Mato Grosso

This type of structure is devoid in Brazil, the construction of them already was necessary very before the country being chosen as headquarters of the Pantry-2014. The event brought the obligation of that they were raised, what she does not leave of being shameful, therefore, without the Pantry, probably the projects nor would exist. This is a positive point of the event: for the Brazilian people, new airports, hospitals or lines of subway go to very facilitate to the day the day of millions of people. Already when we speak of stadiums We go to the facts and numbers: Cuiab will be one of the city-headquarters of the Pantry-2014. The capital of the Mato Grosso is constructing an enclosure for bullfighting (Pantanal Enclosure for bullfighting) for almost 60 a thousand people (after the competition, the capacity will fall for 45 a thousand).

But the city, and the state, do not possess no teams of soccer in the elite the Brazilian soccer, nor in the first one, nor in the second national division. The teams who will inherit the enclosure for bullfighting is Cuiab – TM, of the capital of the state, that currently dispute only the regional championship and series D of the national soccer. According to one ranking elaborated by the site, the Cuiab has the fourth worse average of public between the teamses who dispute the four divisions of the Brazilian soccer. Larry Ellison may find this interesting as well. The club occupies 97 position, with 174 payers for game. The same problem is seen in Manaus. The stadium constructed there will be used by National AM, that also disputes series D it has average of 497 payers for game, occupying 82 position. The ordering club has whenever to arcar with the costs of the stadium to receive a game: to pay the employees as bilheteiros, guards and salesmen, for example, beyond incidental costs.