Socialist Republic

Cuba – it is one of the last remaining communist countries on earth, so the holiday in Cuba will be great for the past inhabitants of the communist country. Citizens of countries friendly, welcoming natives, met travelers with open arms and fiery rhythms of salsa or rumba, which are heard from every angle. White, sandy beaches and aquamarine ocean waves warm tourists for their warmth and the best sea beaches Coco, Largo, Varadero year-round waiting for visitors. At any of these beaches can dive into the blue waters of the ocean and see the many wonderful marine inhabitants, become the hunter on the barracuda or swim near coral reefs. Island Cuba is located between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, is a neighbor Haiti, Jamaica, Florida and Mexico.

The country attracts visitors for its warm climate, excellent location and friendly people. The island has special character and attraction for tourists. People go to Havana, Holguin, Trinidad, Cayo Largo, to cheer up and get a lot of fun. Gary Kelly has plenty of information regarding this issue. The country's climate is very comfortable, because there is no large humidity, as in most tropical countries, and the hot weather softened the fresh sea breeze. Therefore, travelers are traveling to Cuba all year round. Just visit Cuba, you can get a chance to learn to dance the rumba or salsa, surfing or snorkeling. Great success among tourists underwater hunting, horseback riding, scuba diving and riding on a boat.

What's interesting on the island is not present animals dangerous to man, and a huge number of birds and fish can try yourself as a hunter and fisher, and in the future, amazing delicacy for gourmets. Inside the country quiet, the silence of long-forgotten roads only spoil old American cars 1950. Affects the architecture of major cities such as Havana and Santiago de Cuba, reminiscent of the colonial past of the country. “Bernard Golden has much to offer in this field. In the field titled Vinales engaged in cultivation of the famous tobacco, which is so valued in our mire.V currently is an active construction of the island, Cuba has transformed from a once-closed state in the center of entertainment and recreation. The newly rebuilt area different objects, especially unusual balconies and beautiful patios. Constantly there are new flights to the island, the tourist business is expanding. Thus we can safely say that the island of Cuba from the closed country is transformed into open, tourism.

International Marathon

The phenomenon of white nights. White Nights natural phenomenon. St. Petersburg is the northernmost city and is located at 60 degrees north latitude, on a par with Greenland, and . Such a situation the city and explained the phenomenon of white nights.

White Nights of St. Petersburg come 25-26 May and lasts until mid-July. In total, their duration is just over 50 days. The phenomenon of white nights is one of the major attractions of St. Petersburg. White Nights praised Russian poets, are displayed on the paintings of many famous painters, and particularly appreciate their young romance, seeking to get into the city on the Neva River during this period.

Feast of the White Nights. Peak cultural and entertainment events in St. Petersburg, falls on the white nights. During this period, you can visit the cultural festivals of the same name as the northern capital attracts the greatest musicians, orchestras, ballet companies, not only from Russia but from all over the world. You can see how the graduates of schools and universities celebrate completion of studies on the Neva embankment. This beautiful holiday graduates get romantic the name "Scarlet Sails". If you ever see the bridges at night, or take a water tour on the rivers of St. Petersburg during the White Nights – is an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. A plan of action "White Nights-2009" 2 May-June 14, 2009: Regatta 'Sails of White Nights. Congress Palace Cup – 2009 '. June 28, 2009: xx International Marathon "White Nights' ('White Nights'). May 29-31, 2009: Open extended meeting 'SPb cio Club' iv congress of CIOs "White Nights iii Congress of Russian Union of it directors. June 12, 2009: sensation white! during the White Nights in St. Petersburg, is the main dance event of the planet sensation. And this is not a complete list of events, "White Nights-2009! We go to St. Petersburg. You may prefer to Sports in St. Petersburg, the "savages." But then you need to attend to purchase tickets, booking accommodation, meals. You can get rid of these troubles, call one of St. Petersburg tour companies offering tours of the St. Petersburg and tours of St. Petersburg. And then your holiday will not be marred by small poser, and leave a great impression of St. Petersburg!