Apartments and Businesses

In 1896 it was referred to the number of hotels that 'when the relative cheapness give famous visitor amenities and even some comfort. " Prices of rooms at the hotel ranged from 75 cents to 5 rubles. In this hotel stopped by Anton . Since 1964, the first floor housed most famous coffee shop, entered the urban folklore as 'Saigon'. In it there were also communicated by the representatives of the Leningrad counterculture – starting with Joseph Brodsky and Sergei Dovlatov Today the center of Saint Petersburg – Nevsky Prospekt from Square (now Square uprising) until the River in the middle of the xix century was regarded as the city outskirts.

A case as in 1819 a fire inspector, Check for damaged lights at Znamensky Square, attacked the wolf. This part Nevsky Prospekt and in 1840 was called 'the edge of the world'; there were mostly one-or two-story house, and got here cabbies grumbled. One of the passengers wrote a cabman tirade: 'sharpen already drove away! No people like b and scary! " For Anichkov bridge to the station Nikolaev railway on Nevsky Prospect began dirt, dimly burning lights rare. In 1866, the Metropolitan Chief Chief of Police ordered to strengthen the Night Watch 'by Anichkin bridge to the railway station Nicholas '-' to prevent looting. " Walk in the evenings there was risky. In the 60 years of xix century on Nevsky Prospekt were wooden houses with front gardens. Stone buildings this part of the Nevsky were built mainly during the second half of xix century. Later, many buildings were rebuilt several times, extending upward and into the depths of quarters.

They were located apartment houses, restaurants, rooming room In 1884, the Nevsky Prospect began covering electricity. The house at number 51 – a typical apartment building. It was built in 1835. The apartment has windows facing the courtyard in the middle of the xix century, lived ia Goncharov. Here he worked on his novel 'Oblomov'. Some time in the house was a hotel, and at the beginning of xx century, located cinema 'Moulin Rouge', one of the first movie theaters in St. Petersburg. Now this house is a fashion store 'Tatiana Parfenova' travel company 'Russian Cruises' and familiar fur salon.

Russian Restaurants

"Russian people in some" glamorous "restaurant serving truffles with an expensive wine, relax impossible. He will just feel uncomfortable – the general director of "the restaurant" Vladimir Fedorov. – In Russian restaurant come at the call of the soul. There can be, and 'sit mentally', in a good company to drink, dine All of these drinking tradition deeply rooted in our culture. Russian dishes are familiar to us from childhood – we grew up on them. Traditional Russian borscht and cakes fed us by our mothers and grandmothers. We ourselves, when learning to cook, starting with soup, potato pancakes, pancakes Or, for example, salad 'Olivier' – this is just a symbol of Russian cuisine. Most of our Citizens can not imagine a holiday without this dish.

Many restaurateurs say that cook traditional Russian dishes in our region is much easier than any dish an exotic cuisine, though, because there are no problems with supplies. "All of the products needed for Russian food, grow, and are manufactured here in our country, – says Sergei Kalashnikov, manager of the restaurant" Ermak ". – This helps to ensure freshness and high quality of all ingredients. " In addition, a hallmark of Russian cuisine is the variety. Russian menu is rich in meat and fish dishes. And since in Russia more than half the days of the year were lean, in the national cuisine formed a lot of vegetables, mushroom dishes, foods from cereals and berries. Of course, compounding all of these meals would remain unchanged.

Good House Design – The Key To Successful Construction

Plant a tree, raise a child and build a house. This proverb is known from ancient times, it's always been a measure of a successful person who was able to live a life full of both do much! Whatever you say, the problem is not easy, what's your kid grow up, what you will have a house, and how they will think of you people in the future. Building a house is a very responsible and hard work. A house should reflect the spirit and character of its owner, it must be convenient and practical, but it should be reliable and strong, stood to more than one decade, reminding people about you, as a great man, not giving a crack in the foundation two years later. Key to successful construction of this Quality project your future home! Why house projects? Firstly, it gives an opportunity to clearly present what you see on the construction, and will guarantee that you will not incur additional costs related not provided inadvertently circumstances.

