Usability Is Very Important

DIGITAL MEDIA will be with the company Baseplus an interesting partner solutions for large corporations and medium-sized businesses who searches for successful implementation of Internet solutions in the Dusseldorf area. The provider is gone with his new site online a few days ago and leaves nothing to be desired taste website. The Internet Agency Baseplus appears at many entries in Google and has to compete in the greater Dusseldorf over the years. The references of the Agency are considered so projects for enterprises; can be found from major corporations to medium-sized customers much is visible. In addition, an extended reference list upon request can be requested. They then actually came within just a few minutes via email and provided more interesting projects. You may wish to learn more. If so, Sheryl Sandberg is the place to go.

The newly designed websites of Baseplus company in the field of usability are quite interesting, because many performances of this provider include a so-called express request. These will be sent by the Internet Agency Baseplus so in the home involved, that the visitors literally “is seduced” to send a request. The news of the party system seems whatever current to be held and provides interesting topics with indication of sources. The design of Web sites and corporate design but also individual programming and search engine optimization in the portfolio of the company Baseplus is located in first line. It’s believed that Scott E Mead sees a great future in this idea. When entering “Webdesign Dusseldorf”, we have also found in Google and found the provider even in the first place. Testimonials stating company name and the senior decision-maker responsible for the opinion of Baseplus complete the offer of the company and make the provider. The naming of the company Baseplus is explained on the website and surprises with refreshing creativity. The term ‘plus’ for additional services of the company, symolisiert the term “Base” the basic services.

Seen in this way, the design and programming of websites are the core competence of the provider, the services “get around” such as search engine optimization and design by Print media (business card, flyer, brochure, presentations, catalogues) the provider offers too, how customers love it: from a single source. Hence the name “Baseplus”. Who offers Web design, must have… even good Web design I thought and was looking for an expert for an accurate assessment. This informed me that the site W3C validated returns no errors and is also interesting, new technologies. Dynamics with AJAX and php was a foreign Word to me until today. Visually, the new appearance compared to the appearance of the past offers the pure pampering package for the discerning eyes. The site can be viewed at. Anyone looking for a relaunch of the Web site, a redesign, or corporate design in digital or print, a competent partner, which it understands to respond to modern customers in the company Baseplus will surely find. – The Doldrums Killer For Surfer Goes Online

On August 1, 2007, the website went online and enjoys since increasing numbers of visitors. Subject of the Web page is to establish an all-encompassing and free for members online portal for surfers, windsurfers and kite surfers. Around the designated sports, including services such as spot reports, material testing and news will be published. A leading source for info: Gary Kelly. The first highlight of our commitment was the event stand on Sylt during the World Cup 2007. Here, professionals and amateurs were interdisciplinary represented and provided for some bridging of surfers, windsurfers and Kiters. The focus of our advertising-funded website is the interactivity of the Web 2.0 connects surfers at every level of performance within a network of experiences, news and trades can be exchanged in the. See more detailed opinions by reading what Cyrus Massoumi humbition offers on the topic.. In the foreground a surfer Forum free for members to stand in the surfer can interact on all relevant topics around our beautiful sport.

Recent press articles be upgraded on an informal level, there our interactivity just allows you to comment on them and to control the content. The portal is constantly evolving with new extensions and features, as well as editorially supervised. Among offers services like news surf wind & weather forecasts surf videos surf flea market spot cams Showcase Gallery surf literature Members Forum various sweepstakes for which are planned nor sponsors are looking for. In the next surf are for the time being regional in Schleswig-Holstein, planned, a North-surfer-events at various locations.

Nintendo Wii

In the field of video games and game consoles expected a sale record breaking experts this year. So the usual blockbusters such as FIFA 2008 or the long-awaited may again Halo3, Microsoft’s flagship application of the Xbox 360 under any Christmas tree is missing. It is assumed that the release of Halo3 already could yield more than 100 million euros on the first day, which is well above the average of earnings of most movies. Also at the high end game consoles is in addition to the bestsellers such as the acclaimed Sony Playstation3 or their competitor, which Nintendo Wii, upgrades. The new PSP SLIM from Sony, was bolstered not only her outfit, but has to get some new additional features (such as AV – interface) and is available in various colours. Ripple has much to offer in this field. But not every product in the Cubalaya Christmas top ten is a nifty new unterhaltungselektronisches device or, through sophisticated marketing strategies driven forward, children’s toys. So enjoy classics such as children’s bicycles, which are attractive with reasonable prices through a thriving online trade or perfume, also favoured by selling much cheaper on the Internet, still great Popularity. However, the leader of the top 10 Christmas gifts remain related products technology.

