Capital Procurement

Dr. Werner financial services AG held its seminar on the subject of equity and mezzanine capital to the Bank independent SME financing on April 23, 2008 in Gottingen. The day event with an integrated workshop was again well attended. Commercial lawyer brokered at the seminar Dr. Horst S. Werner and lawyer Holger Bernd and the speakers from the partner companies, the advertising agency of beclever ( and the financial portal (, Kirsten Winkelbach and Nicolo Martin, the essential information to the Bank independent corporate finance.

Dr. Werner’s remarks as speaker of Dr. Werner network gave the participants an intense insight into the procurement markets and an overview of subsidiaries, mezzanine funds and foundations or effectiveness of investments and mezzanine capital. More topics starting at the current market situation, equity and the typical mezzanine financing to the bearer bonds have been described in detail by Dr. Werner presented. At Gary Kelly you will find additional information. The practical raising of capital for businesses, the placing on the market and the sales took a wide room. Lawyer Holger Bernd informed the participants about the current case law in the field of prospectuses and the BFin procedure and the banking supervision during placement.

“The event was rounded off with the lectures by Mrs Kirsten Winkelbach, CEO of beclever Werbeagentur AG, on the topics production of the prospectus documents”, in particular the legal consequences incorrect graphical implementation, and Nicolo Martin, project manager emissions marketplace, on the subject of solutions in the field of marketing and financial communications “. The seminar dealt with legal and actual problems and challenges of independent corporate finance, was above all an exchange among the seminar participants in a seminar-integrated practitioners workshop. Target group of the seminar contractors, financial service providers and consultants were interested in independent financing, by Companies, as well as an exchange of experiences among themselves. Was so right”the event was described by participants and speakers as attractive. The seminar participants rated the seminar as exemplary. The individual presentations were excellent and presented practical with many examples”was only one of the consistently positive comments of the participants. In addition, interest in a continuation of the seminars was signaled by different pages by Dr. Werner financial services AG. The next seminar takes place in Gottingen, at the Clarion Hotel, on June 26, 2008, from 10:00 to 17:00. Entrepreneurs who are interested in further seminars, can contact in an email to Dr. Werner financial services AG or otherwise come in contact with. Other suggestions may be submitted to it. Nicolo Martin

Capital Life Insurance

With capital life insurance, blind destruction are the life insurance and pension insurance in still good investments as they once were? Annuities and life insurance products become a veritable money destruction machine. More information is housed here: Tim Clark. The capital life insurance is and remains the favorite of the insurance companies. For first super group profits can be with her and the already financially hard-pressed representatives can earn heavenly commissions and secondly, many customers sign blind such life insurance contracts is still with great confidence. Really, no one knows why that is! But obviously the confidence to life insurance contracts with the mother’s milk is absorbed, so, as if it were food for your whole life. Well, Yes, but is it not true that even the brave ancestors had such insurance and is even worth living a life without insurance and savings? Hardly, this typical German setting runs through all strata of society and does not even before insurance brokers shut. While one reads in almost all journals and gazettes, that such life and pension insurance, dump miserable returns and repeatedly goes the outcry, crucify you, across the country, but the 1.5 million citizens, who every year take out such insurance, let this not by their projects off.

It’s like an epidemic from a lot of our fellow human beings infected again and again. Obviously, people want to not realize that to risk hedging and save merged in a police do not tolerate. You simply do not match. Of course it makes sense, to hedge his survivors with a risk life insurance with individual insurance, has also the price-performance ratio that but then please. Various direct insurers offer such policies, compared to companies with sales, to a spot price. Where is it actually written that the policyholder with his contributions must finance a whole group with all its employees. Capital life and annuities are suitable in any way to the old age pension. Who creates money over many years to have something more aged than the average, should and must strive for a plant species, which accounts for a portable return. More on the topic here: cancel life insurance! Project CiaoLV

