English Communist Party

Pg: 87. ENGLISH MARXIST HISTORIOGRAFIA the English marxist historiografia is formed from a group of young entailed historians to the small English Communist Party. Its objective is to build a proposal theoretician-metodolgica alternative the dominant conception of history. The influence of the Annales School in the definition of these characteristics of the English marxist historiografia is significant. The marxist historiografia English search to construct an analysis of the society as a totality in movement, in which the experience human being not if it would find submitted to any form of determinismo. Pg: 88. SOURCES OF the Studious ENGLISH MARXIST HISTORIOGRAFIA costumam dividiz it in two sources: socioeconmica, would be tied with the structural studies of the development of the capitalism, and the sociocultural one, more would be tied with the studies of the formation and the development of social classrooms. Pg: 89.

The LOW HISTORY OF FOR TOP the English marxist historiografia if opposed the diverse proposals theoretician-metodolgicas that compromised a reading dialectic. They are namely: studies of the structures of the power under the classic model of the elite history; studies of the mentalities; studies of the material culture; studies of the modernization of the modern societies and contemporaries; radical populist studies. Pg: 90-91. INQUIRY OBJECTIVES to Compreender the origins, the development and the expansion of the capitalism; to Interpretar the movements of the society from the analysis of the fight of classrooms; to Conceber a history whose perspective is the history of low stops top; to Contribuir with the construction of the marxist method; to intervene with the culture and the English politics. Pg: 92.

SOVIET MARXIST HISTORIOGRAFIA the Soviet marxist historiografia is not only Soviet. It had historiogrficas sources in other countries where great influence of communist parties in the half intellectuals occurred and where these parties were obedient Moscow. The Soviet marxist historiografia presents some characteristics, amongst them, is distinguished two: history is investigated and analyzed in the pictures of a linear and finalista vision of history; the laborious classrooms give place to the geniuses of the oppressed peoples. Pg: 93-94. PROBLEMS AND PERSPECTIVES OF MARXIST SOURCES HISTORIOGRFICAS Are several the problems that if relate the perspectives of the marxist historiogrficas sources, amongst them are distinguished: global the social relation and regional structure; the relation structure and conjuncture; the relation structure, classroom and personages; the relation base superstructure; the long, average relation between and short duration; the relation classroom, etnia and sort. Pg: 95-99. MARXIST HORIZON HISTORIOGRFICO Theories and said methodologies marxist understand that no reality is steady and perpetual. They understand despite they must be open critical and the autocrtica one and the permanent construction from the philosophical and social base of origin. The historiogrficas sources must meet coherent with these teachings that had folloied the life and workmanship of Marx.