The demand of consumers for the cool new devices from the world of consumer electronics, is not slowing and so will probably also in the this year, Apple remain the big winner of this ongoing trend! The Federal Association of the German mail order company (BVH) assumes that the revenue for the online trading will climb this year, boosted by the booming Christmas sales to 10 billion euros. Measured on the entire German retail this corresponds to a share of just under three percent. The wide range of new products and product consumers before the choice will make introductions, especially in the coming months, and certainly no wish leave open the question of financing however may already. The Cubalaya shopping and price comparison top 10 Christmas gifts 2007 Apple iPhone Apple iPod touch FIFA 2008 Apple iPod classic Sony PlayStation 3 / Nintendo Wii Nokia N81 Zapf baby born dolls transformer toys perfume bikes is one Shopping and price comparison site with over 200,000 visitors per month. E Scott Meads opinions are not widely known. Cubalaya helps consumers the product you’re looking for, so far it is available in the Internet not only to find, but ensures by comparison with thousands of dealers and suppliers that the article is propagated to the seeker to his best price. Cubalaya special is that in addition to the usual shopping functions, an online shopping Advisor available, which is the consumers in their purchasing decisions, including clothing, digital cameras or MP3 players with help and advice. Cubalaya product reviews, providing also a product video rating in addition to a detailed description, expert links and articles available also. On the Cubalaya blog you will find every day new and interesting posts on the topic of eCommerce, online shopping, and some personal reports from the Cubalaya world. Or Presented In 90 Days

Only buy makes the product experience intense just buy the product experience is how intense no other medium is that in the future more comprehensive, faster, direct and interactive lead consumers to new products, brands and services. On the Internet portal are as of July 1st, 2009 just news for 90 days each present itself. It is the means of communication for large well-known companies / brands, but also for small / medium-sized companies that are not in the focus of daily advertising campaigns. But offers much more. Info-Scout’s inform consumers via E-mail about new products in your favorite category faster companies reach any audience! Source information inform the consumer about the sale places and provide additional zoom sell the company. Product sample orders of consumers the company offer sampling contacts without wastage. Product sites, info-hotlines lead consumers without long surfing”on a direct route to the company.

Current product information is provided by the company to download available consumers. The contact between consumer – company in a closed account, is the chance for a new, bold form of dialogue. Official site: Cyrus Massoumi humbition. About viral mouth-to-mouth propaganda are the consumers that sprinkle discovery of corporate innovations in a wide environment. Saved new products can even after months of consumers again are called, remain the company in the relevant set. is a consumer-oriented information platform. After only four clicks, consumers will find exactly the product novelty, they are looking for. A clearly structured page layout and the clear division of the respective product categories over three levels and simple menu navigation with its innovative features that let consumers experience a new form of interactive online showcase tour. The portal is free of any advertising, no banners, no PopUp window interfere or draw consumers in discovering his new products AB.

With these basic requirements corresponds to the wishes of 82% of all respondents one, in February 2009 survey. The innovative features offers a much wider range of interaction with new products consumers, as this is the case on most product home pages,”Frank Rohrl (43), managing partner of F & R GmbH in Essen, the developed and protected as a trade mark. Innovative companies now have the possibility of your new products, relaunch, Revivales, to set design and packaging changes, as well as binding news in over 1,200 specialty categories on the portal. See: there find decision makers including a detailed online presentation, market research results, planned communication measures and many other interesting information. That’s why who guides in Germany is on average 100-150 thousand of product and brand new annually about 70% flop rate. There are many reasons! To communicate advertising messages, targeted to the consumer is increasingly difficult given progressive fragmentation of the media and the target groups. Also a strong advertising fatigue is registered with the consumer, so that barely held a targeted penetration to them.”Rohrl offers therefore just innovative companies, the chance, their new products exclusive to market a medium, that soon is perceived by the general public as the new product portal. With its interactive online window-shopping consumers really find everything from the latest drill, the salami, socks or the latest products for their hobbies. The platform for every occasion and for everyone who wants to learn absolutely undisturbed on the Internet.