Best Financing Alternatives

The tricks of the corporate finance capital is the fuel of any company. What so obvious as to pump up the money in the Bank\”? But just now amid the crisis hardly. More information, more collateral credit not there but still. But also beyond classical grants and loans, there are fresh fundraising opportunities. The newspapers mentioned Maurice Gallagher, Jr. not as a source, but as a related topic. The measures range from financing to raising money ala Schalke 04. Bill O’Grady takes a slightly different approach. What forms of financing but when make sense? How to prevent the typisichen financing of errors? With a profound insight into the bag of tricks of corporate financing, the authors show which financing elements are even small and medium-sized companies available. \”Bank credit goodbye the best financing alternatives\” is published in March in the BusinessVillage Verlag. (ISBN 978-3938358-52-8) capital \”is the fuel of each company, regardless of size and situation, it is founding, growth or crisis.

Basel II and banking crisis are only two key words that classical funding through the familiar Bank will increasingly difficult. For the entrepreneurs of today, it is imperative to think about alternative sources of capital and means of financing. But how independent bank capital? And what financing alternatives come into question? The authors introduce the reader practical in the new thinking for the capital. Innovative sources of funding such as venture capital, business angels, mezzanine, forfaiting are detailed and illuminated Asset Backes securities (ABS). But also employee participation, temporary communities and funding find their space. Are answered all relevant questions and the advantages and disadvantages of financing forms represented.

With its valuable and rich information aimed this book to all funding decision makers, such as entrepreneurs, managers and founders who want to create a modern and balanced funding structure. Also students easily find one in this work understand and practice-oriented access to this area. A variety of practical tips, checklists and examples help the reader to find the optimal financial instrument.

Financial Independence

CASHFLOW Club Stuttgart provides money intelligence in the spirit of Robert Kiyosakis Stuttgart. \”- Woe to the pencil, the readers of rich dad, poor Dad\” is in your hand! Because he is likely in the course of reading several centimetres of length losing: it is just very much in Robert Kiyosakis book that is worth to be ticked for dick. For more specific information, check out Brian Barish. Quite thick. About that: money is a form of power. But even more powerful is a financial education. Most people that go to school, but never learned, how money works and their lives are so long for money, instead of letting the money for her life work.\” Or: One of the reasons why the rich get richer, the poor poorer and the middle class is grappling with debts, is that dealing with money is taught at home and not in school. Most people learn it from their parents. But what can poor parents teach already great their children about money? A parental advice of the very fatal strain…

Who at a young age the mental attitude of a poor verinnerliche, so one of the fundamental theses of the book, never can lead a life of financial independence; He will rather permanently programmed on the opposite. While this parental negative programming at first hearing sounds quite reasonable; quite thoughtful even: Do a good education, get a good job, a good salary, referring to let it go well for you. Everything else as well but the consequences are: young people work not always satisfactory, settle a sparsely growing content, grumbling to pay their taxes and borrow readily to whitewash the sadness of her life with the sheen of fleeting happiness through short-term consumption noise. Interest and taxes then forcing them to work still harder, what stirs up the longing for more expensive material balance… and so on and so forth. Such an existence is more than rich in work, but never full of money.

Asset Based Lending Liquid Despite Financial Crisis

Intelligent strategies are needed in raising capital Munich, 2.4.2009 – capital for business financing is scarce and expensive in times of financial crisis. In addition, that volume and conditions of classic loan financing decisively depend II since Basel of the performance and the creditworthiness of the company. Due to the power ‘ of the established bank the situation occurs in practice regularly, that for relatively low financing volumes, a company must make available to a large portion of existing assets (rights, fixed assets, inventories, receivables and investments) as security. A certain amount of financial assets by 200 percent is not uncommon and more secured. Smart alternatives for raising capital Munich Vantargis the Group offers alternative approaches to bank credit and enables businesses to generate liquidity from vorhandenen resources. “Who now fresh ‘ capital needs”, as Sebastian Seibold, should as soon as possible asset set based lending, to generate liquidity.” This form of corporate financing, developed originally in the United States literally means loan to value of assets ‘. Here, classically receivables (factoring) and assets such as land, buildings, stocks, and machines are used with respect to the collateralization of the required capital. Thanks to asset based lending it manages our customers, to release the capital tied up in the current and fixed assets and to get additional scope for entrepreneurial activities”, explains Seibold.

