Residential Repairs

Repair of residential facility – this is quite a difficult process, dictating the intervention of many experts, including experts and quality. When repairing the apartment is estimated, contract, list of works, manufacturers must work to guarantee the quality of work done repairs. Unfortunately, there are cases where the repair is of poor quality flats. To help prove it can contract, which must be prescribed by cost, date of work information about the artist, the responsibilities of the parties, the materials of repair. Once completed, the client must check the quality of repair, this can take part examination of the quality of repairs. If on is complete, work quality does not satisfy the customer, the executor is obliged to correct the defects within the specified period. In a situation where the vendor is unwilling to recognize defective repair of an apartment, the customer may seek a price reduction of repair. Check out Verizon for additional information.

Claims for quality repairs client may file for warranty work and time. In cases of disagreement the client can proceed to an independent examination of the quality of repairs and get an official decision. Repair of roof – One of the most important moments of repair of properties, since a significant impact on the condition of the building. Faulty repair of the roof can lead to serious consequences: the freezing of the roof; depressurization joints; occurrence of bad odor and mildew, the emergence of bubbles and cracks, the emergence of moisture inside the building and so on. The main defect after poor roof maintenance can be considered as leakage. Leaks are divided into three Type: leaks that appear immediately after rainfall, occasional leaks, leaks that occur several days after rainfall.

Sources of leaks can be damaging sealing joints, microcracks, substandard treatment, the direct violation of the integrity of the plates. Company engaged in the repair and maintenance of the roof, should produce seasonal inspection, overhaul and repair of the roof. In the case of faults after the defective repair of the roof, residents can help independent examination of the quality of repairs. Prepare pre-trial examination papers on behalf of tenants, the performers are required to remove defects in the prescribed terms and to indemnify poor roof maintenance. Dodge Executive of repair may be an occasion to go to court. Examination of the quality of repairs prepares official documents recognized by the court.


All kinds of trouble does not happen with a toilet, but do not despair, because everything is easy to fix yourself! Want to know how quickly and effectively alleviated potential problems with the toilet? Then read this article. In When is usually required to repair the toilet with his hands? Why it might break? The first – often very crowded toilet bowl, or very slowly emptied. This is easily corrected vantuzom, punch or chemicals. If does not work, then you should take to do drill and clean the sewer riser. If your toilet cistern from continually flowing water, first try adjusting the float tank. Nor does it help? In that case, look at the state and the integrity of the float.

If it is broken, replace the new one. The cost of the float for a toilet bowl is usually low, but that 50% of the most frequent breakage. Also check out how well float valve is closed and whether the float rises with the water. Stagnation in this regard should not be, and the float bowl should move smoothly and evenly up with water. Often the water can not flow into the cup your toilet to overflow pipe. In this case, clean the valve seat.

Tried and did not help? So you want to check the valve itself may be to him what had happened, and it broke. If you do find damage – replace the new one. When, in this case did not work out, then came all the useless drain mechanism. Indeed, often repair the toilet can lead to quite serious financial embezzlement. Found on the floor next to your toilet water? Try to tighten fittings, which tubes are connected to the mounting pan. Look to see if the bowl and toilet tank obvious cracks. Repair the rift is unlikely. Simply replace the cracked part of the new.

Yandex Internet

How do deal with it? Released two. Or rely on their intuition and experience or trust only proven sellers. In the first case, as I already said, you must be a visionary. Clairvoyants and the like. And anyway, as they say, and the old woman is proruha.

But in the second paragraph shall detail. In the big cities have long been a specialty stores, which sell seeds of flowers and vegetables. Many of them came from those same merchants of 90th in the market, but has long been doing business civilized and respectable. They certainly be trusted. You can always find someone to finally ask. And if this is just a small town or village? And now here is a way out.

