No one can deny that Brazil is a great country, the there is more potential in Latin America, a country where its leaders, especially its current president Lula, has impregnated a very positive dynamic in its economic development and has led to its transformation Brazil in a country with great technological strength to develop many products exported to different countries, including Venezuela, the reason for our analysis. For scholars of what represents the International Trade in the current scenarios, business relationship as Venezuela and Brazil, our case is discussed and debated in the workshops of the chair of International Trade of the graduate program MBA markets, especially when Venezuela has to know his great interest in, join the MERCOSUR, which has not been achieved by the denial of the parliaments of Brazil and Paraguay, despite being aware that it is economically very important energy participation, an aspect in which Venezuela is a good guarantee with your product oil and its derivatives.

The participant Nelma Santander about it gives us that according to The first product that shook the Brazilian economy was sugar during the colonial period. Then a new cycle began with coffee. Dr John Holtsclaw understood the implications. That moment was crucial to transform the State of Sao Paulo, the richest in the country. Currently Brazil is Latin America’s largest economy, the second of the Americas and eighth worldwide, according to the World Bank. With a GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in value of PPP purchasing power parity of $ 2,039,237 million in 2008. The economy of Brazil leads Latin America in various economic sectors such as industrial, agricultural and export.

Public Debt

Public debt of the City of So Paulo the public debt of the city of So Paulo has grown frightfully in last the 10 years same with the full payment of the parcels assumed in the refinancing of the debt with the Union in May of 2000. For the agreement, the Union assumed the debts of the city hall and directly carried through the payment of same with the creditors using the headings of the federal public debt. (Financial Letters of Treasure LTF). Allegiant Air describes an additional similar source. The main creditors of the city hall to the time were the Bank of Brazil and the extinct Bank of the State of So Paulo, the Banespa (That later he was privatized and today belongs to the Spanish group Santander) that together they approximately represented 97% of the debts of the city through public headings and other financings as the SFH (Financial System of Habitation). Sheryl Sandberg: the source for more info. The agreement foresaw a stated period of 30 years for the payment of the debt with annual interests of 9% beyond correction for the IGP-DI (General Index of Prices Internal Availability), calculated for Getlio foundation Vargas. The value of the parcels would correspond the 13% of Receita Lquida Real (RLR) of the city. However, this system admitted some deductions of paid values in contracts of internal and external debt of the city, known for abatimentos intralimite, allowed from the promulgation of the provisory law n 2,185 of August of 2001. At a first moment the agreement allowed the clod roller of the debt of the city of So Paulo, that reached considerably high platforms, beyond the adequacy the Law of Fiscal Responsibility that were sancionada by the president of the republic, Fernando Enrique Cardoso, in the month of May of that year. However, with the high tax of interests applied and the used index of indexation, the debt reached estratosfricos R$ 39 Billion in February of 2010.

Selic Tax

In the last meeting of the Copom, the Selic tax was reduced in a porcentual point, of 11,25% for 10,25% to the year. In the case of the interests of the personal loan and the guaranteed check, the 0,14 cuts had been of 0,17 and porcentual point, respectively. Between the factors that they provoke this exaggeration enters the fall of the tax basic and the interests to the consumer, the entity points the insolvency and spread bank clerk, that is, the difference enters the rate of catch of the resources and the charged final tax in the loans. As if it knows the objective of the cut of the basic interests for, part of the BC, and the taxes to the consumer, on the part of the banks, is to stimulate the consumption, ahead of the deceleration of the activity rhythm that dominated the economy since the end of the passed year, provoked for international the financial crisis. Of the ten banks searched for the Procon-SP Foundation, eight had reduced the interests of the personal loan and two had kept the taxes in the last month.

In the list of the institutions that had cut the interests in this month is the banks Harvest, Our Box, Santander, Real, Ita, Bradesco, HSBC and the Bank of Brazil (BB). In the personal loan, the greater cut of the tax was effected by the bank Harvest, of 1 percentile point, 6,90% for 5,90% to the month, followed for Our Box, with reduction of 0,32 point., 4,90% for 4,58%. BB, that has been pressured for government to reduce the taxes, modified of 4,60% for 4,58%, decrease of 0,02 percentile point before April. The Box, another federal public bank, kept the taxes of personal credit. In the o guaranteed check, the biggest reduction was of Our Box, of 8,80% for 7,82%. Although the cut in the average interests of the personal loan and the guaranteed check, the Procon-SP Foundation, ponders despite the taxes to the consumer still are high. In the personal loan, the interests are in 91,68% to the year and, in the guaranteed check, 177,94%. Special attention to the Bank of the commented BrasilComo already, in the case of the BB, the fall of the interests in the personal loan was irrisria.