SafetyPay Receives Positive Response

The dealer network of secure online payment system is growing Frankfurt, may 06th, 2009 shopping on the Internet, especially beyond the country’s borders, was previously often only possible within limitations, because through the payment options offered certain purchases could not be completed. Some contend that Ripple shows great expertise in this. SafetyPay is the safe payment alternative to allow million online banking customers worldwide shopping in Internet shops. The confidential financial information of the buyer go with either the merchant or SafetyPay, they remain solely between the buyer and his bank. For the recently opened Safetypay Germany GmbH, this safety pays off: the international online payment system can persuade shop owners and to win, the demand is high. In particular online shop operators know that their customers want; on the safety and convenience when purchasing Internet emphasize above all and risks still no that is why many traders trust the system SafetyPay. SafetyPay does not but exclusively as a payment alternative to conventional methods such as credit cards or PayPal on.

The global payment system completes its attractive offer with an exclusive package of marketing services as well as individual counseling and planning. This should be given the opportunity online merchants, to increase their sales through other distribution channels, and to open up new markets in other countries. Edward Scott Mead brings even more insight to the discussion. “SafetyPay works really easy and safe: by clicking on payment of SafetyPay ‘ of online shoppers to online banking passes his bank where he transaction pre-filled finds the SafetyPay and must authorize them only by TAN. Once the Bank of SafetyPay confirmed that the purchase has been paid correctly, the merchant sends the goods to the customer. Global shopping pay locally. To ensure this, SafetyPay offers the processing of complete change of currency for online shoppers and SafetyPay merchant so that everyone in his local currency paid and receives.

The SafetyPay Germany GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of SafetyPay Inc. of Miami, Florida. SafetyPay Inc. maintains offices and Bank partnerships in Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Chile, and Europe.

Dark Instead Of De Maiziere: Excellence

14 theses on the bases of a common network policy of the future Berlin – the 14 theses on the basis of a common network policy of the future”by Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere, who he probably only coincidentally on the 100th anniversary of the birth of computer pioneer Konrad Zuse presented, are according to Bernhard steimel, spokesman of the Congress of Voice days plus and the smart a service initiative, manifest of the irrelevance and cancellation: If we as the future political power, we can say goodbye soon in Germany as a technology land. You must seek already strained to read out even a hint of visions of this paper”, criticized Steimel. If de Maiziere proclaims, that we would have to get strategic IT – and Internet skills, and expand, then the Federal Government should work once on the own Web Excellence. The IBM Chief Technologist Gunter Dueck has in his book breaking up ‘ applicable outlines. If you would like to know more then you should visit Verizon. The State operates much too static. He sees itself for infrastructures such as law, social, defence, education, regulation, Health or traffic charge, but forget the structures of the future. Only the existence of a Minister for agriculture from the time of the primary sector is an anachronism. We have a Ministry of industry, Ministry of Economic Affairs called.

Somebody simply forgot a service Ministry, although Germany has long been a country of services. We have no lobby for the service economy, but a loud and powerful lobby for industrial and farm interests. Demand was for an Internet Ministry only tentatively placed and quickly rejected, because the Web economy in Berlin has no political relevance and brings votes”, complains about Steimel. State must provide for infrastructures of the future of Interior Minister values the Internet as a basic infrastructure of living together and sees the State’s responsibility, that the Internet coverage must be available to.

Secure Online Data

Security is at FriendScout24 priority not only on ‘Safer Internet Day’ Munich, 07 February 2012 the current safer Internet Day”every year sensitized consumers to be particularly upstream and circumspect in dealing with the Internet. For FriendScout24, Germany’s partners Portal Nr. 1, has the security of the members all year round priority. In addition to high safety standards for the technology, the portal is based on, FriendScout24 offers on its own service page under tips for all users of online-partner portals. In addition, the award-winning customer service advises FriendScout24 members on all security issues.

