Innovex in the upper quarter of the participants and special recruitment Mannheim, June 2009 the Mannheim company Innovex, a leading provider of sales and marketing solutions in the healthcare sector, reached in this year’s contest to the customer-oriented most of service providers in Germany placing it in the top quarter of the field and a special prize. Thus succeeded Innovex, staff orientation, which is acknowledged with the award to one of the best employers of in Germany for years to demonstrate his 100% customer focus. In the nationwide competition, the Mannheim company 24th ranked and could take the special prize of the best personnel service provider in reception at the awards ceremony in Hamburg on May 28, 2009 also. The competition of Germany’s customer-oriented Este of service provider 2009 “was the fourth consecutive year evaluate the possibility, their customer orientation numerous service providers in different industries and business sizes. The largest Service companies in Germany were invited to participate, 94 companies took up the challenge. A management questionnaire answered by the company itself and a dedicated customer satisfaction survey revealed the basis for the rating of the participating companies.

Basis for the analysis is the scientific model of the University of St. Gallen, which defined the seven categories of customer orientation, competence, control, configuration, cooperation, commercialization and communication as an expression and critical to the excellence of a company in this area. For the 50 award-winning best does not service desert Germany”with security. For us this price in combination with our title defended for many years is a best employer of in Germany “an important message. He shows, that we meet our two main stakeholders, customers, and employees in same, convincing way”, Monika Beintner, Managing Director of Innovex is looking forward in Mannheim. “For us it is proven that satisfied employees lead to satisfied customers and vice versa.”