Svenja Hofert

01.07.2010 new Advisor magazine “knew how! -How to become your own boss”on newsstands now! More and more women discover what the road to independence? woman? on this topic should – know everything compact and clearly summarized. incl. knew how! Service CD for start-ups with practical checklists, styles, business plan, Advisor, billing and the award-winning control program MAXTAX. And so just as quickly: CD insert and off you go. Now the magazine kiosk or on more women discover the road to independence. About one-third of all business start-ups in Germany go to the account of the female half of the population. Compared to their proportion of the total number of employees, air is still evident in this result upwards. The reason: Women are more exposed than men of double taxation of occupational and family still.

Also, the financial question is a stumbling block for the step to independence: women get at banks much more difficult a loan for its founding as their male colleagues. This experience has made also Birgit Ley, as she wanted to make independent 13 years ago with an own Physiothe rapie practice. “As a woman with three small children, it is incredibly difficult to find a Bank for a loan. I got only to hear:?Is not eligible”, even though I had enough collateral with my family background. In conversation with “How!”, consultant and Advisor author Svenja Hofert reveals her tips on this subject: “in the past the Volks – and Raiffeisen banks gave loans than other banks more to women.

Another possibility is the personal loan. The best is to borrow in the private sphere with acquaintances, relatives or friends are.” Women with initiatives such as the nationwide founder Agency (bga) for further assistance in the creation of one’s own existence. So, the relatively new “Small-Business-Mentoring” program specifically helps women who seek the road to independence after a long period of children or unemployment.