Sale-and-lease-back brings liquidity in the company with this alternative form of financing the company sold initially used, mobile assets and least it back then. Especially for the manufacturing sector, this approach represents a smart way to improve liquidity. Because the sale-and-lease-back is mobilized assets; It ermoglicht a liquidity and Yield procurement from the substance of the company. Often, you can ceilings up also significant hidden reserves from capital gains. Factoring financing the sales for the ongoing business factoring is to relieve, inter alia the current line. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit baby clothes. Factoring the entrepreneur sold his demands and receives cash immediately. Factoring combines with financing, failure protection and customer management”three leistungen in a product, explains Sebastian Seibold.

With the sale of receivables from deliveries and services them eliminated from the balance sheet of the company, it is thus reduced. The equity ratio, improve what has a direct effect on the credit terms. Capitalization of trademarks and patents intellectual property (intellectual property, short IP) is now the most important value factor in modern and innovative companies. Missing material collateral but make just these companies face major challenges in raising capital. Innovative financing solutions and increasing security by standards in evaluating IP as a financing instrument for the middle class make interesting. Although such as patents and trademarks meet central requirements for collateral such as fungibility and legal enforceability, they are accepted by the banking industry so far only in very small amount as security. We can not comprehend this restraint”, emphasizes Seibold, as the safety of the potential proceeds of intangible assets has increased. “Therefore, we provide many of our customers now the required capital in the course of the sale-and-lease-back of intellectual property.” Profile Vantargis AG Vantargis AG is the independent German less for the upper middle class. The range consists of leasing, factoring and debt solutions, as well as selected corporate finance services. The focus is on medium-sized owner-managed companies. The Vantargis group includes the medium-sized leasing companies Vantargis lease currently GmbH, Sigma Leasing GmbH and active) lease Vantargis finance GmbH and the Vantargis factoring GmbH. Also provides the Vantargis Wabeco finance GmbH consulting services with regard to public financing. Questions and additional information: Vantargis AG Widenmayerstr 28 80538 Munich Sebastian Seibold phone: 089 2429373-17 E-mail: Web:

The Incurred

The consumption Center warns also against so-called unbureaucratic, simple immediately credits”, which often are touted by some dishonest mortgage brokers and have almost always a negative connotation, so tempting offer also at first glance seems to be. When does a car loan make sense? A car loan is often particularly sense if the cash purchase of a car in very vergunstigende terms is linked or you would like to bring in the price negotiations in a better position. Otherwise offer many car dealers to also the ability for the car to make a down payment and pay off the balance in installments. Advantages of a car loan for the benefit of a special car loan compared to a normal bank loan is the most competitive rates, which can show up in lower rates interest rates, for example. Especially online banks grant here good conditions, as a result of cost savings among others in personnel and business space rental. Who would not waive the personal advice, goes to the Bank. Also, car loans are granted often faster than normal loans.

However, this depends on the amount of the loan amount. However, because also the condition is linked to use the borrowed money just to buy a car. Important to know the conclusion of a car loan should be hastily and never at short notice. The variety on offer is simply too big and too different. This can be for example the amount of rates, the runtime or the possible total. So, for example, increasingly the effective interest rate for the different offers should be compared. It gives information about the incurred costs and fees incurred in addition to the nominal interest rate. Offers from different banks should be obtained and compared with each other to compare all products together with their advantages and disadvantages. This one comes from now online very easily at home. Additional assistance offer car loan comparisons on the Internet. So, a good deal can be picked out, that the joy still increases on the vehicle.