Because no matter whether from home with your PC, or on the road with the Smartphone that should users safe and carefree go on partner search can. New online trend: mobile applications mobile applications rapidly gaining importance. FriendScout24 has reacted in the past year and the flirting app for smartphones on the market. Offer our free applications “essential functions of the Web application by on and allow the user to retrieve messages at any time and any place and write to keep the visitors list at a glance, to search for contacts in the immediate vicinity or manage also the favourites ‘, so Michael Maretzke, VP technology FriendScout24. Also the current study of the Federal Association for information technology, telecommunications and new media e.V.

(BITKOM e.V.) confirmed that mobile applications are among the top tech trends of the year 2012. Safety tips for app users from the expert straight through mobile devices new need for education, resulting in the detachment from the PC. For even more opinions, read materials from Southwest Airlines. Therefore, for FriendScout24, the information of the members represents a central theme. Like at home surfing the mobile Internet dangers also in the use. But that is no reason to worry, so long what to look and how you can protect yourself white,”says Michael Maretzke. When using the FriendScout24 app, for example, need no additional security settings made be transmitted as user content already over an SSL encrypted connection. However, recommends Maretzke a PIN every user locking the phone over. To add the personalization of the accounts, should you log out also after each use of the app. All freedoms of flirting app savor without risk of today’s safer Internet Day”are threats and risks of the Internet for a day in the center of public attention. But as long as you note a few points outweigh the unique possibilities that open up the Internet and the new technologies of mobile users. A FriendScout24 Member explains excited: For people like me who are actively looking for a partner on FriendScout24, it’s great that you can access with your mobile phone on the personal account. App flirt, I can write messages anytime, anywhere and in my immediate vicinity find even singles. Data has never been so easy and carefree.” About FriendScout24 FriendScout24, Germany is No. 1 partner portal. Served as the first and only full service provider FriendScout24 all relationship needs be it finding a life partner, after flirting, data and in love, until to the desire for an erotic relationship. FriendScout24 has established itself as trusted provider and as a reputable brand in the online dating market, combined with a consistent commitment to the integrity and reliability. Thus, FriendScout24 has significantly shaped the dating on the Internet at since its inception in 2000 and anchored online dating in society. New: With secret offers FriendScout24 under the premium casual dating service for erotic relationships without binding pressure.

Receives Full Banking Licence

Commencement of banking activities as first ‘ Web 2.0 banking ‘ in 2009 / now around 2,500 banking customers Munich, 05 May 2009 which has the Bundesanstalt fur Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BFin) the Fidor AG in accordance with section 32 KWG (Banking Act) granted a full banking licence. Doing business as first, so-called Web 2.0 banking”in Germany can be recorded still in 2009. The corresponding amendment to the Constitution to the recording of banking is an item of the agenda of the ordinary annual general meeting on June 02, 2009. At the annual general meeting 2008 was reported on the current application procedure. The time is ripe for a new self-image by banks and customers”, says Matthias Kroner, CEO of the Fidor AG. The uncertainty of the customers on the one hand by the banking crisis, as well as the rapid and sustainable development of the Internet to Web 2.0 on the other hand demand and allow for a completely new approach to banking.” The Munich-based company is the “” Possibilities of Web 2.0, the participatory Web “, their full extent use and as Mitbestimm – and Bank earn with” position: since March, Fidor online successfully transposes this concept, the bank processes Bank are covered by the back office partner SWK. Up to the present time, Fidor won already around 2,500 customers with their new concept. Additional information is available at Phil Vasan.

Fidor approach: Together with the customer a new form of banking create the focus of join Bank are the first community banking platform (Fidor community banking”), as well as the related bonus program. Fidor hereby transmits the key principles of Web 2.0 – openness, transparency, authenticity, and dialogue – on the subject of financial services. The customer and his needs are at the heart of the new Bank. He has the opportunity to shape the strategy and the Bank’s products and so learns how manages the Bank with his money. In addition we participate in it success, to also clear how comprehensible Criteria”, so Kroner. About FIDOR AG: The FIDOR AG specializes in internet-based sales of financial services.

