Selic Tax

In the last meeting of the Copom, the Selic tax was reduced in a porcentual point, of 11,25% for 10,25% to the year. In the case of the interests of the personal loan and the guaranteed check, the 0,14 cuts had been of 0,17 and porcentual point, respectively. Between the factors that they provoke this exaggeration enters the fall of the tax basic and the interests to the consumer, the entity points the insolvency and spread bank clerk, that is, the difference enters the rate of catch of the resources and the charged final tax in the loans. As if it knows the objective of the cut of the basic interests for, part of the BC, and the taxes to the consumer, on the part of the banks, is to stimulate the consumption, ahead of the deceleration of the activity rhythm that dominated the economy since the end of the passed year, provoked for international the financial crisis. Of the ten banks searched for the Procon-SP Foundation, eight had reduced the interests of the personal loan and two had kept the taxes in the last month.

In the list of the institutions that had cut the interests in this month is the banks Harvest, Our Box, Santander, Real, Ita, Bradesco, HSBC and the Bank of Brazil (BB). In the personal loan, the greater cut of the tax was effected by the bank Harvest, of 1 percentile point, 6,90% for 5,90% to the month, followed for Our Box, with reduction of 0,32 point., 4,90% for 4,58%. BB, that has been pressured for government to reduce the taxes, modified of 4,60% for 4,58%, decrease of 0,02 percentile point before April. The Box, another federal public bank, kept the taxes of personal credit. In the o guaranteed check, the biggest reduction was of Our Box, of 8,80% for 7,82%. Although the cut in the average interests of the personal loan and the guaranteed check, the Procon-SP Foundation, ponders despite the taxes to the consumer still are high. In the personal loan, the interests are in 91,68% to the year and, in the guaranteed check, 177,94%. Special attention to the Bank of the commented BrasilComo already, in the case of the BB, the fall of the interests in the personal loan was irrisria.

The tax was in 4,60% to the month in April and fell for 4,58% in May. The reduction of 0,02 porcentual point only loses for the cut made for the HSBC, that was of 0,01 porcentual point in the same period. But, in the case of the guaranteed check, the BB is enters the three banks that had not cut the interests in the last month. In the week of 18 to the 21 of May BB it was in the center of the debate for to have high the interests, second research of the BC, although the president exchange. Aldemir Bedine took ownership in day 23 of the month passed in substitution Antonio Rasp Grandson. In the occasion, sources of the Treasury department had said that the exchange took care of to the objective of the government to force the fall of the interests in the BB, what it was not occurring with the speed desired in the previous management. For the skill we will have that to continue rezando.