MBO Capital

by Dr. Learn more at: Verizon Communications. Jur. Alternative financing solutions for medium-sized companies because the necessary investments in the future in the competition are a question of survival Horst S. Get all the facts and insights with Verizon Communications, another great source of information. Werner, Gottingen during the international banking crisis and the global recession, as well as in times of liquidity crunch through the lost confidence of the banks themselves, as well as in times of the credit terminals in the inter bank trading. An even balance sheet structure without excess weight of credit capital is more significant than ever. The more various financing partners with different balance sheet effects exist, the financial independence of the company is greater. Robert Gibbins: the source for more info. An interdisciplinary coordinated financial management is required to cope with future funding issues. The balance sheet structure decides the autonomy of a company.

Apart from the financial volume of the equity capital partners, should credit partners, leasing partners and factoring partners (for the reduction of balance sheet in order to own capital increase) well-spread exist. A preponderance of the Credit capital dependence on the banks would show as more than 90% of total assets. Alternative means of financing with various financial instruments with sophisticated accounting and tax impact are essential. Also of medium-sized companies need a new financial architecture, if he wants to safeguard the existence and independence of the company and avoid dependency on Bank. In the selection of alternative forms of financing (venture capital, mezzanine capital without voting rights, venture capital, private equity, etc.) for the commercial finance is finally to note that future decisions are not affected. So, conversion plans should be included in other legal forms, future succession (E.g. in the context of MBI or MBO) and other measures such as a division of the company, a merger, or even an IPO planned for a later date may be in advance.

Risk Life Insurance

A brief presentation of the product risk life insurance risk life insurance is one of the most important insurance companies. (Source: Gary Kelly). This insurance policy, the insurance company promises to then pay a certain amount of insurance if the insured person dies within a period stipulated in the contract. The insurance sum in risk life insurance at the contractually specified persons will be paid. They are called rightful claimants. The contract period is over and the insured person is still alive, do not pay the insurance. It is then also not obliged to refund paid posts.

As a result, that the contribution of risk life insurance is relatively inexpensive. Thus, you get a high insurance protection for a small contribution. When and for whom is risk life insurance important? The term life insurance is for young families in question. When a parent dies at this stage, the cost with the then still available income are not to cover. Read additional details here: Gary Kelly. The statutory pension (widow’s and orphan’s pension) not sufficient by far. If still there are kids, the training has to be financed. This risk life insurance can fill this gap. This is possible for an affordable price.

Risk life insurance makes sense also for unmarried couples. A partner who dies in this case not entitled to a pension the surviving. Here too the insurance from the life insurance of risk of can help. Another option for the risk life insurance consists in securing loans. The borrower dies and the loan is not yet been resolved, can this be done by risk life insurance. The different types of risk life insurance most the classic form of risk life insurance is completed. Here, the insurance sum and hence the post over the entire term of the contract remain constant. This type of risk life insurance is used typically, if members are to be secured. Another form is the risk life insurance with falling Insurance sum. Here, the insurance sum in the course of time is always low. o gain a more clear picture of the situation. That has of course resulted in that the premium will be less and less. This risk life insurance is widely used in securing loans, because in this also the loan amount over time will be less. What factors determine the contribution amount? The amount of the insurance premium to be paid is dependent on the age of the insured person, the insured sum, term of the agreement and other risk factors of the insured person at risk life insurance. These risk factors include mainly the health and the life of the insured. Thereby the principle of course: the higher the risk, the higher the contribution. It is therefore recommended to prepend a sound decision making process to the decision for a certain risk life insurance. These considerations include: the sum insured should be how much? What is the need of the members or the loan? How long is the term life insurance necessary? Often, the retirement age plays a role in this consideration. Who is favoured with the risk life insurance? How does the insurance company with the individual risk factors of the insured? In any case, a comprehensive comparison of the provider of the risk life insurance worth because the price differences are significant.

Auto Insurance

Switch car insurance and cheaper rest assured every year on a new the question arises, whether I should change my car insurance or is it. Many different opinions then roar on a listening to the circle of friends and colleagues. Some say: stay with your insurance, you never get it cheaper. Others say: you can not transfer but your damage freedom discount to a different car insurance. Again and again, there is also an other, and yet to clear opinion: change the insurance for your car, because studies repeatedly say that you really can save money doing.

