Car Finances

Full load cold engine is not allowed. Limit the coolant temperature must be above 95 C, when using motor oils with high viscosity may only be short (10 minutes) raising the temperature to 100 C. When operating the engine, be sure to follow the pressure of the oil. To avoid breakage of a turbocharger before stopping the engine should run for 3-5 minutes on average idling speed, but it should be remembered that it is not recommended engine work at the minimum rotational speed of idling more than 10-15 minutes. Do not include a starter on a running or stopped engine.

Running the engine with glowing lights signaling debris oil or air filters are not allowed. And obey the rules of operation of the clutch and gearbox. Always keep in mind that manufacturer warranties (including Yaroslavl Motor Works) is responsible only if the maintenance was carried out in accordance with all technical regulations! Consider a small example – loss of the connecting rod on a tractor engine with an operating time of 1000 motors-hours. Warranty case? It would seem so, but when removing the cylinder head, we find that the piston in the cylinder of molten. As a result, it became clear that has not been routine maintenance of fuel equipment for 300 hours of operating time. Spray nozzles to spray fuel stop, and began to "shed", the fuel is not burned as well as piston rings would not let him down accumulated and heated. Temperature of 1500 degrees. All this has led to melting of the piston and jamming it into the top of the cylinder rod breakage. The guarantee was withdrawn due to incorrect operation! I repeat once again: before beginning of the operation looked very carefully at manual and observe all its requirements, keeping in mind that the guidelines were based on research and operational experience and contains the necessary guidance, precise and strict observance of which will provide trouble-free and long-term operation of the power unit, save time and money! For repairs, use only original parts jamz. In the future, try to highlight the main points of the maintenance engine jamz.