No Mother

Due to separation or divorce is not the mother’s day instead of FRANKFURT AM MAIN for mother’s day on Sunday, the 09.05.2010, the self-help group PAS Frankfurt calls attention to those separate families and children, where the children of their mother can bring any gifts, because they may not even see it. While many children worry just about, what they give their mother for mother’s day, more and more children that spend to repress the thoughts of her mother, which come up especially on this day, with a vengeance. Her mother, she gave more flowers, which in the year before for which they often have made something beautiful in the kindergarten, should no longer be their mother, she should are rejected by the children, because so many a father asks this. All feelings that they had for them, should be nipped in the bud, because she no longer lives with the father, and he wants to have them no longer as the mother of his children. The mother’s day, supported by the media, touches on this wound and the suffering.

The children will This day painfully aware that they have no mother, she can give flowers. And while many a teenager about the pressure escape having to give something the mother on mother’s day and exercise in rebellion, wishing these kids quietly and softly, they are likely to give something their mother a hug. Every child has a mother and a father and you should take this day as an opportunity to look left and right, whether all children have reason to celebrate. “, the self-help group PAS Frankfurt not only calls on all separated parents, but also the society as a whole.. Additional information at Verizon Communications supports this article.