Secondly, the projects at home or cottage projects will, if necessary, to prove that all disasters have occurred through the fault of the builders, and not because of incorrect calculation of loads and the thickness of the walls or selecting a building material. Of course, the house projects and need to do to get permission to build a country house. So, where you can take a project home? The project can be ordered in an architectural office or take the finished model project at home or cottage with its subsequent adaptation. Unfortunately the creation of individual project, is very expensive. Now the west is very spread is the second way – buying a typical project home or cottage.

What advantages does it give? You save your money, you will have confidence in the house, since such projects are time-tested, and Also, you can really look at your future home, peering into the living room, looking interior kitchen, etc. How to choose a project of his house? On it you can read more on the website, posted at the bottom of this article. On this site you can find a large selection of typical suburban home projects, projects of cottages, will be able to pick the most suitable for you, which will satisfy all your personal needs. In this Online shop you can buy ready-made house designs created by the best architects in Russia and Europe. We wish you a successful construction of a country house, let your future generation remember as someone who lives lived not aimlessly!

Portal Provides Income

To improve the Internet, you need high-quality sites. But for quality websites need money, because a good web portal is difficult to imagine without a high-quality articles, not beautiful design without domain and hosting, and yet for all this to webmaster web portal to repay the money. Of course, we know that at his own expense to conduct a useful portal for a long time does not work, money, sooner or too late to run out on this because of all the webmasters to create new sites that want to use their sites to receive money. Somebody at least for order to be a means of maintaining the hosting, domain, and wages workers, well, someone is trying to get an incomparably greater profits. All this is possible.

If the earnings with the site – what you need, then we can approve without a second thought: in these days the mass of available options earn on the website. This and Yandex. Direct and optimizers for sale links, and a variety of affiliate programs. If your project a great attendance, you can start earning through Yandex. Direct. But when the visitors a little, this method is easily forget. If the site contains a significant number of pages, then you need to set the desired code exchange, for example, you can start earning at Sapa.

Sap code set is simple, then you are setting value for customers and wait for the buy links to your resource and your account will receive income. Cash can be sent to any web wallet or on your account in a bank. From the list of impressive the number of exchanges can be found and the exchange of articles. Materials in our days, too, acquired a considerable amount on such a matter is not difficult to earn. You have to put your project code Stock Exchange, then your project will be published on a fee good texts that contain references to other resources. This is convenient because you get not only funds but also material for your website. If earnings on Linkfid through articles for you also do not like, then look for Good affiliate programs. Probably you will be offered on your project to advertise someone's product, and when someone clicks on your web portal site, where such goods are sold you will be transferred to funds. Developed and partnership programs with more advanced conditions. Also, do not forget that when your site is huge and in demand, you can make a profit on the sale of banners, sell advertising on your specified price, but you need to know that potential buyers of advertising plays the role of traffic to the site.

Economic Development

In the medium term will continue the trend of advance wage growth compared with growth of the economy as a whole. During the period 2007-2010, the wage salaries in comparison with 2006 will increase by 1.9 times, while the nominal gdp – 1,7 times. Average monthly wages for 2007-2010 in nominal terms, will increase 1.94 times, from 10,728 rubles in 2006 to 20,815 rubles in 2010, and in real terms – to 1.47 times, respectively. In 2007-2010, provides for relatively rapid increase in the average retirement pension that will provide an increase in its size relative to the subsistence level. At the same time social pension to the end of 2009 to reach the subsistence minimum for pensioners will be maintained in future years at a specified level. The average social pension in relation to the subsistence minimum pensioner will be in 2007 – 79,6% in 2008 – 89,3%, in 2009 – 103.5% in 2010 – 101,3%.

In 2009, provided the basic part of a retirement pension from 1 April to 6.8% and from 1 October to 18,2% in 2010 – from April 1 to 6,5%. As a result, the average size of the retirement pension (Average) by 2010 compared with 2006 will increase by 1.84 times. In real terms the growth of the retirement pension for the years 2007-2010 will amount to 39,7%, but the gap between average wages and a retirement pension will not succeed. Expected to increase the subsistence level, the subsistence minimum had increased in 2006 to 13,1% in 2007, its growth could reach 9.4% in 2008 – 9,3% in 2009 – 8,7% in 2010 – 8,5%. Relatively high rate of growth of monetary incomes of citizens in the planning period will maintain the momentum to further reduce the number and proportion of the poor. In 2010, the second option specified number of $ 15 million or 10.7% of the total population, compared to 16% in 2006. The number of rural poor will be reduced from 8.3 million in 2006 to 6,2 million in 2010, or by 25,3%. At the same time, given the national priority project in support of motherhood and childhood, almost halve the poverty rate in large families.