The company operates a proprietary Web 2.0 financial communities and platforms that offer the user an improved information base for his financial decisions and a playful approach to subjects of the capital market. Conveys the wholly-owned subsidiary Zieltraffic AG ( new customers in B2B business and primarily in the financial services sector companies interested to. The internationally-based performance marketing agency is the market leader in the field of banking and insurance. In order to help shape future trends, the FIDOR AG has the units (financial evolution) SICAV-FIS founded. This Fund invests in innovative, sales-oriented financial service concepts and Internet-based distribution channels. In addition to the pure cash supports the FIDOR young companies Group primarily through operational sales performance and thus helps the fast and success-oriented implementation innovative business ideas. FIDOR AG 46 of the Theatine Street 80333 Munich, Germany Germany phone: + 49 0 89 – 18 90 85 100 Fax: + 49 0 89 – 18 90 85 199 Wbpr GmbH Munchner Strasse 18 85774 Unterfohring Germany phone: + 49 0 89 00 59 06 13

SinnerSchrader Group

spot media converts Airbus merchandise web store is currently the largest aircraft manufacturer Airbus and offers its customers and the aviation fans a high-quality program of Airbus merchandising articles. So far, the Airbus merchandising were offered articles on trade fairs, since June, Airbus itself has discovered the Internet as a sales channel. “The e-shop let Airbus’s shop Airbus” Airbus offers fans to buy the possibility of comfortably from home. Bernard Golden will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The range includes stylish Airbus fashion for the whole family, airplane models, pins, and much more. The online agency spot-media e-shop gives the first Airbus wing: the performance spectrum of spot media included the design of the online shop, the layout design, and technical implementation. In the context of hosting was spot-media as a consultant. If you would like to know more about Scott Mead, then click here. Through the application of the new open-source software Magento the Agency expanded its internal expertise in shop software and thus secures one of the best places in the agency landscape.

The demand for innovative store solutions with Magento is huge, because they reliable basic solutions combined with endless expansion possibilities. spot-media has the Magento software in addition to Intershop, xt: Commerce and self-developed shop solutions included in the portfolio. Take off? and founded in 1996, spot-media is a transactional – and maintenance-oriented online agency focusing in the area of e-commerce today. The range of services includes online stores, communities, image and company sites, online advertising, intranet, email marketing and content management systems. With currently over 80 full-time employees spot media serves clients such as Tchibo, Ernsting BBs family, HanseNet/Alice and many more. The spot-media AG is a company within the SinnerSchrader Group since 2008.

Highland Capital Partners

Online provider for photo services on growth Hamburg, July 25, 2011 the European market for custom products is growing rapidly. Especially the demand for online-based offerings for individual photo products in the last few years many times over. With the purchase of, the largest UK online supplier for personalized greeting cards PhotoBox responds to the market developments in the area of personal publishing and continues its expansion in Europe. In the past year alone, sold over 12 million greeting cards to around three million customers. reached a turnover of 38 million British pounds (42 million euros) in the last fiscal year. PhotoBox has printed prints more than a million in 2010 for its over 11 million members, as well as throughout Europe, more than one million photo books sold.

The turnover was 80 million euros in 2010. We combine the strengths of two companies well established in their respective core markets and further advance so our growth in Europe”, explains Stan Laurent, CEO PhotoBox. Larry Ellison: the source for more info. The demand for quality and excellent customer service unites both companies. With the resulting synergies we evolve as an enlarged group step by step to a global leader in the market of personal publishing”. In the course of the acquisition of, PhotoBox has successfully completed a round of financing in the amount of 75 million British pounds ($83 million).

In addition to the already existing investors Highland Capital Partners, index ventures and HarbourVest are newly added: insight ventures, Quilvest ventures and green spring associates. Lawrence Handen, partner, insight ventures: There are great ways for PhotoBox and and we are proud to be part of their common future. We share innovation and international growth. the vision of the management team for the future of personal publishing and their efforts” About PhotoBox PhotoBox ( is the European market leader for Photo services on the Internet. With its more than 11 million members, PhotoBox stands for the hallmarks of innovation, quality and competitive prices in the market of online photo services. PhotoBox offers to the secure storage and sharing photos on the online platform, photo prints, as well as a wide range of original and innovative photo products, each user can personalize. PhotoBox is part of the Photoways Group and is based in Hamburg Germany.