This order seeds over the Internet. In Soviet times, was the expulsion of service by mail cash payment. Since much time has passed. Everyone around has changed, and came online. I'm on this specially bring a focus, because growers are mostly young people and for many Internet unusual. But if yesterday in small settlements Internet was a rarity, now broadband-quality internet arrives in remote places. And the theme of order through the Internet is becoming very, very comfortable. The main thing in this case – a move beyond psychological threshold and make the first move. Buying over the Internet for Russia yet still unusual. This portion of the population in big cities. Our country is in this context has lagged behind other developed countries. But thank God, the situation seems to be changing. So, the Internet has several well-established online stores that sell seeds for spetsializiuryutsya. This is quite respectable and legitimate company with high turnover, operating on the market one year. I will not give their names. Just type in the same Yandex search for "seeds" in the top five list, which will give you a search engine, will these sellers. Rather links to vendors. Where You can actually place an order. Seeds will be sent to you by mail COD. Or maybe you never know, and send by courier? In big cities, it's real. Imagine how convenient this is? No need to go anywhere. Custom-made from home. Home and brought it all! I can only wish them success in the difficult, but the creative work of gardening for those who keen on it. As well as a good harvest.

Plexus Wire

In recent years, people are increasingly fenced plots and vegetable gardens fences. In this case, the most popular are metal mesh fences. They are quite comfortable, durable, and the areas with better fences ventilated. Mesh used for fencing and netting, welded wire mesh. Netting (netting) is manufactured by Plexus in one inoculation of flat steel wire helix. Welded mesh made of wires, arranged in two mutually perpendicular directions, and welded at their intersections. Mesh for a fence on the quality of coverage is divided into three types: uncoated (plain, black), galvanized wire mesh and polymer- coating.

In addition, the grid cells vary in size and diameter of wire, from which it is made. As a rule, the more grid cell and the smaller diameter wire, the grid is cheaper. The cheapest and therefore most common – a black mesh netting. A fence made of such a network must be painted immediately after installation. In addition, in the future, about once every two or three years will be necessary to repaint the fence to keep decent appearance and corrosion protection. Most resistant paint for the grid metal – epoxy, rubber and vinyl chloride. With regard to the process of painting a metal fence, then it is very time-consuming task. K Moreover, the smaller the cell, the harder they stained.

Paint grid should brush, paint roller so as not stained with weave, but spends most of the spray paint is wasted. If you do not want to deal with painting the fence, then you should choose a grid with the coating. Galvanized wire mesh and wire mesh coated in paint is not needed, but more expensive. In addition, grid coated are more aesthetic appearance. Production grid with coated in Russia has been mastered recently. This grid is usually green, but there are other colors. When buying a mesh-netting pay attention to all kind of wire from which it is made. Try to buy a grid with curved ends – it will greatly facilitate its installation. The service life of metal mesh, even non-galvanized – more than twenty years. Fencing of the grid mesh netting and welded most developed various components: the pillars of the tensioning devices, gates, gates, etc. All the materials in a wide assortment of retail outlets. Thus, placing a fence of netting you a long time, save yourself the trouble to protect your property and give it an aesthetic appearance.

Drying Clay

Clean the surface of runs of old paint and remove all traces of useful steel spatula or loop – a tool used for finishing hardwood floor. Movement in work should be short, "to stripping." After cleaning the surface, wipe with a damp cloth, clean up the cloth and wipe the dust. Allow surface to dry and cover with varnish places are beyond repair. To use natural proolifki varnish or linseed oil "Oksol", adding a 3-5% drier – a liquid, which promotes rapid drying oils. While drying linseed oil (which lasts until this process is 24 hours) Prepare the putty, unless, of course, will not be able to buy it at the store. An example of filler, in grams: Mel 100 250-300 Drying Clay joiner 25-30 (10% solution) in the first warm adhesive is poured varnish, carefully stirring, then add small portions of chalk, and mixed thoroughly. Repaired shpaklyuyut place two or three times so that the surface is smooth, without depressions.

Putty layer dries for about a day, so you can to prepare for painting surfaces. Initially lead to a working state brush. To do this in the middle of the hair is inserted wooden cylinder (you can use natural cork from the bottle). He must take third of the length of the hair brush. Then part the hair until the end of the cork tightly tied up with string.