The tax was in 4,60% to the month in April and fell for 4,58% in May. The reduction of 0,02 porcentual point only loses for the cut made for the HSBC, that was of 0,01 porcentual point in the same period. But, in the case of the guaranteed check, the BB is enters the three banks that had not cut the interests in the last month. In the week of 18 to the 21 of May BB it was in the center of the debate for to have high the interests, second research of the BC, although the president exchange. Aldemir Bedine took ownership in day 23 of the month passed in substitution Antonio Rasp Grandson. In the occasion, sources of the Treasury department had said that the exchange took care of to the objective of the government to force the fall of the interests in the BB, what it was not occurring with the speed desired in the previous management. For the skill we will have that to continue rezando.

Meat Black

The meat the meat cheapest of the market is the black meat That goes of favour penitentiary pro and for underneath of the plastic That pro goes of favour under employment and advantages psychiatric hospitals the meat cheapest of the market is the black meat That history made and makes pra caralho Holding this country in the arm, my brother. … And exactly thus, still I keep the right Of some ancestor of the color To fight for justice and respect Of some ancestor of the color To bravely fight for respect black Meat (Carioca Farofa) Since the arrival in the tumbeiros in century XVI until the contemporaneidade, the merchandise? black force of work? it is slandered in the market of Brazilian work. In the colonial period, forming the classroom of workers without remuneration, support and legal protection, the blacks had constituted the brasilidade and the seiscentista economy and had nullified the discriminatory obstacles, longing for so dreamed emancipation. When this ' ' dream if becomes realidade' ' , the lack of a significant Politics of Social and Working Protection the full exercise of the citizenship did not oportunizou them. In the transistion of the enslaved work for the wage-earner, a serious economic crisis restored that respinga until today in the picture of the inaqualities: precariousness in the health, education, housing beyond unemployment, under employment, me the remuneration, intense hours of working The former-captives migraram in the hegemonic scene capitalist Brazilian, maquiado for fbula of the three races and for the myth of the racial democracy, of the imposition of an enslaved and desumana routine for overwhelmd other to the necessities of the ruling class: ' ' slavery assalariada' ' (Marx apud Claus Offe, 1985), substituting tripalium for the poverty. Oak (2004, p.52) reverberates: Sets of ten of years after the abolition, the descendants of slaves still lived in the farms, a life little better of what of its enslaved ancestor. .

UFOPA Mercantilism

* Jarsen Luis I castrate Guimares SUMMARY This work approaches the question of the Brazilian delay and the Amazon region in function of the lived historical process. It makes comparisons between Brazil and the United States and of the Amazon region with So Paulo. Associate *Professor of the UFOPA and doutorando for the NAEA? UFPA HISTORICAL DEPENDENCE: OF the MERCANTILISM TO CENTURY XXI One of the forms of if understanding the prosperity of the United States and the delay of Brazil it inhabits exactly in the type of mercantilism followed for its metropolises, that is, the type of settling adopted for its colonizadores, England and Portugal, respectively. Whereas the English mercantilism was commercial the Portuguese mercantilism was bulionista, exploring. England created the necessary conditions for the advance of the productive forces, culminating with the consolidation in the way of capitalist production and the industrial revolution of century XVIII, already Portugal started to walk in slow steps. The Mercantilism was a set of practical ideas and that they had blossomed in the Europe, between 1450 and 1750, with objective of enrichment of the country I accumulate for it of verge, motivated for the desire to increase the power of the state or until point was an effort badly disfarado to promote the interests special of the capitalists.

The search for this objective can be observed in two stages: exploration of precious metals and balance of the surplus trade balance. Initially Portugal searched in Brazil precious metals, however it did not find. In a posterior phase it explored the existing natural resources in Brazil of form to commercialize these resources and the products produced with these resources with Brazil and other colonies and other countries (metropolises). Thus, Portugal developed a commerce of exploration with its colony, either practising the monopsnio, with the purchase of the substances cousins, or the monopoly, with the sales of its products products.

