berlin. WOLFF cranes save time and costs together with WOLFF crane a glad for the site will be developed prior to start of construction. In addition, we receive all services from a single source a manufacturer, a contact, a crane type.

This is cost – and resource-efficient”, says Frank Conrad, Manager of machines and Technical Department of the PORR in Berlin. Another plus: since the Turmdrehkrane WOLFF have no spires 6015 clear, also the actual hook heights could be minimized. The modular system of WOLFF crane proved particularly beneficial according to Frank Conrad. Through this already existing components like a cross frame, Palmer had acquired earlier, could be easily combined with the newly rented crane, being the smooth interplay of technology 100 percent guaranteed. By voting on the crane type WOLFF, the overall picture on the site agrees 6015 clear.

Small place – great effect: WOLFF 6015 clear but not only because the model 6015 qualifies for the construction site in Berlin very clear. Thanks to its space-saving Tower system with its maximum diameter of two meters, the Wolf 6015.8 is clear also in crowded environment very well suited. With a load moment of 140 mt and a capacity of 1.5 t at a radius of 60 m, this model is perfect for Housing projects. Berlin Alexanderplatz is growing at the Otto-Braun-Strasse currently has approximately 120 persons on the 4,000-square-foot construction site work. Currently is the first section is driven, running until mid-2012 a Holiday Inn hotel, a resulting Indigo hotel and a hostel. The construction in the Centre of the city of Berlin, also adjacent streets and sidewalks have been redesigned. A second phase of construction is currently in planning. Contacts: WOLFFKRAN International AG Simone Engleitner international marketing b Matt InStr 6 ch-6300 Zug tel + 41 41-766 85 00 fax + 41 41-766 85 99 press contact Alexandra EHM Rumfordstr. 5 D-80469 Munich Tel + 49 89-23 23 90 91 fax + 49 89-23 23 90 99