Pumps With Lower Costs

Special coating of Sahasi extends the shelf life of pumps with an innovative coating of particularly stressed pump parts Sahasi fluid technology extends the service life of pumps measurably. This leads not only to cost-efficiency through reduced downtime in production. The higher cost for the coated Sahil pumps face substantially lower life cycle costs a up to three times longer service life. A clear advantage for the economy, which provides for more cost transparency and allows a more precise definition of the total cost of ownership. Fewer repairs, less loss of production everywhere, where pumps as parts of milling or grinding machines transport coolant and chips contained therein, are wheels and body heavily strained. The surfaces of the pump parts are removed through contact with the particles in the coolant. This is when the pump impellers by lessening the pump performance noticeable and can lead to leakage of the fluid in the body.

In cooperation with institutes of the University of Stuttgart Sahasi has carried out different simulations, to develop a solution to the costly wear. “Up to three times longer maturities pay off the secret of coated Sahil pumps: so called ultra-hard material” not only put on the surface of the cast iron pump parts, they penetrate them and change the crystalline structure of the abrasion-prone. This special procedures characterised by particularly high adhesion and has proven its practicality in long-term tests. So Sahil pumps of this kind able to withstand three times longer, for example, grinding sludge in the glass production than conventional models.