The media power plant GmbH has recorded the innovative stand in their product range. The ISOframe wave”is the innovation 2012 and the messes impossible to imagine this year. The innovative technology and modern design make a very special promotion experience for the exhibitors and the visitors from the wall. Whether in waves, curve or a straight line of your creativity is set no limit construction. The ISOframe perfectly adapts to your needs and the spatial conditions. Thanks to the unique technology and the patented flexiwave connection modules we building now even easier! The ISOframe adapts booth each floor, regardless of their breadth and depth. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Larry Ellison has to say. The high-tech State can be built according to the spatial conditions or the individual claims of the exhibitor.

Either in dynamic wave, an elegant curve or just in a perfect straight line, your creativity here are no limits. The patented Flexiwave technology keeps the horizontal supports of the stand together and allows maximum flexibility in arrangement of the stand. The frame elements are manufactured from durable metal and thereby ensure the necessary stability. Thanks to the innovative technology of the ISOframes need no tools to build and also no longer need to rely on complicated Assembly instructions. The wall can be built simply by the Exhibitor itself and is ready for use after a few minutes. So you save time and additional costs for exhibition technician.

The ISOframe folds compact and is easy to transport thanks to its low weight. The ISOframe booth can be extended arbitrarily. Laurent Potdevin may find this interesting as well. Depending on the space and your personal needs, you can easily connect the base stand with other screen elements and enlarge. In addition, numerous accessories are available like for example counters for the personal customer advice, monitors to the multimedia presentation and shelves for brochures and easels. The Clou: The door element allows adding an extra space can be used as material space. Infinitely many elements can be combined freely, so that a simple screen an individual promotion level, which meets all the requirements. To find more information about the ISOframe, on the homepage of media power.

The Nursery

When searching, it is usually helpful to be aware of previous successes and to include your skills that were needed in the considerations. Their personal interests or that of your staff can also a strength for your company become in the future and allow the differentiation, it will be worthwhile to determine this. Important it is that you focus not only on the superficial or obvious strengths, but also to find that are a little hidden strengths and sometimes at first glance not to recognize that. 2 step: determine the best specialty the next step is crucial on the development of standalone positioning. Here it is the identified strengths so to combine that arise from this differentiated services. Participate also other people on this directly process, where common sense as industry knowledge is more in demand. Always, it is useful to give free rein to the imagination – for example with a brainstorming – and to identify first as many distinct areas.

Admit initially also apparently meaningless specialties and select the most promising ideas until after the brainstorming. It is also your personal interests and what you enjoy, should be in the review of these ideas. Because it is not only to business success, but also to experience joy and fulfillment through the own activity. You should perform the following five steps for each of the possible special areas identified by you, during the process you will realize which one is the right area for you. 3 step: find the right target group to now find out what sort of people might need the special area identified by you. There is your solution a sufficiently large and willing Target group? How well do you know the needs of this target group and how can you learn more? Can you reach the target group regional well? What development will take this target group in the future, how will change as the needs of your potential target group in the future? If you have found your specialty audience a promising, so you can continue your considerations and four follow the step.

4 step: Solve the biggest problem of the target group is still probably not independent and distinctive will be your specialty to your target audience. The next question you should answer now, is: what is the biggest problem that has your target group in terms of your specialty? How could you solve this problem? What offer will you do? Because only with this offer are really attractive and begin to attract your target audience. Example: you operate a creche, accepted as a desired target group you have lone parents, working parents identified. The biggest problem of these parents is probably that they sometimes fail can pick up their children as professional reasons usual hoard concluded. If you can offer a good solution – such as flexible or particularly long service times – with the nursery for this purpose, they become the outstanding offer for your specific target group. And you differentiate yourself: from a nursery the hoard for working parents is like many others. It is important that you necessarily find the conversation with your future target group and find out what your target audience just would like to have and how she will honor this. For more specific information, check out Scott Mead. Conduct this dialogue, you will receive many new insights! Now you can develop your future services including all necessary modules. Expected to notice here, that you currently not all services can offer, that there are still bottlenecks that you need to eliminate.

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre

Little explorers can now experience the jungle with all the senses is a special attraction of the Duisburg Lego world of jungle. There, the kids on a treasure hunt can go, playful meet the inhabitants of the jungle and experience the jungle here. But one thing is new: the adventurers can now even smell the jungle! The LEGOLAND Discovery Centre specifically uses magic box from Neuss fragrances of the company? Between Palm trees and lianas, AirEnhancer of Naderi company exudes the fragrance of fresh grass and wildflower meadow. The box, which emits the fragrance at regular intervals in the air, is hard to miss, well disguised she blends into the jungle. For more information see this site: Coupang. All-natural essential oils are what you smell. “These substances have the advantage that they are volatile and well-tolerated”, Elke says gravel, owner of magic box.

