Planned Purchases And Actions

As you can see all of the planned purchases and actions by themselves sufficient costly. Spontaneous buying something from this list capable of penetrating a serious dent in the budget. Drawing up such a list will help you plan your purchases, collect money and most importantly – to prioritize. Of course, over time, the list can be updated and supplemented. The funds planned for expenditure items for the month, we divide by the week.

So we're much easier to control the dynamics of expense. And if there was overspent in the early days of the week, you have to hold on to the end of the week, and vice versa. That is, we can assume that the reference period we have a week, even though the budget and planned for a month. In our family, at present, the main earner and I am the breadwinner, and I do not feel the slightest discomfort about the use of funds from the family budget with all family members, if only it was justified. At any moment, each of us can take the necessary amount cash, but we remember that it is family money, and everyone feels responsible for the welfare of the family. Thus, it becomes clear that we have adopted a joint type of budget, and all we have built on mutual trust and responsibility. Any individual, 'pocket' zanachek we do not – there is not much in need.

Necessary expenses for each is discussed and planned, the possibility of unplanned spending also accounted for. Although We agreed that in future, with the growth of family income, each of us will have their own means. Such a system of personal zanachek presupposes co-separate type of budget. This approach to management Budget is interesting because on the one hand there is something in common, converging, and on the other hand – there are some financial independence from each other. I believe that this method is very good in the first place – lack of guilt over total waste of money for themselves, and secondly – everyone knows what he can expect a disciplined, well in third – you can, for example, to surprise a loved one some unexpected gift. Separate way of doing the budget somehow does not inspire optimism, not ours it is. He came from the West, where women, by all means, seek to be equal to men. It is nice but not that bad, for example, to pay for a woman in a restaurant? You should not blindly copy someone else's lifestyle. And in the family, the total budget, with planned and coordinated – this is another piece Bringing family members. Incidentally, under the Family Code, the money earned by one of the spouses or both together, are the joint property (Section 3, Chapter 7, Article 34 of the 'Family Code' on December 28, 2004). That is so constructed the financial side of our family life. At the moment we are quite satisfied with this disposition. How would you – it's up to you


Discuss how to build relationships in your family – this will help you to understand the views and the financial habits of each other. 3. Discuss how you would like to build financial relationships. Perhaps your views on the financial relationships between loved ones are different from those that existed in your families. Be honest with themselves and each other. 4.

Find the total of your views on finance – that suits you both. Take it as a basis. Remember that the total of your views – the foundation of your relationship. 5. Find a compromise on contentious issues – one that would satisfy both of you.

For example, the dimensions amounts retained by personal needs and not make to the overall “treasury”. 6. Very useful, at least the first few months, keep a daily accounting of expenditures from the family budget. This will help you have a clear picture – how you spend your money. In Finally, no reason to ask each other questions, which often do not have the answer: “Where did the money Analysis of costs based on such records will help you understand why money is not enough, and on what articles have reserve savings. 7. C On the other hand, we should not claim from each other accountable for every ruble spent, especially if you have agreed the amounts are not made to the overall budget. How much allowed to spend without consulting with a companion (satellite) life? The amount depends on the financial situation of the family, but the average couple should discuss all the expenses that exceed $ 200.

City Living

How many opportunities does a simple provincial town. This is a developmental perspective, more wages, better social infrastructure, social status and many other benefits. In the city of Human dreams can come true, and can be broken on a brutal reality. Often living in another city is not only a joy to new perspectives, as well as the challenges of life. Around you is unfamiliar people, there is no support part of your relatives, your social status can change significantly when moving. House you're the first guy in the neighborhood in a strange city you're one of thousands of people like you, people seeking a better life. In this article I want to talk about one of the important problems faced by newcomers to a certain extent, namely rent an apartment, living with neighbors. Very often, to gain a foothold in a major city such as the capital – many agree to work for low wages.

The money they receive barely cover the high costs of living, but they gorazdno more than you can earn at home. To cut costs, many workers, young professionals or students rented accommodation together. Often you do not live with those you love and those who are currently in need of free space, just like you. Incompatibility of attitudes and ways of life caused by conflicts and contradictions, which can grow into serious investigation. Clearly, if the house is waiting for you nervous servitude, then the development of creative or career can not be considered.

The Salary

Less:-All accounts – and for the apartment for himself – on his own or her own conscience. Finally, the finances in your disposal! It is an honor, but sometimes hungry. Because the new blouse, of course, an important new food Plus:-At least and at its troubled skin, but you learn more or less intelligently manage the budget. Because rent and travel still more important than a new blouse Although, of course, not ceases to be amazed, as my mother can not live on the salary of a month. But with an incentive to work harder and earn more. Less:-Get out, cook, wash, take out the garbage – everything you need to do itself. Willy-nilly remember how good it was when it all made for busy (ha-ha-ha!) your loving family as if it was free time for saturated interesting life.

And as it was comfortable in a clean apartment, which always smelled something delicious, prepared caring mother's or grandmother's hands Plus:-Get out, wash and wash the dishes you can not then, when you nakrichat, and at any convenient time. More specifically, when the accumulated mountain of garbage, dishes and laundry, which becomes uncomfortable to crawl. You live in a comfortable and understood only by you artistic disorder. And yet gradually learn (the circumstances of periodically forced) to maintain a household. Less:-food culture is lost, because cooking for myself lazy, much easier to eat at home and outside it with something definitely harmful, but hearty and delicious. Plus: On the other hand, no stray their cutlets, when you sit on a diet.