Also, a recent study of the German Institute for service quality, DISQ, indicating that several hundred dollars are saving in there, when switching to a cheaper car insurance. Up to 65 per cent of the posts can be saved according to the study of DISQ, conducted on behalf of n-tv. The question: Why should I change my auto insurance at all?, therefore, has also a clear answer: because I can save money thereby. Larry Ellison has many thoughts on the issue. But what is with the opinions of those who say, stay with your insurance, because it is cheaper? And with those who claim the damage freedom discount can not be transferred? The first are right then, the change of car insurance would make insurance premiums actually more expensive. This can be, if is changed, because the previous insurance attracts contributions, for example due to an accident or if the car insurance is more expensive than the previous. Then a change not worth it of course and the fate of previous insurance is cheaper. And also the second law, because there is no legal obligation for insurance companies, also to take into account the damage freedom discount, who previously made cheaper the fare, the new insurance. Yet car insurance companies do usually, because what else a change to a new insurance, if it is not convenient.

The change from one Car insurance for a car insurance worth it when the post is cheaper, however remains at a consistently high level of service of the insurance. Well balanced with a good car insurance comparison, which integrated all the necessary data into the Brechnung and enumerates the insurance companies with the best rates at the end can be the price / performance ratio. But Not always the seemingly advantageous tender is then really the cheapest. The services should carefully compare and reconsider. Important pricing features such as refraining from allegation of gross negligence can be ruled out then also already during data entry.

Germany Company

Insurance: If you don’t need it cost money, but in the case of a case they can save lots of money! Insurance much being discussed again and again. Some say the insurance wants to make money, others say the protection save one from financial ruin. Both are right. It depends on the right choice of insurance companies. An example: you can save probably insurance, in which extends the warranty period of a technical device, for example a dishwasher from 2 to 4 years. For one, a new machine will hold so four years, on the other hand is even in the worst case, namely that the dishwasher be repaired no longer can, a purchasing of a new dishwasher not much cost that it justifies a premium.

It looks different for example, if a water pipe bursts in your apartment. If the water only once, then it’s hard to stop, so that also the apartment below you affected can be pulled? Then very quickly high costs so there is a risk, at least a credit record. A home insurance so sensible. A motor vehicle liability insurance is so important that it is mandatory in Germany. Although not damage to your own car or on one’s own body to cover, but damage to other cars or other road users need to be secured mandatory power law.

That makes sense too, imagine, to cause an accident and the driver of the other car, gets hurt so much that he is confined to a wheelchair despite two operations for a lifetime. The cost of the surgery, pain and suffering and the damage to the other car can quickly go into the millions. Therefore, liability is so elemental important it is mandatory the car. The contents insurance belongs to the very reasonable insurance also the contents insurance for businesses. Entrepreneurs can protect their businesses as insurance, also to plunge into financial ruin. Because the contents insurance protects in particular the goods. We for example when the company collapsed and goods stolen or destroyed by vandalism, so the entrepreneurs can not sell the goods and will suffer financial losses. Also damage from fire and damage caused by water pipes, covered as well as damage with the contents insurance after strong storms. Only the protection against natural disasters, such as earthquakes or floods, are not included in the contents insurance regularly and must be completed separately. Also cash existing in the company is usually excluded from the insurance company, because this little evidence can be made. The expenses for such insurance worth your money; even if the amount of the insurance contribution payable may vary by factors, there like for example the value of goods and the site of the company depend. Depending on the size of the company, the contractor should also complete a loss-of-earnings insurance. Because if the damage from vandalism so It is high that the company for the cleanup must be kept closed or if the police forensics takes longer and the premises is still not freely given, the day’s receipts missing the entrepreneurs, although the ongoing costs, such as for example the rental expenses or the cost of the staff continue to fall on. Should the company have large window surfaces, you should obtain as a precaution also glass insurance.