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Time of arrival. If the operator says the company – during the day will call you master. Specify when. A good company will seek in the shortest time to execute the order. The normal period – when you say: wait for the call master within one hour. The master agrees to the gap in 1-1.5 hours. Sometimes the master to dwell on previous order, or tubes, especially in big cities in the rush hour. If this happens, the wizard should call you (at least If we have so instituted) Prepayment.

If the wizard asks you to prepay or money for a piece you should have this alert. After the first visit with a master can take you only pay for diagnostics! Wizards do not always know (before diagnosis) that the failure and what is the correct part. Therefore we have only a basic set of spares and parts. Therefore, as can be describes in detail the problem and the model of the washing machine to the operator when you make an application to Master took the necessary zapchasti.. This is something that you can secure, if the repair was not quality or you have a claim to the wizard.

Private owners do not give receipts only your phone that will not help you prove your case. Note also that if the master takes a copy of your parts, it also must issue a receipt (in free form) that it took you to find the spare part on Before call the company to repair washing machines try to learn: an exact model of your washing machine. (Ie: Bosch wmv 1600) All parts are selected for specific machines, but of course universal. And also it will help the operator more accurately determine the cost to repair the washing mashiny.po possible specify its serial number. (The number can be found: in the documentation on the inside door, beneath the lid on the back – it is usually from 9 to 12 digits without letters (S / N) or grocery Room (prod.)) How can you describe more precisely describe the breakage breakage. What is the problem the problem, under what circumstances it occurred, how behaved the washing machine to malfunction. All that you see fit. This allow the master to take the necessary parts and tools – so that you quickly solved the problem and the master on several occasions not to go to Vam.Teper you know how to choose a company to repair the washing machine. Your assistant will appreciate! Not Remember that any service is the relationship between people. Do not be nervous, cry and convince all that they are wrong simply to ask or clarify issues that interest you. Remember that when a person is balanced and calm – and then communicating turns quiet and pleasant. At this point I want to finish this story and wish you – For you did not break anything!

Temperature Air

Sometimes relying on dubious savings by reducing the number of radiators, electric warm floor trying to use to maintain the temperature indoor air. This option is possible, for example, in a small bathroom without windows. However, the miser pays twice! If you have a spacious bathroom with windows to the garden, it is best to establish where the radiator. Otherwise would be permanently interfere too hot or cold floor: electric floor heating is turned off upon reaching the current temperature to a certain threshold. And as the inertia of the system is large and the degree of floor heating is not being tracked, then maintaining the desired temperature of air temperature of the floor will ride against your wishes.

Ventilation (fresh air and not only) is wrong to perceive the ventilation system as a set of air ducts, diffusers and fans, suitable only for it to feed air into the room from outside and pull it out. Outside air should be clean and in different seasons wet or dry, heated or cooled. Some of these problems can be distributed between the ventilation and air conditioning. However, full ventilation system can not do without and hood. Forced ventilation in the room gives the required volume of air per hour. This air should be cleaned filters, and in winter is heated to the desired temperature. As in the case of floor heating, heaters may be water or electric. Cool air in summer can occur in the heat exchanger, part of the system ventilation or air conditioning in each room.