Today Tools

Can effective tools to make you rich? Now offered the greatest number of possible super-tools, super-programs, super-courses that promise to make you rich quickly. Entire Web screams Today – Buy my it and it you load with money! Let's us see whether the tool is to make a man rich? So I answer you – can! But only if the person is a professional and he is able to competently use this tool in order to distribute the benefits that it produces. By itself, an instrument generally is of no value, because in the hands of an amateur, he will be like a microscope in the hands of the keeper. Therefore, all who wrote me questions like: "Max, tell me how I earn with such and such a tool?" "Max, I want to make money! Should I enter something there? "" Max, but whether I use this? "They do not understand (in fact, case) that is money! Because the question does not lie in the fact that any system or instrument is working. The question is – 'Can you produce demanded favor of (his output stream into the community) and implement it through these systems and tools? " On such issues, there is only one answer – "Please understand what you are and who can be helpful, do these benefits and begin using the tools to offer and exchange this benefit for money! ". # 5. What and how you can be useful to others? The answer to this important question lies in two directions.

Office Filing Cabinets

Well organized workspace is very important in any organization, no matter what she was doing. And the ability to quickly find documentation, this is probably one of the main criteria for business success and efficient operation. That is why the filing cabinet and bookcase – one of the most popular items warehousing and office furniture. Stationery cabinet in Moscow or the so-called file cabinets widely used in offices, hospitals, libraries, hotels, banks and many other institutions to organize and convenient storage of documentation, work books, directories, files, drawings and other things. Also documents in filing cabinets can save in hanging folders, A4. In principle for organizing and storing various documents are also used racks that allow you to conveniently place the folder documentation, but the filing cabinets have a huge advantage over the shelves, they protect documents from fire and moisture. By the way, there is another type of cabinets, which are also used in offices to store important Documentation – accounting cabinets.

Like any other production of furniture, equipment or anything else, the production of card catalogs in Moscow also focused on consumer demand, which requires that the office furniture and equipment were not only functional and comfortable but also stylish, not to spoil their whole interior. That is why modern manufacturers of cabinets offer a huge selection of cabinets with different designs. Consequently, even the most picky and demanding customer will be able to pick up a filing cabinet, which is excellent for the interior of his office. Buying a filing cabinet should be aware that they differ sliding guides, roller or telescopic slides. Drawers on telescopic rails are put forward almost no sound, and they are more durable than the roller guides. So, if your office installed a file cabinet, then your employees can easily find relevant documents without wasting a second of extra time to ensure that in the search for a document to iterate over a mountain of documents, which, of course, will contribute accelerate workflow and enhance productivity.

Legal Addresses

Currently firm should be registered at their location. At the time of registration, you may not know where you reside. Since you can not enter into a long term lease (and not with whom). K the question of obtaining legal address must be treated very seriously. To get started, and at the time of registration of a company can obtain a letter of guarantee to the organization for which you are going to rent space to the conclusion of the lease, which will be given its legal address. You can negotiate with someone of your friends who owns a residential premises, and register with them. As an option (for registration firms and for the first time prior to the firm), to conclude an agreement on the post and secretarial services. The cost depends on the volume of services.

Addresses with secretarial services more expensive, but better. If someone will accept and send you mail that comes addressed to your organization and meet on the telephone number to sign up, you eliminate the problem of legal address. Addresses are usually serial, firms in these recorded a lot, but you will take advantage of these services temporarily, pending the conclusion of the lease, and the same if you register the normal legal business, and will not hide from the tax office, with you always can be contacted. When the opportunity arises, better re-register a company at the address of the permanent location. By law you are obliged to do so. And the law is better not to break, a more expensive arise. And yet, when you change registered address you will need to amend the Articles of Association, which, as you know, the extra cost. So, that would not bear the extra costs, it is best after a decision to establish direct organizations to address the issue search the premises for business.