Prepared in this way the brush dry for 10-15 minutes drive from the brick to align along the length of the bristles and to remove slaboderzhashihsya to brush hair. How to make paint? In gustotertye add white varnish from 1 liter to grow 1 kg of paint and stir, add a little turpentine and drier. Do this for as long as the paint will not run away from Brush a thin stream. Separately, linseed oil (or turpentine) diluted pigment and small amounts are added to white, achieving the desired tone. Keep a ready structure and easy to work with him, having a tank with a tight-fitting cover. After preparing the brush, paint, Primary coated surface (of the primer: 80% and 20% linseed oil paint gustotertoy) and waited until the primer has dried, start painting. Dipping the brush into the jar of paint, wring it out to paint with it is not dripping. Then, on the surface to paint over the top first, then middle and finally, the lower part. Feather each side is horizontal movements, and then vertical. Imposing a first layer, let paint to dry and then apply the second. How to paint wood surfaces? Doors, window sills, casings – paneled brushes and window frames – brushes, towels. Upon completion of works, place the brush in a jar and fill it with water so that water covered the bristle brushes.

Plastic Panels

Group of Companies "counterpart" for many years engaged in manufacture and supply of building materials made of PVC exterior and interior decoration. This is primarily plastic panels (pvc panel, wall panels) plastic lining and various ancillary components to them – mounting profiles, corners, etc. We use the most advanced technology for processing PVC, imported (German) equipment and only high-quality raw material, which is mandatory for compliance with strict control of safety standards, as environmental and fire. In addition, our specialists will regularly monitor the quality of products. This, along with highly skilled personnel, to successfully compete in the complex and dynamic market of plastic panels. Wide range of colors of plastic panels, wall paneling, wall panels, window sills, coupled with impeccable quality profile formation can satisfy the most sophisticated demands of customers for products.

The companies of our group is oriented exclusively to the needs of its customers. We can not afford to deceive the expectations of our customers unsatisfactory quality PVC panels or bad service. On the contrary, we can guarantee professional service and individual attention to each customer. Plastic panels Group "counterparts" have been known for almost all regions of Russia. We are extremely interested in the further promotion of our products in Russia and CIS countries. We also offer you to become our partners in this business. We will consider any proposals from companies engaged in wholesale deliveries of PVC panels and other materials for finishing works.

Group companies 'counterparts' offers products for different conditions depending on the form of payment. High quality raw materials, highly skilled, imported equipment can compete successfully in the complex and dynamic market of plastic products. Stores we offer a wide range of different booths to showcase wall plastic panels, window sills, etc. If there is a need for a unique non-standard equipment – we will make it that equipment which will satisfy all your wishes and will suit your store. In addition, our specialists will be happy to consult sales personnel, answer all questions, provide catalogs products, photographs of interiors, made using the plastic panels of our company, and all manner of promotional materials.

Smart Home Opportunities Management System

The fact that such a system is 'smart home' is written and said a lot, and many have even not clear, but at least a general idea of its capabilities. All we heard about 'climate control', and the system of 'multi', and various security systems. But here is how well it works, how to manage the 'smart' home, few know. The various possibilities of control system 'Smart Home' and will be discussed further. The general scheme of the system is as follows: central microcontroller (or computer) receives signals from command devices, then sends these signals to the executive modules and systems in the house. Executive modules and systems are the team to an electrical outlet, the infrared or radio and turns on or off the appropriate devices: lighting, security system, air conditioning, heating, water supply, etc., switches and keypads most simple management tool Smart Home is a 'smart' switch. One click the Settings button you can not just turn on or off, but also change the brightness of the lighting. This could be a whole keypad where each button corresponds to which a device, or a combination thereof.

These switches allow you to set different modes, such as 'sleep' in the bedroom – the light goes off smoothly, blinds closed, slightly lowered the temperature on the air conditioner, set the alarm clock. Consoles Remote Control remote control can operate not only TV and home theater. With it easy to activate any function of the "smart home": set different lighting scenarios, open and close the door, put the house on the protection, etc. Desktop computers, laptop or Pocket PC Any computer can be easily integrated with 'smart' home. It can act as a server system. This makes it possible visualized management, and data collection for statistical purposes. And if the networked desktop computer in a pocket, the latter can be used as a wireless, interactive control panel. Programs for control "smart" home can be installed on your office computer at the office or on a laptop that will be companion for every trip, and no matter where you were on a business trip or vacation, you can always monitor your home.