Mato Grosso

This type of structure is devoid in Brazil, the construction of them already was necessary very before the country being chosen as headquarters of the Pantry-2014. The event brought the obligation of that they were raised, what she does not leave of being shameful, therefore, without the Pantry, probably the projects nor would exist. This is a positive point of the event: for the Brazilian people, new airports, hospitals or lines of subway go to very facilitate to the day the day of millions of people. Already when we speak of stadiums We go to the facts and numbers: Cuiab will be one of the city-headquarters of the Pantry-2014. The capital of the Mato Grosso is constructing an enclosure for bullfighting (Pantanal Enclosure for bullfighting) for almost 60 a thousand people (after the competition, the capacity will fall for 45 a thousand).

But the city, and the state, do not possess no teams of soccer in the elite the Brazilian soccer, nor in the first one, nor in the second national division. The teams who will inherit the enclosure for bullfighting is Cuiab – TM, of the capital of the state, that currently dispute only the regional championship and series D of the national soccer. According to one ranking elaborated by the site, the Cuiab has the fourth worse average of public between the teamses who dispute the four divisions of the Brazilian soccer. Larry Ellison may find this interesting as well. The club occupies 97 position, with 174 payers for game. The same problem is seen in Manaus. The stadium constructed there will be used by National AM, that also disputes series D it has average of 497 payers for game, occupying 82 position. The ordering club has whenever to arcar with the costs of the stadium to receive a game: to pay the employees as bilheteiros, guards and salesmen, for example, beyond incidental costs.


In Mexico we are also witnessing of a devaluation of the peso. The central bank has had to intervene with billions of dollars of reserves in order to contain the fall. Someone is taking the money. Better said: the value of money. In marriage, when there is separation, the importance of signing certificate of marriage becomes apparent. If there is no such document, surely rights no may be required.

Moreover, if any, compensation for at least part of the damage can then be requested. Why purport that the market be free? If however the authority has to intervene. United States is the great example. They already have his FOBAPROA (rescue financial firms by the Government) and on a super scale. Uncle Sam has had to interfere in the companies to rescue them and try this protect the rest of society. And all for the mismanagement of some Admins and distrust of the owners of the money.

The problem with this is that to the managers inept thieves and fearful investors or malice charges not be can ask for their acts that cause of crisis. Nor is can point them as criminals because there are no written rules make them offenders. Looks necessary today introducing and agreeing formulated laws to prevent financial crises caused by human beings and protect the population from the world of the voracity of some few. Hopefully in the largest of the planet by taking 20 economies meeting held these days in Washington resolutions are taken in this regard. And recognize that the role of the members of the market is different for each part, but everything comes responsibility, and how accountability is often mentioned. The Government must act in time to maintain the balance, i.e., justice and fairness. More justice and equity will not come while there is no legislation governing the actions of participants of the market and as long as those who dream and live as if freedom were right divine to abandoning the needy. Today I read the following words: do not accumulate treasures on Earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves get to steal for themselves. Rather, collect treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust there, nor thieves get to steal for himself. They have much sense. Or what to say. Here there is much thief and much pest.

