Christian Peitz

Usually less than 14 days between the first day of production at the Academy of architecture until the construction of the prefabricated house”, Peitz knows from experience. Besides the fact that you an Ausbauhaus built completely on your own, the financial advantage not to neglect: 14 day equity performance with EPI home builders save 20,000 euros on average. With this special house concept, the EPI GmbH is known as an absolute leader on the market. In the foreground, also a special experience is in addition to the high savings potential through the construction of expansion in power. Full solid wood instead of timber frame construction for the Ausbauhaus for maximum quality the EPI Ausbauhaus is a special construction of prefabricated house full solid wood with unique properties. This construction differs insofar from conventional prefabricated houses, solid wood construction material instead of conventional wood frame construction are used. So, each full solid wood wall of EPI prefabricated house as a whole consists of wood, whereas wood frame buildings act as wooden scaffolding, whose Hohlraume are filled with insulation materials.

Solid solid wood wall used for the EPI Ausbauhaus, however, is a plain wooden building material with the static properties of building a brick wall. So achieved the EPI prefab a high quality combined with a rock-solid stable of value. “Ausbauhaus not afraid power if builders the word power ‘ listen, they are often deterred”, white Christian Peitz, Junior Chef of the EPI GmbH. often associated the construction of a development house in power failures, bad luck and breakdowns in connection. As a result, that builders buy expensive a professional expertise, which must not simply be.” Because experienced trade professional needs to be no one to build an Ausbauhaus provided specialized construction professionals guide the complete production and construction projects from A to Z. And such is the case of EPI GmbH. The owner and his helper directly according to the plan of building professionals to perform the tasks and work hand in hand for the goal: structural Ausbauhaus in 14 days. The total portfolio and other information to the EPI home factory, see the Web on. Contact directly me questions, visuals and for more information: PR editorial Entrego Tobias Muller Kilian road 96 33098 Paderborn, Tel.: 05251 / 284 3225 email: Web: