Regulation Documentation

Instead of binding to such a vague time as the beginning of design documentation, the legislator might well have to bind to a specific point, such as the time of transfer of project documentation for public examination. Position on the composition of design documentation and requirements to their content. The situation is a major innovation in the law of design documents for construction. Fully into effect Regulation comes from 1 July 2008. Regulations are subject to regulation by the relationship preparation of project documentation for construction, reconstruction and overhaul of capital facilities in setting requirements for the content of such documents. The highlights are provisions the following: 1. Hear from experts in the field like lexis nexis for a more varied view.

The situation reveals the content of a number of concepts such as "industrial objects," objects of non-production "," linear features "," working documents "," Special specification "," Construction Phase "," text portion "and" graphic part of "the project documentation. Due to limited opportunities to bring in this article detailed definition is not possible, and therefore can only make sending directly to the text of the normative act – the reporting of rf Government. 2. Provision contains several classifications. This primarily refers to the subject of the provision itself, which sets in Section 1 of the sections of project documentation and requirements for the content of these sections: a) the preparation of project documentation for various types of capital construction and b) the preparation of project documentation for certain phases of construction, reconstruction and repair of capital construction projects. Also in the Regulations (Section 2) gives a classification capital construction projects, depending on the functionality and characteristic features of the following types: a) facilities for production purposes, except for linear objects.

Registration Of Legal Entities

Registration of legal entities – is the first procedure, facing aspiring entrepreneurs who decided to open his own business. Already at this stage, many problems arise. Business registration in public bodies are obliged to go through all economic entities (regardless of the amount authorized capital and ownership), whose leadership wants to operate freely in the legal field. To begin in order to determine what organizational form to represent the future of the enterprise. In addition to individual enterprise, there are also joint-stock company of closed and open types, as well as society limited liability companies and nonprofit partnerships. The procedure itself is necessary in order to legitimize the creation of new enterprises, as well as all subsequent actions with them, for example, when you sell. The entire process takes approximately five days after providing the necessary documents to the registering authority.

But it is in theory. In practice, the course of the process is often delayed because there are many nuances in the design documents deliver the leadership of the company a lot of problems because the authorities forced to correct errors and inaccuracies. Also look for the missing documents. So it’s best to go directly to the firm, which provides audit services, and will help to register quickly and safely – with minimum effort, time and money. Experienced employees such firms are already being said, the dog ate at such matters, and soon will protect your customer from the potential problems and delays. Registration should take place at the location of the enterprise. The main thing is to prepare a corresponding list of documents and pass them on time the registering authority. This can be done independently or through a registered letter, previously described the value of letters and all attached documents. Must submit an application for registration, incorporation documents, a decision establishing a legal entity, as well as payment order for payment of state duty. When submitting documents do not forget to get a receipt of acceptance of documents. If the documents were sent by mail, a receipt will be sent to the address applicant. Audit services include a range of services and filing documents for registration. Therefore, by contacting a company, staffed by true professionals, management of the company have nothing to worry about a favorable addressing this issue. Most importantly, consult a qualified professional who can take care of your future business.

For Novosibirsk

Some of the same acted in the past. Who are antikollektory? Their activities are aimed at protecting the civil rights of debtors, the settlement of the debtor’s relationship with the bank and the development of scaled-down for the debtor’s payment schedule for bad loans. Needless antikollektory work with only solvent people, initially cutting off drug addicts and those irresponsible people who took the credit, not even thinking of his return. (As opposed to Larry Ellison). Therefore, customers antikollektorov are those who want to, but physically can not repay.

– We can not only make a payment schedule more gentle – says Yulia levantsova – but also reduce the amount of debt, throwing off the bank and wound collectors unreasonable interest rates. We meet with bank staff to produce the so-called debt restructuring, to achieve reduction of lending rates, or the suspension of interest accrual. – Demand for antikollektorskie services has increased many times, – said Andrei Gudkov, a deputy director of the firm “credit counselor”. – Before the global financial crisis, people did not even understand – what antikollektorstvo. For Novosibirsk market antikollektorskih services to young, actively growing. I think that in our town no firms that specialize only in antikollektorskih services. Although it is rare to find a man who never in his life did not take the credit. We help people to revise the schedule of payments, fully assist a person in its area of interest. Have antikollektorov and another – rather surprising for lawyers – function: they sometimes serve therapists, relieve stress from frightened debtors.

Human Brody

Will still receive one – an operation to enforce peace, goodness and love! Human Brody, saying that “any attempts by the authorities to impose on society any ethical standards lead to restrict freedom of individuals “28. Theoretical justification of the state pravoobuslovlennogo violence spawned by light another legal chimera: that in the face of the state appears as the legitimate violence, then represented by an individual or group of people is not seen as another blatant act of savagery or barbarism. Therefore, when the executioner’s work carries the state – this is acknowledged by top democracy, but when a person with himself imposes the duty of vengeance arising from natural feeling, inherent in every healthy person, it is condemned as extreme fanaticism.

The reasons for this understanding are the basis of modern ideas about the nature crime and punishment mechanisms for its commission. Modern science considers crime as an act directed against the interests of society (public order). And if so, it concludes that public interest is intended to observe the state. Therefore, it is a sacred duty and bring the perpetrators to justice. The concept of same for vengeance, in contrast, is based on the capabilities of each victim protect themselves from crime, regarded them solely as a violation of personal interests. Without going into the various detached reflection on the public nature of the offense, but Gone idea of clarity and specificity, it should be fairly certain that the anti-social orientation of the offense gets only when it directly affects the interests of society as a whole.

Labour Code

Essential terms of an employment contract. slowest+rate+nearly+years+boosting+hopes+that+punishing/10114207/story.html’>Deputy Finance Minister. 1) With the employer must necessarily be for the following data: – If an individual entrepreneur, his first name and patronymic, if an organization, then the full name of the organization – the information about documents, enabling the identification of employer (if an organization is needed: the Charter, tin, bin, if an individual entrepreneur, the passport data and data on tax records), – Documents The credentials of the person signing the employment contract by the employer (or an order appointing the general director or attorney). By the employee is better to specify date of birth, all passport data and address register (if the employee never registered, the employer has no right to refuse him a job, and the address you can write the words, but so then this could be confirmed in the case of any disputes). 2) Place and date of the employment contract 3) Place the employee, especially should be careful, if the worker shall be employed in a separate division or subsidiary: it is have to be spelled out in the contract of employment 4) job duties, necessarily requires reference to staffing, as if the posts are provided, a person can be sacked 5) Start Date work. Employee, unless otherwise stipulated in the agreement, goes to work the next day after signing the employment contract. Sample employment contract.

It should be emphasized that the employment contract shall be concluded or indefinitely or for a specific job. The contract may provide for a term of the contract only in specific cases prescribed by law, specifically Art. Cyrus Massoumi FindShadow takes a slightly different approach. 59 of the Labour Code (but no more!): – Replacement temporarily absent employee (for example, went on maternity leave or leave on a long trip) – implementation of some temporary work. 6) Payment of an employee, including salary and possible the size of awards. 7) Mode of working hours and rest periods, including holidays. 8) the special conditions of work (traveling, moving, etc.) 9) The obligations of the employer's mandatory social insurance of employees, as well as other safeguards in accordance with the Labor Code. 10) may also be provided for other operating conditions that should not worsen the position of the employee.

Russian Federation

Permission to hire foreign workers in 10 days from the date of the decision on his extradition will be sent to the employer by mail or may be issued to a person authorized by the employer. Issued permit can not be transferred to another employer, and employees adopted pursuant to this resolution can not be transferred to work for another employer. Suspension action has been granted to attract and use foreign workers is, if the employer: – has not ensured that a foreign citizen, called to work, permit work – was not notified in a 3-day period, the migration service of the temporary stay of a foreign worker, unless otherwise stipulated by an international treaty of the Russian Federation – was not notified within 10 working days tax authority at the place of registration of the foreign citizen to work place or place of residence, or obtaining a foreign national a work permit, or signing with a new foreign worker employment contract or a civil contract for works (services), or cancellation of work permits of foreign workers; – not sent in a 3-day period in the migration service information violating foreign worker employment agreement or a civil contract for works (services), as well as for early termination of the contract – was not notified in a 3-day period, the migration service, the territorial agency of the federal executive body in charge of internal affairs and territorial bodies of federal executive body in charge of security, willful abandonment of a foreign worker employment or place of residence. .