Developing countries need more than ever our support in difficult times. The economic crisis of 2008/09 meets the world’s poor nations particularly hard that’s why because it is a banking crisis at the same time. So the crisis not destroys the economic advances of recent years, donations are now particularly important. During bad economic times many social and humanitarian organizations depend heavily on monetary and in-kind donations. This especially applies to those organizations that are committed to the people in the “developing countries”. Because while the rich countries of the world is comparatively well able to withstand crisis (and the budgets even invest in some sectors to stimulate the economy again), the poor countries have no comparable resources. A special feature of the global economic crisis of 2008 and 2009 is that it is also a banking crisis. This fact exacerbates the effects for the developing countries, because those States – already with equipped with low credit – have now even more difficult to borrow money on the international financial markets.

Cornered between the falling economy on the one hand and acute financial distress on the other hand, the small room for manoeuvre of the “third world” Governments are reduced to a minimum. The described situation endangered the quite visible progress that many countries have achieved in the past decades in the fight against hunger, poverty and illiteracy. Many African countries had achieved good results in the recent Vergangenenheit – with international help, but also thanks to its own efforts – now at stake. Therefore, it is very important that the generosity of the German population still does not allow to, even if the personal situation for many citizens of the economic crisis is threatened. All support measures, which help to stabilize the local economies and to help the people of acute in affected are useful during the crisis. Latter include for example donations for children who are often extremely fast and severely affected by increasing poverty. However, many donor agencies about such donations, which are dedicated to any express purpose, because these financial resources can be flexibly inserted forward. Jurgen Reschke