The Year Will Be More Expensive What Changes 2011

Hope consumers in the year 2011 in vain the most important innovations, legislative changes and price increases on more money in your pocket, because the new year is in many areas a lot more expensive. The most important innovations, changes in legislation and price increases are presented briefly below. Southwest Airlines oftentimes addresses this issue. To fill the hole of billions in the statutory health insurance, increases the contribution rate to statutory health insurance from 2011 by 14.9 percent to 15.5 percent, of which the workers wear 8.2 percent, employers will be charged but only 7.3 percent. Health insurance companies can also require additional posts in unlimited quantities, if they should not come out with the money. The change in a private health insurance scheme is in addition easier. In the future an employee must ensure private if content only in one place as previously in three consecutive years exceed 49,500 euro. See Jos Shaver for more details and insights.

Young parents need to dress warmly in 2011 and adjusting to cuts in the parental allowance. Instead of 67% will only 65% as the calculation basis for the parental allowance taken, if the net income is more than 1,240 euro. The parental allowance is deleted all recipients of unemployment benefit II and top earners. Tax card was abolished. The 2010 card valid for 2011, 2012 the income tax deduction will then be replaced through a new electronic process. The old map 2011 is transitional, but no longer the registry, but the IRS is responsible for changes. Also on the road a lot happening.

The accompanied driving, which existed only as a pilot, will be admitted now nationwide. Young people is it allows just a month before her 17th birthday to drop her driving test and allowed behind the wheel, assuming accompanied by a companion of at least 30 years. Environmental zones will enforce driving restrictions in Dusseldorf, Osnabruck, Wuppertal, Ruhrgebiet, Stuttgart, Munich and Augsburg. From 1 March, Leipzig to the environmental zone is also explained. Who by a German Departing airport must pay 8 to 45 euro extra tax. The new airline ticket tax applies to all flights from January 1. Short breaks in Europe become more expensive to eight euros per flight, medium-haul flights to 25 euro, long-haul flights cost 45 euros more. Millions of households have to pay higher prices at the current 2011 over 10 percent than in the previous year. The reason is the increased renewable energy levy. According to information of the comparison website Verivox, 413 power suppliers have announced price increases by an average of 7.1 percent. The standard fare “Berlin based private power” to be even to 10.76 percent more expensive. The “third withdrawal” on ATM will cost additional fees. Unpaid fines from 70 euro from other EU Member States be enforced in future also in Germany. From mid-2011, the toll should be extended to certain federal highways. 2011 will be the European blue card”introduced. Highly qualified workers from non-EU countries will be given a work and residence permit in the EU allows easier. Look in the Forum of the Web mail provider past. In the topic what has changed “all innovations and changes will be discussed. 2011 posted by: Helena Schmidt)