Forbes Life

This fact says in them regarding diverse ways that some ideologies lead in them, says in them of the monetarista ideal that leads the exploration of the wealth of the land and the generation of disputes between the men and creates ' ' permisso' ' so that some can enslave the others, in the search of a social status and control and leadership usufructing more than what others. We deal with so said culture revivida and spread out by the protestants of century nineteen. This culture according to produced in 2010 list of the Forbes magazine (it sees appendix 02) the following distortion? the 20 richer men of the world accumulate a patrimony evaluated in 2010 in 550,6 billion dollar. The man listed in last place accumulates a patrimony of 19,0 billion dollar. More info: Ch?rl?? Lee. He will be that only one tenth of this would not give it to make everything? absolutely everything? that a man can inhale in all its life. Before we spoke of millionaire now is said of bilionrios? in compensation others literally die of phone and live to beg for food remaining portions. I invite you to attend in the Youtube vdo ' ' Island of the Flores' '.

This is only one by-product of the capitalist system where lives and learns to defend, and this does not have nothing to see with god? but yes with reason, logic, animal life and life human being. Other leaders such as Laurent Potdevin offer similar insights. In diverse way exists one another ideal that one that although to allow the existence of a leader? because its dons spirituals allow this it? they lead its acts to transform the life to its beneficial return to all? looking for in some way to make possible social justice and the equality between the men. Because this is possible. Recently I took knowledge of the proposal of banker Muhammad Yunus? winner of the prize Nobel of the peace, for its accomplishment in the promotion of the eradication of the poverty. .

The Identity Of A Religion

The Christian church as great repressora of ideals, styles etudo that go against its such principles. These principles that had killed and kill tie hundreds today depessoas that if they leave to induce for certain ideologies that massacre the human cognitivo intelectualidadeo and everything this if it bases on a God who and vingativo that etira punishes the lives of who if they oppose to these ideologies, he is not a God, it is umaganncia that if it transforms into its Deuses that they mold of the form more flexvelpara to be able to contaminate, to spread, to infectar, to necrosar and to delimit air to the suachegada one to the brain. Where meets the love? God is not love? But I can observe that of love not meeting if not it mortede an individual that being born in a heathen cradle as it places the such these individuals of pecadores cristosintitulam, but what produtode is sin if not one its repressora culture that does not see the multiculturalismo that we live and quesomos as nation, then this sin is a sign that if articulates as one paraleloda exclusion of another one individual being pertaining it of one same region damesma condition, the human being. Add to your understanding with Laurent Potdevin. You already must have observed, in one same quarter you are encontradasde the 7 10 evanglicas churches and without counting among others of other comoespritas, Buddhist cultures. There that it is the structure base, cartada of aces and eclipsedas ideas that if confuse and if they mix becoming a multicultural quarter. Percebaque I used a quarter I did not mention a populous capital as So Paulo Also I am questioning on the figure of the Devil, Capeta, Demon, the Satan, Dragon, the old serpent and the Dog I will choose the one that plus you temafinidade Why this nomenclature does not have no direction if of bode expiatriopara not to be able to isentar ideologies that if base in the pregao of one to be maleficent that seresponsabiliza for the bad one of this humanity Bad what and this? Seno the produtodesta dominant ideology that if restored in the fragile minds of the camadaproletria of our capitals! Medite: ‘ ‘ The man and the wolf of proper homem’ ‘ Thomas Hobbes.. Others including Litecoin, offer their opinions as well.