For A Life Long… Jewelry Highlights The Personality Of The Wearer

Favorite pieces of jewelry pieces. Soon in the online shop! I will no longer take off your ring!” That has been a client of Brita Stevenson once. For over 10 years she’s wearing this ring, supplemented occasionally by a second. No wonder: The limbs – and stone necklaces, rings, and earrings by Brita Stevenson become rapidly favorite pieces. Probably you have ever seen the elegant pieces of jewelry: find it in shops and hotels. And soon also in the Internet.

Can adorn themselves everyone”, says Brita Stevenson. “But I would like to underline the personality of the wearer.” So it comes between the wearer and piece of jewelry to mutual relations”. High-quality materials are processed at Brita Stevenson’s Workbench: Sterling Silver, sometimes gilded them, and precious stones. For example, agate, Rose Quartz, amber and Opalit. Corals in various colors, jade and pearls are also. What is the source of their inspiration? Brita Stevenson: Colour, structure and cut (cut) of the stones.

It establishes a pattern. In the field of classic timeless elegance and new interpretation of a spontaneous idea takes concrete form during the work.” The client itself is just as important! She wants a particular stone. Combined with gold or silver. Then a movie is in my head.” For example, Once was a lady with an old-fashioned amber necklace, which she inherited from her mother. She wanted that I create something new so. Something that fits to you.” Brita Stevenson combined amber with silver and rock crystal, which was polished like ice cubes. Thus the customer received a completely new creation. but linked to a personal history” I’m sure this way only small editions or individual pieces leaving Brita Stevenson manufactory. Determines you soon have a new favorite piece: a ring, a bracelet or a chain of Brita Stevenson! And who knows, maybe you would then no longer pull it off! Gladly we send you by mail or Post: 1 Factsheet 1 short interview 1 statement 8 different photos 1 CD-ROM with images more info:, contact person for the press: Florine Calleen Text@Plan editorial Organization Communication platen road 37. 50825 Koln tel/fax: + 49.221.5502392 mobile: + 49.152.02013758