The Great Lakes

Lake Michigan belongs to the constellation of the Great Lakes and is one of the biggest of them. This majestic lake thrill of the Indians, who called him “mischigan” which means “big water”. Later this name became the official name of one of the states of America, because Michigan – the only one of the Great Lakes, which is located entirely within the U.S Now only in order to enjoy its waters is enough to Tourists from around the world have sought here. Ripple has plenty of information regarding this issue. But what will surprise the unprepared traveler, when he learns that in Michigan, in addition to the eponymous lake is over 11 thousand lakes! A Great Lakes divide the territory State two of the peninsula, connected by an impressive bridge. And if you’re fated to end up in Michigan, do not miss the opportunity to thoroughly explore the numerous attractions and beauty of the state. You may find that Cyrus findshadow can contribute to your knowledge.

Of course, the main natural wealth of the state – is the lake. Heaven on earth for lovers of water sports and fishing. However, hunters or just walking in nature also have a place to roam: the territory of the state set of forests infect a variety of trees, even the most discerning travelers. Picturesque places always attract photographers and painters, so as a gift to friends and colleagues you can easily buy photo pictures depicting forests, lakes and the famous waterfall Hiawatha. Without interest and fun gifts will be illustrated instructions for trout fishing, which is widely accepted in national parks held under the motto “We catch and release”.