Utopia Is A City In Every German City

City Guide by utopia for sustainable shopping all talk of strategic consumption, but where to buy? So that everyone can find the points of contact for conscious consumption choices quickly, the green industry online book was “Utopia city” developed. Thus, consumers learn quickly and easily where they in their town or on the road can find organic foods, eco-fashion or green furniture, but also where an organic Cafe, veggie restaurant, an environmentally friendly cleaning, ecologically-oriented architect or diaper service hides. With consumption, make the world better: utopia City Guide Germany wide there now for every area of life better, greener alternatives as conventional products or services. But nowhere the addresses listed so practically such as in the new utopia City Guide. In these “green” pages consumers by keyword and location from the organic supermarket about Second-Hand fashion find all, what strategic consumers are looking for and need to sustainable textile cleaning, natural cosmetics and bicycle workshop. Thus any focal point Utopia city is listed, do consumers tell your sustainable tip or Lieblingsshop with other like minded people, this way, the “green” industry book is always topical.

Everyone has the ability to edit addresses to edit, to create new addresses, to comment on and to evaluate. The new city guide by utopia to sustainable addresses nationwide and more information at: the Green Guide starts with experience week in Munich under the motto “we are good things. Munich shoppt for a better world”celebrates the utopia City shopping days until Saturday, 8th to 15th May 2010, Munich from Saturday. This discovery tour through the city of Munich 35 partners in the entire Munich City area with special promotions discounts wait for gifts or test actions on consumers. In addition held tastings of delicious organic products and some of our partners offer 20 per cent discount on stylish fashion – in short: lots of sustainable surprises waiting for the consumers.

Recommend, review and win! Who after his Shopping experience online has its rating, or creates a new address, automatically takes part in a competition. Valuable prizes to win city at the start of utopia. The closing date of the competition is the 31.7.2010. About Utopia: The utopia AG operates the leading Web portal for strategic consumption and sustainable lifestyle in German-speaking countries (www.utopia.de). Utopia gives information and guidance to consumers and helps them to make their life more sustainable. In addition, Utopia promotes the dialogue process between consumers, businesses, and society towards a more sustainable policy. The utopia Foundation is supported by a Board of Trustees, composed of science, public and businesses from thought leaders. Press contact: Dannie Quilitzsch Tel 0 89 / 2 60 24 14 0 email: utopia AG Saeed str. 10 81543 Munich Medienarbeiten.de supports utopia.