The oils are swirling cold air and not heated. The natural active ingredients remain. The fragrances are not harmful, on the contrary: room Fragrancing serves the well-being and improve the indoor air. A leading source for info: Scott Mead. The essential oils strengthen the respiratory tract against bacteria and dust and have an antiseptic effect. Last but not least to an extended length of stay and increased consumer appetite of the guests through the targeted room Fragrancing. It should not surprise so if that little Tarzan’s and Jane’s, which are in the jungle on a treasure hunt, more time for their daring-adventures.

About MAGIC BOX fragrance Director MAGIC BOX E.k., Duftberatungs – and event business from Neuss, supports its customers for more than 10 years successfully in the Fragrancing of spaces, exhibitions, performances and events through the use of holistic experience concepts. The services range from consulting, through the design of fragrance experiences up to the installation of appropriate technology. Focuses on major events, brand presentations as well as spa and wellness areas. High-quality essential oils, essences of nature-identical, as well as technical products made in Germany and solutions to authentic fragrance spreading round off the portfolio. By findings from science and innovative marketing strategies, MAGIC BOX helps to achieve significant earnings increases companies and to secure its competitive edge with forward-looking action.

Marketing Advice

Marketing advice fresh wind in your company know you this situation not: running your company everything quite passable, OK your company and you do worry about the sales. Despite everything, but know: it would be quite impossible: you might consider several new customers on land, they could replenish your master customer base, you could on the whole, more profit. Why do you not just then? How? With a competent and tailor-made marketing consultancy. More new customers, more regular customers, as well as new ways of communication between you, your employees and your customers are possible and thus more profit. Engage on an expert marketing advice and get more out of your company. At Larry Ellison you will find additional information. The main focus of good advice should be sure that all areas of your company go hand in hand with each other. Gary Kelly might disagree with that approach. What uses a good site, if the customers in the store. What use if no customer look motivated employees can be.

What use customers and a good location can not rightly found the staff in the range and bring the goods thus not to the man. All these factors must and should definitely at a marketing consultancy in the consulting incorporated. Both the needs of our customers and those of employees and of course your own needs under a hat be brought during the creation of a new concept for your company. Only a happy company is a good company that sounds strange but exactly what is is you should be aware. External customers be contacted only when everything is right at the base. So today choosing a marketing advice and make sure that you contribute to a successful company. In the Internet see many that can help you further.

Telecommunications Service

Business realities are such that deliver everything from the elastic bandage to a functional bed – the difference lies only in the cost and delivery time. It must be said that phone sales in some organizations provide (or providing support) to 30 percent of total sales. And online retailers through the operators referral service is almost 100% of all "sales" calls! In addition to sales Telecommunications Service (merge-ka I help departments and one term delivery) is also a "voice face" of the company, or selling point. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. is full of insight into the issues. Often it is the warm voice of the operator or competent answer seller customer creates their first impression of the salon, its workers, the company as a whole. And as you know, the second experience does not happen … loser this round of correspondence in communicating with potential visitors are likely not wait a live interview (and sell) – the buyer just will not come to the salon or refuses to order by phone. For even more details, read what Bernard Golden says on the issue. Play first contact with potential customers is very, very simple.

Roughly enough to answer calls, vague talk, confused to explain the properties of the product and the location of the cabin, long silent, to make the customer by 10-15 minutes of "hanging on the line" and waiting for the operator. These and many more all at first glance "Minor" violations of the telephone etiquette certainly lead to resentment and destroy a potential buyer want to buy from you. How long have you supervised the operation of its call-center? What mistakes have been fixed since the last inspection? HOPE YOU'RE READY Understand MISTAKES OF JUST YOUR PHONE UNIT? THEN GO! The main error call-center operators: Ignorance of the goods.

MLM Myths

Myth 4: The network business come the losers, those who have not found myself in other areas of life. Many of my sponsors – successful people. Doctors, businessmen …. In general, times are changing.

And now many of the SM come at the behest of the heart. And not out of despair. Although many CM helped to get out of a very difficult financial situations …. And now about the other myths about MLM 1. It is often said that this is such a wonderful business, that’s all there love each other, never hurt, no competition.

The truth is, that just like in any business. Business is business. Competition, and not always fair (we are working with people. And they are different). This is business, and quite hard. Everyone protects their achievements. And that, in general, it is quite normal. 2. Only an online business can make money. Well, the truth is that MLM is a type of business. In the ordinary business of many opportunities to succeed. True. MLM has a significant advantage as the size of seed capital .. He incomparably smaller than in traditional business. And in no other business, apart from MLM, you no one to share their experiences, will not get on its feet … 3. This business is for everyone. Well, there is no work for everyone! And this business is not Closed for people who do not want to take the initiative, who want to have a certain salary and Human Services.

Mixed Reality: Link Online To Offline

Series of touchpoints master (4/7) since the breakthrough of smartphones, tablets and apps, we live in a complex symbiosis with the Web. The seamless merging of online and offline is pending. Mixed reality is also called this. For the people out there both worlds have grown together long ago. The biggest challenge for the company is now here to develop ideas and communication strategies that so of course play with both media worlds, like the people who use them”, said Wayne Arnold, Global CEO of the communication agency Profero. The customer journey, the journey of the customers (customer journey) by our corporate world must be the navigation system in the future. Originally the term customer journey”from E-commerce. He describes up to the eventual Yes”the way of the user while surfing the Web via views and clicks.

