8 Mistakes Made During The Construction Savings Can

Home savings is again currently the pitfalls in the construction savings not only for the economic crisis. The need for the Germans after security was always great. Savings to satisfy this need. The if and usually low credit interest rate is guaranteed, the building societies do not speculate with your money and also the loan interest rate, which you might need in many years, is provided at the conclusion of a funds. When the building society savings someone has never lost his money or large parts of it, how that happened but some savers in supposedly safe investments in recent years. Of course, the chance of a high return is omitted.

Home savings is guaranteed no speculative investment but a credit interest rate of up to 4%, a contractor admixture is nothing to sneeze at. However, errors can be made also at the conclusion of a funds, which quickly 1000 and more can cost. What should be taken? First should be determined absolutely whether for a loan or investment savings will be, the first concept is almost certainly wrong. Then should the time frame be put off when it comes to a good balance interest rate, usually the saving time must be adhered by 7 years the method has the savings post the method fits the higher, the higher the fees but often because the credit bonus is coupled, that the allocation has not yet reached (the allocation cannot be achieved, if the minimum balance, usually 40 or 50% of the method is not paid) it looked this only on the showcase condition of extremely low loan interest can be reached but only after many years of saving time or by extremely rapid eradication. It is insensitive, that a contractor must be wiped faster than a bank loan which repayment rates are higher, that the building society loan not can be used due to high monthly load construction savings is not so equal to savings. The individual rates of building societies will not be compared between the best price There are large differences for the own savings target and the worst.

In the Internet, comparisons can be found here. Care must be taken, when the building savings bank or building society representatives provides a transition to a different tariff rarely here also the disadvantages are called. Even more caution is required when a new, better rate there, which is why the old tariff is being canceled to complete the much improved new tariff. Rarely, this option pays off! The distribution of the building society wants to show only new sales and earn commissions! Conclusion: Home savings is right up-to-date, if the above points are observed, a safe interest investment is desired, or to be financed in the foreseeable. To find out the right contractor to get several offers from the individual building societies can, leave this work to a specialized broker or requesting Judith Schmied at Internet offers