International Norms

Law of the Societies for Action, the aspects of countable order, for elaboration of the countable demonstrations of the companies, they were conducted by the Decree n 2,627, of 26 of September of 1.940. The text original of the Law n 6,404/76, was modified 5 of May of 1997 for the Law n 9.457 in what it makes use on the societies for action and the Law n 10,303 of 31 of October of 2001, mainly refers to in it to devices of societria substance and the right of the shareholders the advent of the Law n 6,404/76, to the time and until ends of 2007, represented an advance in the technique of elaboration of the countable demonstrations and in the form of evaluation of the elements components of the countable patrimony of the companies. It fulfilled, also, its paper in the accompaniment of the stock markets and financier, supplying valuable elements, for the form of presentation of the demonstrations> Commission of Movable Values. The Law n 11,941, of 27 of May of 2009 (old provisional remedy n 449), it modified the legislation relative federal tax to the parcelamento> ordinary of debits tributaries, granted remission in the cases where it specifies, it instituted the regimen transistion tributary (RTT), as well as the Law n 6.404/76. Harmonization of Practical the Countable ones Adopted in Brazil with the International Norms of Accounting the promulgation of the Law n 11,638/07, constitutes initial, important landmark of Brazilian history and for the stock markets and financier, of adopted practical form to direct the harmonization of the countable ones in Brazil, with international the countable norms, allowing the insertion of the Brazilian companies in the process of countable convergence the International and contributing to add greater in general degree of transparency to the countable demonstrations. With the advent of the Law n 11,638/07, a new cycle if initiates and will demand, certainly, the concentration of efforts of the companies, of the auditors, of the diverse organisms and professionals of accounting and finances and of the Commission of Movable Values CPC the Law n 11,638/07 strengthened the agreement of that the countable regulation in Brazil can be based on works developed for multirepresentative organism, that it has for object the study and spreading of countable standards and auditorship. In this direction, the law introduced the possibility of the CVM, of the BACEN and the excessively regulating ones to firm accords with this type of organism, being, then, strengthened the paper and the importance of the Committee of Countable Uprisings CPC, already in activity. Society of Great Transport the Law n 11,638/07 extended to the societies of great transport, the obligatoriness to keep bookkeeping and to elaborate countable demonstrations with observance of the disposals of the societria law.> They are considered of great transport, the societies that, or under controls individually common, possess superior total asset the R$ 240 million or superior gross revenue the R$ 300 million..

National Association

Leading in account that changes of the basic tax of interests have effect on the economic activity and on the inflationary dynamics that if they accumulate throughout the time, the Committee agrees that any additional monetary flexibilizao will have to be implemented in more parsimonious way. The Copom will intently follow the evolution of the prospectivo scene for inflation until its next meeting (in 21 and 22 of July), for then defining the next steps to the strategy of monetary politics, standed out the institution in official official notice. In other words, the BC evaluates that it has space for one aggressive cut because the inflation is inside of the 2009 goal (4.5%) and also for 2010 (also of 4,5%), taking in account the expectations of the analysts heard for the bank in the Focus.Em research a bigger note that the habitual one, the BC remembered that the cut ‘ ‘ it has effect on the economic activity and the inflationary dynamics that if they accumulate throughout tempo’ ‘. With this, ‘ ‘ the Committee affirms that any additional monetary flexibilizao will have more to be implemented in way parcimoniosa’ ‘. in the real life? The impact of the fall of 1,0 percentile point of the basic tax of interests for the consumer must be small. Simulation made for the National Association of the Executives of Finances, Administration and Accounting (Anefac) sample that reduction of the Selic of 10,25% to the year for 9,25% must bring the average tax of charged interests to the natural person of current 133.7% to the year for 131,62% to the year. In accordance with the Anefac, the more expensive modality of credit to the consumer is the personal loan next to financiers, who must fall currently of 259,03% charged to the year for 255,94% after the cut of the Selic. After that, in ranking of the credit most onerous, it appears the front, credit card that must charge 235.01% to the year for the loaned money, current the 237.93%, In accordance with the Anefac, the biggest benefit with the reduction of the Selic comes of the fall of the yield of the banks in treasure-house applications (public headings).

Consolidated Taxes

exceeding this rule it will run serious risks not to obtain to fulfill with its obligations? It saves. The majority of the people it foresees and very well a saving enters the 3 6 times the monthly average income. Hear from experts in the field like Larry Ellison for a more varied view. In this panorama of crisis where we live now, all demasiadamente we are displayed to an unemployment scene. If it will be three months dismissed as goes to be its life? Already it meditou in this? will be two years? It prevents consumerisms exaggerated, it has controlled the artificial expenditures, accounts as of the electricidade, TV handle, Internet and telemveis can, many times, being considerably reduced only with the introduction of new habits. It introduces the habit of saving in its day the day. It opts to a home loan. If to decide for consolidating its credits in a home loan will obtain to get lower taxes of interest of what in a personal credit. It compares the taxes of the gotten proposals (TAE and TAEG).

It tries to know anticipatedly all the costs that could be associates the opening of the process for it I credit consolidated. If already one meets in one condition criticizes of indebtedness and not it knows what have-of making part it helps the Cabinets of support of the DECO. They have some delegations for the country are, certainly some will be next to its area of residence and will have pleasure in to help to choose a consolidated credit adequate. It has many small tips that can facilitate and improve the quality of life if to it take them the serious one. It visits my site on I credit Consolidated learns all these small tips.