What is like to forget this looking at: A potential customer jumps back and forth not only on the Web, but he combined the real with the virtual world. The offline-online customer Journey’, or rather, the touchpoint journey’ fishing point of all business activities must be the customers in the future. A key question, which you can reach the digitized future, is so: How can we link what we do in the Outernet, useful to the virtual world? Or vice versa: How can we get our Internet business more in real life? A keyword to do so: the effect of ROPO (research online, purchase offline), search so online, buy offline. The ROPO effect in financial services for example is a 2010 GfK study following the ROPO effect at less than 50 percent. This means that every second is brought online searching to buy offline. Too bad for all those who are found online, not quite far forward. Conversely, only 3 percent went offline search online to buy. Not so easy, you lose its customers on the Internet.

Flagship Business Card

A well-designed business card is the poster child for every businessman. Business cards help business, make new contacts, to bring positive and lasting memories, and to draw attention to himself. High quality business cards are a necessary and worthwhile investment. Classical manner have the cards to the credit card-sized and consist of about six lines of text. Also the font used is an important factor for the serious and beautiful appearance of the card, but most importantly, the quality of the cardboard is definitely. Get business cards and stationery with traditional printers that still really attach importance on the quality and achieve impressive results in the pressure.

The good carton should be noble and noticeably heavier or thicker than conventional material for business cards. 240 grams per square meter of a good, heavy linen box should weigh, man clearly a difference to thin, cheap paper feel. To meet even the highest demands on the business card and you can get it good Give conscience out of hand. It is also possible that it rounds off the corners of the cards, the procedure is called also the RADIUS. A rounded corners business card has a large effect with little effort the detail stands out and is positive. But also the surface can especially designed, be to make impression. A glossy, mirror-like surface can be produced with special techniques. So have the cards even more elegant and will receive the exquisite touch of something special for a shiny visibility. A metallic effect in silver or gold makes for the coronation of the card, which cannot easily forget the business partner and you themselves always like to have on hand. Andreas Mettler


Innovex in the upper quarter of the participants and special recruitment Mannheim, June 2009 the Mannheim company Innovex, a leading provider of sales and marketing solutions in the healthcare sector, reached in this year’s contest to the customer-oriented most of service providers in Germany placing it in the top quarter of the field and a special prize. Thus succeeded Innovex, staff orientation, which is acknowledged with the award to one of the best employers of in Germany for years to demonstrate his 100% customer focus. In the nationwide competition, the Mannheim company 24th ranked and could take the special prize of the best personnel service provider in reception at the awards ceremony in Hamburg on May 28, 2009 also. The competition of Germany’s customer-oriented Este of service provider 2009 “was the fourth consecutive year evaluate the possibility, their customer orientation numerous service providers in different industries and business sizes. The largest Service companies in Germany were invited to participate, 94 companies took up the challenge. A management questionnaire answered by the company itself and a dedicated customer satisfaction survey revealed the basis for the rating of the participating companies.

Basis for the analysis is the scientific model of the University of St. Gallen, which defined the seven categories of customer orientation, competence, control, configuration, cooperation, commercialization and communication as an expression and critical to the excellence of a company in this area. For the 50 award-winning best does not service desert Germany”with security. For us this price in combination with our title defended for many years is a best employer of in Germany “an important message. He shows, that we meet our two main stakeholders, customers, and employees in same, convincing way”, Monika Beintner, Managing Director of Innovex is looking forward in Mannheim. “For us it is proven that satisfied employees lead to satisfied customers and vice versa.”

Provocative Marketing

Frankly, when I saw the plan for the upcoming 16 MIAF provocation R & I, it seemed to me a very faint and too. Well, boys will be in red shirts, with dosochki and hand out flyers 'Boycott provocateurs!'. Well, to be omnipresent and are already familiar to R & I and have learned to capitalize the word 'nigger' black guys – in swirling ochochkah and also with dosochki 'We no zombiruem', and finally, the camera, creating excitement around the entrance to the hall 3 – Generally, the top creative! I, as the initiator of this campaign, it was somehow wrong … But, I confess, I do not know our audience and, apparently, forgot where I live. All nachlalos with the fact that children with signs and peacefully shagnuvshih the subway immediately raked police and released only on parole does not protrude beyond the door mall.

On the agency to respond promptly to an inscription on a leased auto 'R & I – a professional aggressor. " Adequately, to be sure. When I slightly pripozdavshi, entered the hall, boys in T-shirts were already half-dead and did not want to protest – were cooked, it turns out in the morning. And still have her, though, say they were hired for half an hour before entering the business. The point that they not only managed to attend to City Council about the fate of advertising a good portion of visitors, but also to scare employee of the festival. She turned the rustling 'at the top', and only calmed down when she presented a piece of paper with items approved provocation.