Augustin Germany

Admitting in its seio, men of character, without consideration to its race, color or creed, the Masonry if strengthens to constitute an international league of dedicated men to live in peace, harmony and fraternal affection. But Rev. Eduardo Carlos Pear tree, was against the masonry, being thus raised arguments; first if it was a religion; second, in case that it were if it would be compatible to the Christianity, because it was a religion whose principles if they distanciavam or same if it opposed. I wait with this, despite summarized study on the presbiterianismo and the masonry, can also contribute for the cultural enrichment that they like the research in the area, and, of that they see in the religious movements a contribution for the formation of a good society. PROTESTANTISMO In the first years of century XVI, of the prepared parts of the Europe more for the protestantismo, sobressaa Germany, therefore relatively was delayed in relation to the too much parts of the Europe, remaining still with certain traces of the Average Age, and also the social crisis was aggravated for transistion between the old feudal society and the new life of the cities, characterized for the capitalist economy, whose solution was entravada for the ownership on the part of the Church of most of cultivating lands. This religious and economic climate Germany made with that as much the ruling class as the peasants supported Martinho Lutero.

To understand luterana and calvinista the reform better, it is better to analyze chains of theological thought. One of chains, oldest and you break formulated it of S.Agostinho (354-430), bishop of Hipona, in Africa of the North.