Friday Bulgaria

In Bulgaria allowed the import and export of foreign currency without restrictions. Import and export of Bulgarian national currency is prohibited. When leaving the country Lev remaining need to change the currency. For export of antiquities and works of art must have a permit. To avoid unnecessary confusion, having the jewelry, photography, film and video camera portable typewriter or a laptop, point them in the declaration when entering the country.

The import and export of drugs and weapons. Are duty free export of 250 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250g tobacco, as well as 2 liters of wine and 1 liter of spirits alcoholic beverages. Banks are open from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 16.00, lunch break from 12.00 to 13.00. On weekends and public holidays banks are closed. The exchange must specify whether the commission is taken, it is better to learn in advance from the cashier, how many “BGN”, he really will give in exchange for a specific amount of currency. Calculations using credit cards in Bulgaria so far underdeveloped. At airports, major hotels, restaurants and shops accept credit cards Eurosard (MasterCard), Visa, American Ehrress, Diners club, Access, Airplus, JCB. Shops are open from Monday to Friday.

Saturday – a short day, although many shops are open seven days a week. Grocery stores often operate around the clock. From Bulgaria, you can bring clothing, embroidered, linen fabrics, carpets, perfumes of the Valley of Roses, leather goods, silver. But the main Bulgarian souvenir – Brandy (Bulgarian brandy).


Barter was the way in which ancient civilizations began to trade, carried out transactions through animals, cocoa, gold, etc. Co-Branding (all English sounds much more modern and important) is born from that same philosophy, I give you, you give me and both WINS (returning to the English terminology, the famous win win).Applied to the business world, is exploit synergies between two or more companies, that do not compete with each other and that provide value between them. This term was popularized and intensified in the 1990s, still today widely used, although adapted to the new formats offered by technology. One of the actions of more usual Co-branding is the launch of a joint product. Let us imagine that our brand of energy drink Marketing strategy is to achieve the repositioning towards a drink which, without forgetting the essence of the product, to be transmitted as a healthy brand. To achieve this, we could reach an agreement with a brand (not necessarily of drinks) that transmit those values and that is positioned in the minds of consumers as a healthy, beneficial for health brand and provides well-being. On the contrary, our partner, would be looking for ways to reach out to young people and give a touch of energy and dynamism to your product.

A well orchestrated such action, can be much more convincing face to our target audience than an expensive advertising campaign, where you try to convince that our brand is not only already energetic but also healthy, or vice versa (according to from the company from which see it).The financial outlay that often involves the project in common, usually for placing own ongoing campaign or released product. I.e. by general terms, partners do not perform payments among themselves, since it is the own brand image that offers, customers who have or the product that makes, that acts of animal, gold or cacao in each case. Held in 2006, the iconic VESPA motorcycles your 60th birthday. On that occasion, reached an agreement with ADIDAS to launch a joint clothing collection. Both brands have lately grown a vintage style, so that collaboration emerges naturally, leaving both reinforced as brand. Other successful activities of Co-Branding, this trialogue and by product, time was that of CASSIUS (with its category star g), Montana Colors (leader in manufacturing of spray cans) and ZETA (one of the artists better considered in the European panorama).

Such a relationship, arose a Montana limited edition, designed by ZETA motif g Tin. What you each of them won? CASIO could arrive at an urban public lover of graffiti, MONTANA could loyalty to that same audience by launching a product of Edition limited (valued in that group) and ZETA would widen the dissemination of their work. In addition all they managed numerous means to ask echo of the collaboration. Referring to the title which gives its name to this Article, Co-Branding is still more important to an economic situation as serious as that currently live. For this reason, finding a formula through strategic alliances with third parties, may be key to achieve goals that would be much more difficult to achieve independently.

The Task

So, as soon as the employer found out that he needed to do – it says so employees and if it is a big company, or There are people who are responsible for large amounts of work done meeting, and on it the manager must be as precise and as you can not clearly and clearly lay out the essence of this situation? WHY?? Answer the main question is why? Where was error. When people understand the reason – they can be with her to do something, but when are indications that are not argued, that people do not understand the essence of the situation. Of course, in some situations, a manager can lzheprichinu provide or use any other control lever. When people present at the meeting understood the essence of the problem – the head of offering them to express or offer solutions. Although he already knows the solution and it is now obvious. But to everyone felt that it was his idea, his decision. Everyone has to lay out his proposal.

Before that, the manager can say or remind you that this situation is very important. And from that decide whether it or not – depends a great deal. The task of director quietly nudge them to the right decision (in case you encounter difficulties). Beat the whole situation in a way that everyone present felt the importance of their participation in this venture. This is achieved by raising the right questions, encouraging and very thin, conservative, proven compliments. Thereafter, each with a staff turns, realizes that he may play an important role in getting the company to the crisis, and may be rewarded not only emotionally, not just to get moral satisfaction. The manager should additionally voice and this is that when the affairs of the company will up – that those who took part in this – waiting for a good extra financial rewards.