Plexus Wire

In recent years, people are increasingly fenced plots and vegetable gardens fences. In this case, the most popular are metal mesh fences. They are quite comfortable, durable, and the areas with better fences ventilated. Mesh used for fencing and netting, welded wire mesh. Netting (netting) is manufactured by Plexus in one inoculation of flat steel wire helix. Welded mesh made of wires, arranged in two mutually perpendicular directions, and welded at their intersections. Mesh for a fence on the quality of coverage is divided into three types: uncoated (plain, black), galvanized wire mesh and polymer- coating.

In addition, the grid cells vary in size and diameter of wire, from which it is made. As a rule, the more grid cell and the smaller diameter wire, the grid is cheaper. The cheapest and therefore most common – a black mesh netting. A fence made of such a network must be painted immediately after installation. In addition, in the future, about once every two or three years will be necessary to repaint the fence to keep decent appearance and corrosion protection. Most resistant paint for the grid metal – epoxy, rubber and vinyl chloride. With regard to the process of painting a metal fence, then it is very time-consuming task. K Moreover, the smaller the cell, the harder they stained.

Paint grid should brush, paint roller so as not stained with weave, but spends most of the spray paint is wasted. If you do not want to deal with painting the fence, then you should choose a grid with the coating. Galvanized wire mesh and wire mesh coated in paint is not needed, but more expensive. In addition, grid coated are more aesthetic appearance. Production grid with coated in Russia has been mastered recently. This grid is usually green, but there are other colors. When buying a mesh-netting pay attention to all kind of wire from which it is made. Try to buy a grid with curved ends – it will greatly facilitate its installation. The service life of metal mesh, even non-galvanized – more than twenty years. Fencing of the grid mesh netting and welded most developed various components: the pillars of the tensioning devices, gates, gates, etc. All the materials in a wide assortment of retail outlets. Thus, placing a fence of netting you a long time, save yourself the trouble to protect your property and give it an aesthetic appearance.